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Weekend Update July 19-20, 2015

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Saturday – 13.1 miles. I really didn’t know what to do for this run. My brain wanted 20+ miles again, but knowing what the next days would be like with the move, how much I had to get done Saturday (and how stressful Friday was), I didn’t know if that would be wise. Plus, I wanted to do more speedwork for Beach to Beacon, and to get a better sense of where I am to start marathon training (next week!). So I decided to try to repeat a workout I’d done earlier in the week – 3x2mi – at a slightly faster pace. Didn’t go quite as I wanted, and I probably knew it wouldn’t. Repeat the speedwork done Tuesday as part of Saturday’s long run, with also having done some hill and speed intervals on Thursday, being tired and stressed and not getting enough sleep? Predictable results, but sometimes you hope you might pull it off anyway, so you try.

I ran 3 warmup miles, increasing pace every 0.5mi. Caramel Macchiato GU mi 2.5. Then 2mi at my goal pace, 5 min recovery and a Blue-Pom Roctane. Then 1 mile at goal pace, felt hard on sore legs, took 5 min recovery after. Then decided I’d switch to 1k reps instead of 1 or 2 miles, but the legs just weren’t there. Did the rest of the run 75s slower per mile than goal pace, which felt harder to hold thatn I’d like. I did push the last 0.1, basically sprinted it. Trying not to be too irked, at least I got some speedwork in, right?

I AM frustrated with the Nimbus, which I love – except for the 2 blood blisters on my R foot and the pending blister on my L big toe that suggests lack of pronation control. I’m thinking that my old orthotics are not enough control in the neutral Nimbus, so I’ve ordered these insoles to try. I really don’t want to give up on the Nimbus – they’re light and springy and they make me feel fast. This run is my longest run in them. I think I’m going to wear them for my 10k, bring the Kayanos as a backup, and maybe start one of the “new/old” pairs of Adrenalines that I found and DH persuaded me to keep and try.

I’ve GOT to nail down a shoe shortly for marathon training. Right now, I’d love it to be the Nimbus, but I’m just not sure with these blisters. Once we’re in the new house, I’ll be ordering the new Adidas Sequence in wide (doubt it will be wide enough but I’ll try). I also need to decide if the Kayano 21s are “good enough” that I want more pairs, as the 22s come out in September. I could just wait for the new model, but that’s risky. I think the Kayanos are fine, they’re tolerable without orthotics for shorter runs (I hope to work toward longer runs that way) and with orthotics for longer runs, but I don’t love them. Of course, usually I don’t get to love a shoe, it’s just the only option that works tolerably, so perhaps I’m setting my sights too high.

Fueling: 5 FRS chews and a Vespa before. 2 GUs, mi 2.5 and 5.5. SOS Rehydrate citrus every couple miles. Water with gel and as needed. 

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen within 15 minutes of finishing the run.

Pre-run dinner (Fri) Repeated the BBQ chicken GF pizza from Naked Pizza.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with “guru” Greg Brock (who’s done IT for the site since the beginning), about his completion of the Bob Graham Round, a tough challenge of 42 peaks in 24 hours….I believe Greg beat Scott Jurek‘s time.

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.

Sunday – 4 recovery miles, Kayanos without orthotics. Did mi 3 at 2% as shoes were cutitng into ankle. Decided there was no point in pushing. Yesterday was physically stressful with the move, today will be too and very hot. Walked another mile after.

Listened to part of this ep of Endurance Planet with Phil Maffetone, listened to the rest during walk and drills/exercises.

All usual pre & post run drills and exercises but feel very wimpy. Legs sore, no energy.


Anything BUT the move and move-related stuff this weekend? Not really….FYI, it’s really hot and humid here. Heat index 105+.

Friday – I’m including Friday because I took the day off thinking I’d get ahead, but that’s not exactly how it went….

I woke up at 5:15, tried to sleep and gave up at 6.I skipped my core and didn’t feel like biking (quite tired). At 6:30, I decided to walk the few blocks to Starbucks to get some decaf espresso for cold brew, say goodbye to the shuttered running store, and stop by RiteAid for a few things.

I saw a beautiful and unique plant that I’ve enjoyed walking past many times – but this time I got to compliment the homeowner (out watering) on his beautiful garden and ask him what the plant was.



Apparently it’s amaranthus. He said if I came back in October, I could have some seeds to plant the next May. They’re so unusual and so vivid and vibrant that I may just take him up on that. I think there might be a spot in the backyard beds at the new place that gets enough sun. I’m considering what other flowers, veggies, fruits and herbs to plant, but may not be planting this year.

I got back home and noticed a car from the city sitting out front with a guy in it, unusual. A half hour or so later, I heard something on the porch. I peeked out the window – the car was still there, and now I saw “no parking” signs across the street. I opened the door to go look at the sign, and discovered a hang tag on the door telling me that the water and sewer would be turned off for sewer relining work ON OUR MOVING DAY. I ran outside and got one of the guys to call his supervisor, but there was no changing the date. So, over 90 degrees, humid, movers, no parking on our street, and no water or bathroom use?!

After a quick consult via phone with DH, I called the moving company, and we were able to shift both the packing and moving one day earlier. Yes, EARLIER. (We have cleaners coming to the old house the day after our planned move, and then we start to run toward the weekend in unpacking at the new place and closing out at the old.) Then I contacted the treadmill mover to get him to come Monday instead of Tuesday, and let the painter know he’d HAVE to be done by COB Monday.

I am amazed that – so far, and with the help of many others – it looks like we may pull this off. That flurry of activity, rescheduling, calls, emails, etc. was a couple of stressful hours, and I was spent afterward. Had something to eat, and then texted the old tenant at our new place again, as she was supposed to let me know when she was there so I could get keys (and confirm she’d canceled her cable/internet so we could start ours).

I spent some time at the new place geting the keys from the old tenant, who was still cleaning. She explained more quirks of the house to me, most of which I promptly forgot. Met the landlord (younger than I’d thought) who seemed, to use my old boss’ term, “aces”. Nice, friendly, helpful, pleasant to chat with…and super-willing to help us out in any way he can. For example, the current tenant had a HUGE TV mounted above the fireplace (apparently the landlord’s prior had been even bigger). Since our TV is not that big, we asked her to have the mounts taken down. Not being a TV/electronics geek (DH takes care of that for us), I didn’t quite understand what that might mean. Imagine my surprise at seeing this the day before the painters were to start:

what the tenant left behind

what the tenant left behind

But the landlord pulled the cable back into the wall, told me to have the painters paint around it, and said he’d do the special patching required, sand and touch up the paint himself. Apparently he’s very handy, turned the basement into 3 rooms himself and has done a lot of work on and in the house.

Got home to find my Boston finisher’s certificate and Runner Results book. So glad it came before the move! (and just before 9 months to the race)

Boston Runner's Results book (back)

Boston Runner’s Results book (back)

I had my GF BBQ pizza for dinner. DH didn’t want that, so had a calzone instead. I have the ability to repeat a certain meal weekly (or even daily for breakfast) but don’t want him to burn out on it, so he can get their calzones, cheesy bread, or other items while I stick with the pizza that works. I just had leftovers, which worked out well for the weekend, light lunch Sat and Sun. I ate half the pizza (cracker-type crust, very light on toppings) and was still hungry. For some reason, with all the move stuff going on, I’m hungry ALL the time. I mean REALLY hungry. Usually I need to eat every 2 hours at least, but I seem to be even hungrier at those points, and am hungry after an hour quite often. I’m balancing protein, carbs and fat in my snacking and meals, so I don’t think it’s a blood sugar thing – hoping I’m just burning tons of calories with added activity and from stress.

We watched the finale of Grimm (wow, that was a shocker) and an episode of Castle.

Saturday – The painters started at 8am at the new place. The living room, office alcove and stairwell had been shades of dark green, gray, and lavender, the backsplash in the kitchen dark red, and the treadmill room, well, let’s call it mushroom brown.I wanted the whole house to match the color of the rest of the house – a neutral, sunny-ish light yellow/cream color. (and the landlord was able to give me the paint info) The painters suggested updating the trim in the dining room from dark red/brown to white to match the rest of the house, I’m glad they did.

DH was a champ and supported my running as usual by going over to let them in at 8AM both days so I could run. After the run, I had breakfast then started taking stuff over to the new place, talking to the painters. Lots of back and forth car trips, and then doing whatever I could in the kitchen and bedroom at home to get ready for the move. Had a couple pieces of leftover pizza from Friday and half a Quest bar different times I was back at the house between loads.

Dinner of some chicken from the Chinese place with carrots and shrooms out of the fridge, made into “rolls” along with one of their “summer” rolls. We watched the finale of The Flash, and then I got started doing stuff for the move again and just kept going till it was time to snack and read. DH watched the finale of Castle while I worked on getting the running books/magazines I wanted handy safely bagged and sorting other running-related items. My extra chair in the sitting room is usually loaded with running stuff, and having it be bare is quite odd. The fact that I kept going so late on so little sleep Friday night shows I was a little wired, which probably didn’t help me sleep Saturday night….nor did the 1-2 ounces of caffeinated cold brew from Starbucks I took out of DH’s cup around noon…and the 2 gels I had had caffeine also, as do FRS chews – I guess I may actually be that sensitive to caffeine but it’s hard to tell with everything else going on ramping up my system.

Sunday – Post run, DH and I had breakfast on the porch for the last time….egg white puff and artichoke and some bacon out of the freezer. (Bacon freezes and reheats ok, but doesn’t crisp up well and loses some of it’s bacony oomph.)

For lunch, more leftover pizza, then later a snack of half a Quest bar and one of the summer rolls during the afternoon, along with SOS Rehydrate in berry (had some on Saturday as well, and have plans to use Mon & Tues). With the heat, added physical activity, an odd schedule and stress, I’m trying to stay on top of hydration. I don’t know that I’m doing well – I keep getting headaches and my digestion is off – but I’m probably doing better than if I weren’t trying.

Back and forth with carloads of stuff in the heat. The landlord called to let me know he was going to caulk one of the showers and changethe air conditioner filter. DH went over to meet him, and told me that the landlord offered to help me carry things if he was there when I got there, but unfortunately he was already gone. The new place has SO many stairs, inside and out. It’s up on a hill, so there are steep angles as well.

The painters finished in 2 days! They did a really nice job, did some extra caulking behind the baseboard heaters that needed to get done too. I’m having them estimate what it would cost to lighten up the inside color on the back screened porch. We’ll see, as the owner is fine with us painting, but he likes the outside color and would want it repainted with the same colors when we left, so it would be 2x the cost. I think we’ll likely live with it a while, maybe get it power-washed and touch up the white parts of the ceiling (the suggestion of the painter).

Here’s what the wall looks like now

the wall now - no cable, nicer color

the wall now – no cable, nicer color

Dinner of BBQ out of the freezer, the rest of the carrots and shrooms from the fridge and peanut sauce from the freezer made into homemade “rolls” while attempting to clean out the DVR and catch up on the TV season. In theory, the programs on the DVR should be there when we hook up at the new place, but just in case, we tried to get through at least the high priority ones. We watched the finale of Bones and Elementary. Interesting episodes, lots of open questions and not exactly cheerful. Elementary was enough of a downer that we watched a few minutes of Tour replay just for pretty pictures and the soothing dulcet tones of Phil and Paul.

I read a bit – finally reading A Race Like No Other, which I picked up after reading and really enjoying this short e-book on Grete Waitz. I’d really like to read more about her. I’m also reading Hal Higdon’s The Marathoners and David Epstein‘s The Sports Gene (yes, only now, heard him on the House of Run podcast last week, listened to multiple episodes with him, and wanted to read the book). I have a bag of library books waiting at the new house, but I need people to keep writing running books, PLEASE, as it’s what I really want to read.

I had a hard time settling down. Set alarm for 4:15AM, but didn’t sleep much after 3. Welcome to Monday, aka packing day!

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Reminder – Some great words from Deena in this piece. “Our choices become our habits.”


Weekend Update July 11-12, 2015

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Saturday – 21 miles! So pleased with this, my first 20 miler since Boston. I’d been trying to get there in past weeks, building up, but having tough runs. This run was about perseverance – to start it, and to keep going when after 5 miles, the Adrenalines were cutting into my R ankle so badly I had to stop and put moleskin/molefoam on, and after another 2 miles, had to stop to change to Kayanos with my orthotics as the ankle was just too painful. I got 14 miles on the Kayanos! Long run pace zone, kept it on the easier side.HR 140 at end, good.

Fueling: 5 FRS chews and a Vespa before. GUs – mi 3 Vanilla Bean, mi 6 Salted Wmelon, mi 9 Strawberry Kiwi Roctane, mi 12 Salted Caramel, mi 16 tried Big Apple for the first time. SOS Rehydrate citrus every couple miles. Water with gel and as needed. Whether it was the pace or the added electrolytes from the SOS (or two stops), I didn’t get hot enough to have to pour water on myself.

Regarding the Big Apple GU – I think I’d describe it as “nasty”. I knew it didn’t have cinnamon in it (disappointing) but was hoping for something like apple cider or like a Jolly Rancher green apple. Instead, it was a strong taste, but a little on the bitter side. After the first taste, I thought about either tossing it and taking another gel or just not finishing it, but knew I needed the calories and figured even if I didn’t like the taste, it wouldn’t upset my stomach (true). However, I won’t be using the 2nd pack I got – DH can try it, or we’ll pitch it.

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen within 15 minutes of finishing the run.

A bit different dinner the night before – BBQ chicken GF pizza from Naked Pizza. I’ve been having so many GI issues lately that I was wondering if too much fiber the night before might be a problem. I read/heard somewhere recently that it can take 16 hours to fully digest a meal, suggesting that I needed to make dinners easier to digest (and that my plan of a pre-race big lunch and snacks is reasonable). Seemed to work well enough that I’ll try it again.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Mark Berry who ran the South West Coast Path in England, setting a new record.

Then listened to Joe Friel talk about being Fast After 50 (his book) on this ep of Trail Runner Nation.

Finished up with this ep of Runners Connect, with physio/chiro/researcher Greg Lehman.

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.

Sunday – 4 recovery miles, trying the Nimbus with my orthotics. WOW. SO light and cushy, springy! This was the first time I really understood – from feeling it – what a difference it makes to wear a lighter shoe. I have long legs (levers) but having heavy weights on the end makes my efforts harder, including pulling my leg up behind me, which felt so much easier in this shoe than it’s ever felt. I also noticed that my footstrike was much quieter.

My muscles felt much better than I would have expected after yesterday’s run, they could have gone farther (though my ankle was cranky from the Adrenalines yesterday) but overall I felt tired and low energy, so kept it short. No reason to push right now, lots going on in the life/stress pie, time to be smart about it!

Listened to another Runners Connect episode, with Sarah Russell, who went from being an athlete to not being able to eat solid food for 5 months, to living with an ileostomy (colostomy bag) and adapting to complete a 100 mile, multi-day event in the Himalayas! Here’s a piece Sarah wrote for the Telegraph. Sarah also blogs about her running and the group she started, as well as life with an ileostomy. Her last post on the latter is a good window into how challenging her life can be, and how determined she is. Rethink possible.

(Also, I found it interesting that Sarah uses SOS Rehydrate – gives credence to their claim of being a medically-based oral rehydration solution. I’m finding it helpful on my long runs and for recovery.)

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.


Saturday – Post run, we were already at lunchtime. A JSP/NB breakfast followed by some roasted kabocha, and doing miscellaneous things around the house, going through cabinets and moving like to be with like. Soon enough, it was time for an epsom salt bath before a (mildly disappointing) dinner of takeout Thai and catching up on Arrow, Person of Interest and Elementary. For reading, I’m now on Paula Radcliffe’s memoir, skimming the later parts. Fascinated by all the injury and GI challenges she had in training and racing.

Sunday – Post run, breakfast on the porch, then some time online and food prep. Bought the a/c unit for the treadmill room at the new place. After my massage, finished food prep, did some other things and headed to the porch. Not much got done this weekend for the move, just means more needs to get done during the week and next weekend – when the painters start at the new house. Another donation pickup Friday, so another opportunity to lighten the move. Tasker comes Tuesday (hopefully, supposed to storm) to paint the back deck. Working on final details of utilities transfers and such too.

Saw and loved this, via  Fit is a Feminist Issue :

101 Year Old Woman Breaks Abseiling Record (abseiling appears to be like rappelling)

For more inspiration, check out these photos and follow Alex Rotas. You could also buy her book. I want to listen to some of her interviews.

Dinner of BBQ out of the freezer, veggies and homemade “rolls” while we catch up on TV, then some snacking and reading and hello, it’s Monday again?!

This coming week is a full week of work (seems unusual by now!). Monday, Wednesday in the office. Wednesday I give a training presentation. Tuesday telework and chiro. Hoping the Tasker can paint the back deck on T as scheduled, but looks stormy. Wednesday in the office. Thursday and Friday I’ll telework.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Reminder – Some great words from Deena in this piece. “Our choices become our habits.”


Weekend Update July 4-5, 2015

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Saturday – 14.2 miles. This was again a desired 20 mile day (or even 18 or 16) but I’m getting to the point where I want to maintain form and only inflict so much soreness on my body so I can recover for the next run, the week’s speedwork, etc. Increased pace each mile through mile 7 – my R rec femoris complained a bit in mile 6-7, suggesting my use of my glutes/hams was diminishing and I was overusing my quads. Backed off speed thru mi 8-11, then held to end, still a decent pace though not as fast as I’d have liked (if I am not going to go long, I’d like to get some speed in). I’ll try another “short long run” tomorrow and see how it feels. The rec fem stayed cranky for a mile or two as I backed off pace, then settled down to a tolerable grumble. Glad I put quad sleeves on after my warmup walk.

Took Vanilla Gu mi 4, Salted Caramel GU mi 8, SOS Rehydrate at mi 2,6,10 then each mi to end. Maybe 7oz of that, 6oz water. Not enough in terms of hydration OR carbs I think. After I stopped, I seriously smelled like ammonia.

At beginning, felt pretty good, trying to pull legs/hams up behind, use good form, rotate more. As I tired, got harder, form got off. Shins hurt toward end and after as well as glutes/hams. Calves tight after. In the last few mi, R tongue of shoe shifted, sharp ankle pain from time to time. I also had some odd pre-run dizziness/wooziness that hit me again in mi 8-9 and mi 12-13, where I felt like I was tilting, off balance somehow. (I listed to the side a scary amount at one point during yesterday’s run, not sure what’s up with this.)

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, which had a LOT on Salazar, Goucher, etc. but also had a really nice interview with Maine runner Michael Westphal, who just ran a BQ despite having Parkinson’s for the last 9 years. Inspiring, rec a listen. (support his efforts for Michael J. Fox Foundation research here) In this ep, we say farewell to Duncan, Boy on the Run. I’ll be interested to see who the MT hosts get to alternate with Tony’s Trials – I’m hoping for a woman, perhaps Laura Fountain, a runner and author who’s guest hosted before.

Pre-run – expanded drills: lunge matrix – feel in knees. 6 light Ohnos, KR chair, KR rec fem (tight), UVa wall, KR calf, regular drills, ham flosses. Had some pre-run GI issues but they abated, thank goodness. 

Post-run: Ohnos, pretty light. 10 pistol squats, working on keeping R knee aligned. Runner quad, calf stretch, KR chair, KR Rec Fem, UVas, Myrtl stretches. Rolled upper back on green roller, forgot to do this pre-run. Have read it helps loosen back which helps rotation.

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop) within 10 minutes, trying to stay on top of this part of nutrition/hydration/recovery, though it took me 2 hours post-run to actually EAT something – my JSP & NB.

Sunday – 7 easy pace miles listening to Another Mother Runner ep about running in the summer. I enjoyed the “Sarah and Dimity chat” format – have missed it. They made me think about trying acupuncture again. We heard how Dimity’s DH Grant has a great attitude after missing BQ by only 11 seconds – ouch! (but he took 10 min off in 2 months between marathons – want to know how!) Sarah’s ankle is improving, yay. Dimity asks Sarah for advice about a race, and I love the discussion.

I ramped up the pace by 0.1 miles for the first 6 miles, and did half of each mile at 2% incline. Felt pretty good. Wore calf sleeves as well as quad sleeves as my calves have been very tight. Probably time for a fresh pair of shoes as the tongue of the R shoe keeps sliding and cutting into my ankle – started yesterday. No gel today, but some SOS Rehydrate to make sure I stayed topped up. Think I got dehydrated yesterday, and I want to make sure I stay hydrated to recover well and get ready my runs this week.


Saturday – Before my run, got sucked into the online video of the Peachtree Road Race. I loved watching Shalane – what form! I’m also going to watch the NBC Recap show (info here), set up to tape it. I enjoyed the Peachtree Cup competition as well. Also spent more time emailing painters bidding on the work I want done in the new place. That’s taking a bunch more time and effort than I’d thought, but goes to show I didn’t really know what was involved! Hopefully I’ve learned.

After the run and my exercises, I stayed online too long, tried on some Oofos clogs I bought (like, sandals have to go back as too big), chatted with DH and made chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. I’d craved them Wed night while supplying my medical test samples.

pancakes on griddle

pancakes on griddle

pancakes - the flip side

pancakes – the flip side

pancakes cooling - they look like cookies

pancakes cooling – they look like cookies

I wouldn’t say they are a fail, but they’re not quite a success. My first time trying King Arthur’s GF pancake mix, and I made some unapproved modifications/tweaks: added cocoa powder (1 1/2 T), used chocolate unsweetened almond milk instead of milk/rice milk, used egg whites instead of eggs, and used Earth Balance soy free instead of butter or oil. I also added a few chocolate chips to each pancake while it was cooking. The pancakes aren’t as sweet as I intended (not a bad thing) and need a bit of moisture – syrup, butter, nut butter, coco manna. They also are a bit crispy on the outside, which DH kind of liked. So we may eat them Sunday, freeze them, eat them as snacks or breakfast during the week. Was worth a try!

Felt really off, could just be too cold in the house post-run, so came out to sit on the porch for a while and updated this post. Then (proud of this) instead of just giving up on getting ANY stuff for the move done today, I took 45 min and went through the cabinet in the master bath, pitched a lot of stuff! Then, quick epsom bath before ordering pizza and taking a shower. Hoping I recover well for a solid run tomorrow. May do a short run in Kayanos Monday to try them out a bit more (did 4 mi in them on Friday). Tuesday is back to speedwork as well as work.

Sunday – After my run and exercises, took to the porch with DH and half an egg white/zucchini puff. We also cooked some bacon out of hte freezer (one of the pre-move efforts is to use/pitch as much as we can of what’s in freezer). The bacon was okay, somehow less bacony. We only ate a little, deciding it would be better in eggs, on a salad. We put the remainder in the fridge, and if we use it, we use it. Didn’t feel like trying the pancakes. I think I’m a bit disappointed by them, they didn’t meet the craving I had in my head – another “they’re fine, not great” and I’m trying not to eat “fine” calories for treats, eat something I really enjoy. May have one or two as a snack with some PB2 or perhaps DH will take some to work for snacking.

Nice breeze out on the porch in the morning.

Spent some time online and then got back to work on house/move stuff. Spent an hour in the bedroom finding stuff to pitch, donate and put away. (I need an organization plan for the new place for my running stuff which is most of what I own!) Headed to my massage, after which I spent some time going through storage caddies in the downstairs bathroom, one more task done! The big closet in that bathroom is the bigger deal, but we’ll get to it.

Spent more time online on the porch researching painters, small chest freezers and other such. A quick shower before a dinner of BBQ out of the freezer and some veggies, maybe make it into spring rolls to enjoy with DVR’d TV and flipping in and out of the US women’s soccer game and baseball games.

This week, DH and I took Monday off work. Much to be done on the moving front! I’ll do a short run in the Kayanos as I did Friday, trying them out, then back to the to-do list. Not sure what we’ll do for dinner, likely takeout and some more TV (we lose the DVR when we move, so it’s watch or lose).

Tuesday telework and chiro. Wednesday in the office. Thursday off to get my MRI results and do more move stuff and other to-dos. Friday I’ll telework.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Some great words from Deena in this piece. I’m going to really try to learn from her and use these tips!


Weekend Update June 27-28, 2015

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Saturday – 15.5 miles. Wanted 18. 2mi recovery pace, then ramped up each of the next 2 mile segments, then 8 miles at a pace about a minute slower than goal pace, then the horrible stitches in my right side were too much to bear, so I cut the speed down for a mile. It only helped a little so I cut it back for another half mile, but it was still very painful, so I called it. Stitches stopped as soon as I walked. I took a Salted Caramel GU at mile 4, a Salted Watermelon at mile 8, and a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane at mile 12, with water. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water, taking swigs at mile 2, 6, 10, 14. No idea what was up with my GI tract, it’s been really twitchy lately. Could be GERD, could be the hiatal hernia. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Now.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, more about the Salazar scandal (which I alternately follow and ignore) and a fun talk with a runner training for her first 10k, which I really enjoyed.

I also listened to part of the episode of Endurance Planet with one of my faves Mike Wardian. (who finished 22nd at Western States, woot!)

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop). Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. I’ve added some KineticRev stretches into my pre and post run routines. I’ve also added Ohnos and pistol squats and one of the gait lab exercises to my pre-run routine (it wasn’t long enough! kidding) to try to activate my glutes pre-run and remind them they’re supposed to show up – seems to help!

Sunday – 4.5 recovery pace miles with some incline, as I learned yesterday that Beach to Beacon’s last 2 miles is mostly uphill!

Listened to the rest of the Mike Wardian podcast. Despite getting a bit more sleep, or so I thought, I was tired. Decided to cut the run short. I could have gone longer and wasn’t that sore, just decided not to push. I’d like to get some good speed and hill work in this week.

After, did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I fell down the internet rabbit hole AGAIN and waited a long time to eat. I fnially had a small Japanese sweet potato (JSP) with some nut butter 2 hours after my run. Of course, my GI tract wasn’t playing nice. I wanted something else but didn’t know what, so an hour later, had some gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast.

Watched some of Western States online, read some blogs. Truly, I don’t recall much of what I did, so it wasn’t either productive or relaxing.

In the evening we had leftovers and watched a couple TV shows from the DVR. We’re way behind, and we were both too tired to really enjoy it much.

Sunday – After my run and exercises, DH made an egg white puff and we split it for breakfast, eaten on the porch. Then I made some JSPs with nut butter, caught up on running news and did some food prep.

Then, off to my massage. Afterward, DH & I sat on the porch and talked through some of our to-do lists for the house, looked at photos I’d taken last week when I was at the new place and made initial plans for where to put furniture. That took a fair amount of time, thus it was already time to order Thai takeout. I got pretty frustrated when the Thai place called to say they had no garden or summer rolls because they were out of mango and avocado (both of which are readily purchased at any local grocery store). My quick temper is an indicator of stress, as is my flaring stomach acid. Not fun.

Probably good I cut my run short. Need to remember to treat myself more gently than I normally might when the stress ramps up, as it has in the last two weeks and will for the next month. (when in doubt, do less) As McMillan says, it’s all part of the stress/life “pie” and your body doesn’t know the difference between hard training and fight or flight from stress, and the lack of quality sleep affects it all. I want to get to Beach to Beacon and the official start of Baystate training healthy and strong.

This week, M & W in the office (been ages since I’ve been in the office), Tues telework and chiro. T/W they will be doing sewer line replacement in front of our house 6a-6p. I’m taking Th off. May need to run by the doc’s office for some bloodwork.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

My weekly reminder to myself: Think  “relentlessly positive” (Marathon Talk) and be “pathologically optimistic” (Sarah). Take positive actions – do good, seek and spread joy. To quote Deena: “The practice of optimism has been the greatest source of energy to compliment my hard training. Optimism is more than believing in your training program, it is about choosing positive words and perspectives in every aspect of your life.” and “If you stay in your comfort zone, you’re not going to do anything special.”

Weekend Update June 20-21, 2015

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One note to inform the below: DH has been sick since Tuesday night, off work Th & F (unusual). I was able to telework Friday in addition to my usual Thursday to take care of him while working, be around if he decided to go to the doc, etc. Friday afternoon, after much prodding by me and a trip to urgent care, we finally found out he has bacterial pneumonia. Two-ish days on multiple antibiotics has helped some – he can keep a little food down, other things improving ever so slightly – but he’s still got a wicked fever/chill cycle that pops up every few hours. This may send us to the hospital for IV antibiotics as you just don’t mess with this (contagious) nastiness.


Saturday – 16 miles. Did a “ladder”. Started at recovery pace, and every mile for the first 10, increased pace 0.1mph – also ran 0.5 of each of the first 10 at 2% incline to help me use my glutes and hams more and my quad less. The last 6, I decreased pace 0.1 mph/mile and kept the incline at 1%. I took a Caramel Macchiato GU at mile 4, a Strawberry Kiwi Roctane at mile 8, and a Salted Caramel GU at mile 12, with water. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water, taking swigs at mile 2, 6, 10, 14, 15. I had some left, which I finished on the porch later. I am really starting to think the drink is helping me with electrolytes and recovery if not performance – this despite me drinking SmartWater which is supposed to have electrolytes, and taking 2 Endurolytes 2x/day every day. I should be fine on electrolytes but maybe I need more than I think based on other conditions and absorption quirks of my system.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, part 2 of an interview with Irish running “legend” Sonia O’Sullivan as well as (of course) more discussion of the recent doping allegations and the challenges our sport faces in cleaning itself up and trying to move forward. Some good perspective from Martin & Tom, along with a really good Boy on the Run which isn’t usually my favorite (I like Tony’s Trials). BoTR discussed that the doping stuff doesn’t really change running for most of us – WE run, we just may not watch running and may care less about the professionals and “their” competitions, focusing on our own goals and paths. One of the beautiful things about running is that we don’t have to think about what anyone else is doing if we don’t want to.

I also listened to the newest ep of Runners Connect with guest Dr. Stan Beecham, whose book Elite Minds I’ve been meaning to read ever since hearing him on Runner Academy in 2013. I remember it vividly as I was pool running due to an injury at the time I heard the ep. I think I even have a sample on my Kindle. (or maybe I did read it and it’s time to re-read, since I don’t remember!)

After, took 3 SportLegs and 1/2 a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop). I decided it was important to me to start refueling more quickly post run, before I got into my exercises, to help my recovery. Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. Stretching seems to annoy my quad, rolling and trigger point help it.

Sunday – 7.5 miles, recovery pace. Better than I’d have expected given how much I was on my feet yesterday (10 hours from getting up until sitting down except for time in the car to/from stores) and that I got less than 5 hours of broken sleep last night thanks mostly to the wicked storms from Bill passing through (causing me to be online to check our risk) and stress re DH’s situation – not just the current, but what happens next (hospital?) as well as how far behind I/we are getting on the move stuff. I think that having the Ultragen and oatmeal yesterday helped, as did the Epsom salt bath.

Listened to one of the Western States 100 preview eps of UltraRunnerPodcast with two first-time Western States runners: Caroline Boller (marathon fastie, Master, <2 years in ultrarunning) and filmmaker/ultrarunner Billy Yang, of Western Time fame (great movie, go watch it, free). I look forward to following them and the rest of the folks I’m interested in (Pam Smith, Meghan Arbogast, Sally McRae, Mike Wardian, Ian Sharman, and Magda Boulet, among others – look at the list, so many amazing runners, and so many who are also fast marathoners) at the “big dance” in ultrarunning via UltrasportsLive and IRunFar next weekend! USL is even covering the medical seminar on Thursday (ooh, dangerous as I’m teleworking) and the runner’s meeting on Friday – how cool! (remember all times shown are Pacific) USL also has a course preview video that I remember being pretty good. During the week, probably Thursday or maybe Saturday (depending on the length of Marathon Talk next week), I plan to listen to Trail Runner Nation‘s episode with Craig Thornley, the RD of Western States, and Andy Jones-Wilkins, a 10-time silver buckle (sub 24hr) finisher who’s now volunteering at the race.

After, did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I fell down the internet rabbit hole and waited a long time to eat. (Well, some of the time post-run was discussing medical stuff with DH, getting him new snacks and figuring out what to get from the store.) I felt my energy seriously flag and even asked  on twitter deciding what to eat! Finally, about 2.5 hours after my run, I cooked up a carb & protein snack of:

  • 1/4 Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats (2nd time this week I’ve had these after a few years away)
  • 1/2 c. unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  • 2T chocolate PB2 (powdered peanut butter with cocoa)
  • 1 scoop Hammer Plain whey
  • 1 packet of NuNaturals stevia (best brand I’ve found, I buy it off iherb.com)

Thursday post-run I’d had GF oats (made overnight oats, so ratio of liquid to oats is 1:1 not 2:1) with plain cashew milk and whey, and then I added the choc PB2 before I ate it. I think I prefer the cold. Heating the whey turned it into more of a “fluff” like my applesauce fluffs – it was okay, but didn’t feel as dense. Glad I was in the kitchen and happened to look at the microwave, as the dish started overflowing after 90 seconds! It was supposed to cook 3-5 minutes and then sit for 2 minutes (if I’d used 1/2 c oats, which is a full serving, forgot to account for that) – maybe the whey affected it as it does the applesauce. Also, the whey, when cooked, is very hard to get off dishes, so soaking is required. But overnight oats require that I know/plan my breakfast ahead of time, which I don’t always do before my long runs. During my long runs I spend a LOT of time (some days) thinking about what I could eat afterward and for the rest of the day – do I want gluten-free toast? A sweet potato with nut butter and honey? (been on the “add honey” kick lately) And what will I eat for my afternoon snack and for dinner? Tell me I’m not the only one who spends time thinking about that….also, sometimes food cravings or ideas just come to me during the run, and if they do, I try to honor them if possible.

Saturday was mostly errands for DH, then dinner of leftover Chinese for me. Watching the dangerous weather occupied me and kept me online and awake later than usual, which I think contributed to my poor sleep. Did manage to snack and read a little but was unable to get to sleep till after midnight.

Sunday – After my run, I went upstairs and took requests from DH for more ice, Gatorade, popsicles, etc. Got him settled, then came down and did my exercises while roasting a kabocha (I only had one left).

For breakfast, had a Nature’s Path gluten-free waffle with honey (thought about it during run – got the waffles yesterday in case they’d appeal to DH, but he didn’t want anything warm). Then I had 2 small JSPs with walnut butter, almond butter, Nuttzo and honey. I’m on a honey kick lately. Spent a little time online before doing food prep.

Then I headed upstairs to muck out DH’s area of bottles to be washed, trash to be disposed of, etc. Took the trash out, got Chinese and pad Thai for dinner for me and DH (hoping he’ll eat it cold). Did some more stuff around the house – making no progress on the move whatsoever – prepping as if I’m going to work and thinking what needs to change if we go to the hospital tomorrow.

Then, off to my massage, which felt selfish, but have to keep the long-term in mind.

After massage, headed directly to the new house to do some measuring and picture-taking. Due to the current tenant’s schedule, this was the only time we’d get. Unfortunately, because of DH’s illness, I had to do it solo, so it took a bit longer (over an hour). Probably worth it as what I remembered, even with pics, wasn’t right in several cases: there’s much more to paint than I thought, the basement (treadmill room) is smaller than I thought (hoping the couch & two overstuffed chairs can go in living room) and the master closet could be an office if it wasn’t in the basement and windowless….I think that would just be depressing. I need daylight. There are “lips” in the floor between several rooms that we’ll have to watch out for. The freezer is way too small (and no ice maker, though the tenant told me one can now buy standalone ice makers, who knew?). I’m sure some of what I’m seeing is just due to the fact I haven’t fully accepted that the move is happening, whether I like it or not. (or not) Working to find the positive, but right now I think I’m just too tired and fried from all that’s going on.

Move prep got back-burnered this past week/weekend due to busy work, fatigue, DH being ill. Starting to feel the pressure build. Worst case we move the mess to the new place and deal with it there. We don’t have to downsize for this move but it’s starting to feel way more chaotic and late, timeline-wise, than I’d like. I need to make a to-do list and execute, whether or not DH is able to help or help decide.

Got home and got DH set up with dinner and ate dinner myself. 3rd night in a row for Chinese steamed chicken and veg for me – even I’m a little sick of it, but it requires nothing more than pickup and a credit card. Started some laundry. Really didn’t feel like watching what I picked so quit halfway through (an ep of Lie to Me, not in the mood for psychopath serial killers….last night was 2 eps of Bones, and one was about that). Trying not to watch anything DH might want to watch but we’re going to be hard pressed to get it through it all before we have to give back the DVR.

Can’t believe tomorrow’s Monday. This was a “lost weekend” with the exception of my runs, which I am very grateful for, and my massage. This week promises more of the same.

Monday, telework, maybe a trip to the hospital if DH’s fever and chills don’t go away. Tuesday telework and chiro with a few errands. Wednesday, an office day, Th telework.

Friday I’ll be off work, having my annual breast MRI (that’s in the summer, mammograms are in Dec) first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, the wonderful tech I’ve relied on to avoid having to be medicated has left, so I’ve got a bit of nerves. I don’t like the meds and if I have to take them, DH has to drive me and stay with me, so it’s much more of a hassle. I think I can still get the more open machine (relative when you’re face down) and will be very clear with the tech that I need them to talk to me frequently. Not sure if I’ll listen to their headphones – last time it was some station I didn’t like. So good thoughts will be appreciated during the test and for the results! I have a follow-up with the nurse practitioner the week after the July 4th holiday.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

My weekly reminder to myself: Think  “relentlessly positive” (Marathon Talk) and be “pathologically optimistic” (Sarah). Take positive actions – do good, seek and spread joy. To quote Deena: “The practice of optimism has been the greatest source of energy to compliment my hard training. Optimism is more than believing in your training program, it is about choosing positive words and perspectives in every aspect of your life.”

And a new Deena quote, via Greg McMillan: “If you stay in your comfort zone, you’re not going to do anything special.”

Weekend Update June 13-14, 2015

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Saturday – Woke up at 6.

13.1 miles – working up through my easy pace zone, for most of the miles did 0.3-0.5 mi at 2% to take some strain off my quad. Of course this just put it on my hams and glutes (which were quite talkative due to my gait exercises). R quad still a little cranky but tolerable. Helps to have my “quad sleeves of wonder” pulled up very high. Room started at 61 degrees, ended at 64, though I’m sure it was warmer where I was.

Took Vespa before the run, and a Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6ish. I’d wanted to go longer, but by the time I figured out I was going to cut it off, I’d already timed the gel to my original plan, so got through the rest without another.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, which included part 1 of an interview with Irish running “legend” Sonia O’Sullivan as well as (of course) much discussion of the recent doping allegations and the challenges our sport faces in cleaning itself up and trying to move forward. The guys seem to think there’s further to fall yet.

That podcast wasn’t quite long enough for my run, so to finish off, I re-listened to the most recent Meb interview on Babbittville Radio. It was recorded on his birthday (May 5) – apparently he and Bob Babbitt share the same birthday. I’d actually listened to it Friday during my run (saved it for a treat) but always enjoy hearing Meb.

After, took 5 MAP, 3 SportLegs and started drinking some electrolyte drink. Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. Stretching seems to annoy my quad, rolling and trigger point help it.

Sunday – Woke up at 5, got up before 6.

Doesn’t everyone prep veggies at 6am on Sunday and roast them at lower-than-normal temp so they’re done when your run is done?

kabocha & spaghetti squash prepped to roast during and after my run

kabocha & spaghetti squash prepped to roast during and after my run

13.1 miles – faster than yesterday! I was less sore and stiff than I was for yesterday’s run, go figure. I did my 0.3 mi per mile at 2% (while increasing speed each mile) for the first 6 miles, then stayed at 1% after I increased speed again. In the last 0.6 miles, I kept notching up the speed by 0.1, going at a reasonable pace at the end.

Listened to the newest ep of Cloud259 – mostly about the doping allegations, with a bit of track and field results in it, and the newest Another Mother Runner, an interview with ultrarunner/coach/fitness instructor Laura Swenson who’s run the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim multiple times. Also heard a little about Dimity’s tri. Finished off with part of an interview with triathlete Liz Lyles on Babbittville Radio.

Took Vespa before, Salted Watermelon GU mile 4, Lemonade Roctane at mile 8 (a bit tarter than the Lemon Sublime GU…another “I can take it if I need to”, but probably not a fave). Heard GU is bringing out a Vanilla Spice Roctane on 6/15 (same time they release Maple Bacon GU). I’m tending to prefer fruit flavors right now, but still have plenty of Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Caramel Macchiato around. Also occasionally craving a Root Beer gel, which is odd because I didn’t like it that much (true to taste, just seemed odd on the run).

Today, because I knew it would be warmer (room topped out at 66, warmest run this year), I used an electrolyte drink I’ve been trying out – had used it during a run once before and a few times after runs. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water. It’s pretty good – and no citric acid to bother my stomach. It comes in small stick packs, and the guy at the Boston expo (where I found it) said you could actually just take it in your mouth and swallow it with water at an aid station if you didn’t want to carry bottles (I don’t). I’m going to have to try that.

After, took 5 MAP, 3 SportLegs and started drinking some Berry SOS Hydrate. Did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I had two small Japanese sweet potatoes (JSP) with some , WF crunchy almond butter and some PF Nuttzo. Also drank some Berry SOS Rehydrate in case I was low on electrolytes. I’d agree with the guy at the expo who said that to him, and to many of the customers, the citrus flavor tastes better during exercise, the berry after.

Then I spent 90 minutes going through some bookshelves in the bedroom (which were storing many small things not books) and putting together donations, moving things around, tossing some stuff. I think one of the reasons de-cluttering and moving is so tiring is that every item, big or small (piece of paper, piece of furniture, pair of earrings, etc.) requires a decision. I believe there are studies showing our decision-making power is somewhat finite during a day or time period, and is affected by hunger, fatigue and the like. I felt myself start to fade (blood sugar, brain requiring glycogen) so I cut myself off at a certain point lest I get frustrated and upset and stressed. One more reason to do it in small chunks rather than trying to spend 8-12 hours on each weekend day at it….most days, that’s just not going to work for me. Kept myself entertained while doing this work by listening to Deena on an old Competitor Radio episode and listening to part of the Devon Yanko interview on Ultrarunnerpodcast. (Two Oceans sounds interesting and pretty – and tough! – but I think I’ll stick with Comrades. Wonder what Yanko thinks now that she’s run both.)

LOVED seeing this tweet from Meb, on his way to my hometown of Chicago – he and Joan Benoit Samuelson and Bill Rodgers all on the same plane! (and in one photo) I would have been so starstruck at all of them in one place….

I read the July RW inside – too hot for porch time. I got distracted by a couple articles and wound up delayed for dinner as I still needed to get in my Epsom salt bath & shower. Then I ordered Thai food (satay and spring rolls, plus soup for later in the week) and watched TV – the last 2 episodes of Madam Secretary for the season, and a Rizzoli & Isles from DVD. DH was out of town part of Sat and Sun, so I was flying solo. Also, ate part of a gluten-free banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and part of one with chocolate frosting, out of this batch.

GF banana cupcakes with PB frosting and choc frosting from Hello Cupcake

GF banana cupcakes with PB frosting and choc frosting from Hello Cupcake

Strangely, as on Friday, the frosting came across as SO sweet to me that I wanted salt after. I actually preferred my chocolate Arctic Zero. In any case, I have 10 PB frosted and a piece of the chocolate frosted frozen should I ever want them again. Odd, I’d really loved them and looked forward to eating them. I think my tastebuds and my mindset have been changed by time on the quasi-paleo diet as well as just the way preferences change over time.

During reading/snack time, I started a new mystery – not sure what I think yet, if I like it I may mention it.

Sunday –

Seems like the Epsom salt bath does help. Again, I felt better in the morning than I had Saturday night. I felt stronger and less sore on my run today than I did yesterday. Since I apparently need to start making these baths a regular thing, I need to see if Costco carries Epsom salt. I still intend to start up magnesium spray and lotion again too.

After my run, I pulled the kabocha out of the oven (and put the spaghetti squash in). I snarfed a little kabocha.

For breakfast, a Hannah sweet potato and a JSP with some almond butter/Nuttzo and honey. Spent some time online before doing food prep for tomorrow and heading to my massage. My massage therapist said my legs “look stronger” – not sure what that means, but I’ll take it.

After I came back, had half of a garden roll I saved from last night (planned to split it with DH for our respective afternoon snacks) and half a Quest bar, heard about his trip and worked on the blog.

Sunday night dinner plan is gluten-free pizza from Naked Pizza and some chips along with TV and reading.

Not sure how my three-day weekend felt so short!

Now it’s time to start to kick the move prep into high gear.

Monday, back to the office. Tuesday telework and chiro with a few errands. Wednesday, a med appointment followup and telework office. Thursday telework and Friday telework. (I think)

Hope you had a great weekend! 

My weekly reminder to myself: Think  “relentlessly positive” (Marathon Talk) and be “pathologically optimistic” (Sarah). Take positive actions – do good, seek and spread joy. To quote Deena: “The practice of optimism has been the greatest source of energy to compliment my hard training. Optimism is more than believing in your training program, it is about choosing positive words and perspectives in every aspect of your life.”

Weekend Update June 6-7, 2015

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Saturday – 11.15 miles, held 5 miles at a higher easy pace. That wasn’t the run I wanted or planned. Was hoping for 13.1 at least, if not up in the 15-16 range. My legs (especially glutes, hams and a bit of quads) were sore, heavy, and stiff, probably from the gait exercises (which are changing muscles, I have no doubt), continuing to try to adjust form on my runs AND adding speedwork back in this past week. It’s a bit frustrating though. Cardio-wise, I was ok. Perhaps I was a little tired, but mostly my legs just hurt and I wasn’t able to keep tweaking my form as much as I wanted. This run hurt from the start – didn’t get worse so I know it’s just the muscles adapting – and at some point, I decided there was no point doing more miles, wearing myself out trom the mental effort and not allowing my body to adapt to the physical stressors I’m putting on it.

I’m trying to trust the process and hoping that all these times I’m making the “smart” choices pay off with a massive PR at Baystate and by making me a faster, stronger, more durable runner in the long-term. Making these decisions and trying to have faith that this approach – slow build, improving gait, strengthening different parts – will get me the results I want is in some ways harder than just sort of bullying my way through and trashing myself.

Took Vespa before the run, and a Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6. I also took a FRS chew at mile 3 and mile 9 (had 3 before the run). By the way, I hear GU is introducing a Maple Bacon flavor 6/15. Suspect it’d work best for ultrarunning, but DH and I may each give a pack a try.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, the Comrades special! Martin & his wife Liz (a two-time Olympic marathon runner) co-hosted (some amusing banter). Tom and his wife Helen chime in from South Africa where they were for Comrades. Helen (Hels) beat Martin & Tom’s time from a couple of years ago. She ran 10h 11min to their 10h 48min on an “up” year that sounds like it was quite hot and humid.

Tom talked to some other runners, some who finished (including Brett Larner of Japan Running News), some who didn’t. Seems like almost everyone wants to do it again. I think you get an extra medal – perhaps the second year’s – for doing back to back.

I’m also reading and enjoying posts from runners I follow about their experiences, whether Liza Howard writing about running the race to pace her husband Eliot (the 11 hour bus sounds good!) or Scott Dunlap, who finished 3rd American male and has great photos along with his writeup. I wish American marathons would adopt those water “sachets” – you could grab a couple and carry, less spillage….USA RDs, whaddya think? Scott also did a post for Inov-8 on the race.

I know Comrades is a favorite of Bart Yasso, and Mike Wardian likes it too. Actually, I’ve not heard/read anything negative about the race from anyone who’s done it. Seems like if I had a bucket list, Comrades might have to be on it. I don’t have such a list, but I think I want to do it….and for me to even think about the travel involved, you know the Comrades bug must have bitten me – seriously, the plane travel alone, the food, a hot, humid race….all stressors and not what I prefer. So many reasons NOT to do it. And yet I keep thinking about it  Since (work with me) I think I may be a better downhill runner than uphill runner, I think I’d try it in a down year. I don’t think I could be ready for 2016, and a 56 mile race doesn’t fit in with my quest for faster marathons in general and faster Bostons, so I think the earliest I would try is 2018. Good thing I renewed my passport.

Comrades is such a big deal in South Africa that it’s televised live throughout the country – from pre-start to the 12 hour cutoff, the WHOLE thing. (by the way, it’s gun to gun cutoff for the participants, not chip time) You can watch/find the whole 12 hours online. I want to watch part of 2014 to watch Eliie Greenwood win, and maybe I’ll watch some of 2015 as well. Watch this video from 2014 of the start – Shosholoza is so moving. (I need to learn the words.) The whole start is pretty impressive. Here’s a post (also great photos) from Ellie on this year’s race – an accident affected her training, but she managed to pull off 6th woman! She has a marvelous attitude. Don’t bet against her next year. She’s coached by (and coaches along with) Ian Sharman.

Anyway…..Did my Ohnos and glute exercises from the gait lab after the run, even increased some of the reps of glute exercises. Yow. Did Myrtl stretches.

Sunday – Woke up at 5:45. Decided not to try to go back to sleep as I did yesterday. It takes me a while to get moving, do my kitchen puttering (making tea), online catchup, get my shoes on, etc. so I didn’t even head to the treadmill for my warmup until 7. During my warmup, I had some moments where I got a sharp almost electric shock pain on top of my L ankle, sharp enough I’d pull my foot up and grab the treadmill arms. I retied my shoes and messed with my socks. Almost talked myself out of my run, but decided to at least start it, and stop if I had problems. (my mind was spiraling to all sorts of dark and scary places and well into the future….you know what I mean)

6.2 miles at recovery pace, 0% incline. That helped my hams some and worked my quads a bit. Tried to work on form more. Ankle was fine, so no idea what the weirdness was, but will keep an eye on it.

Listened to Jimmy Dean Freeman on Trail Runner Nation. Unfortunately he DNF’d at mile 39 of the San Diego 100 but seems okay with it.

Tried out this new bra from Asics, a Boston purchase (all the stuff I bought from them is now on sale, and of course I’m only just trying it….)

It’s reasonably comfortable and note the gel pocket in front. I only ran 6 miles, but didn’t note bouncing of the gel or any real issues with the bra. (will try 2 gels next time) Between that and some shorts I’ve tried and think I like, maybe I can get away without a belt at Baystate. May buy another of these bras (or two) as backups.

Asics bra front

Asics bra front

Asics bra back

Asics bra back

Asics bra pocket

Asics bra pocket


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I had two small Japanese sweet potatoes (JSP) with some Fastachi walnut butter (and a bit of honey), WF crunchy almond butter and some PF Nuttzo. I spent a little time online, then tried to contact some companies about disassembling and moving my treadmill. The movers we’re considering are smart enough to say “we don’t want to screw that up – appreciate the honesty. Wasn’t able to get any estimates yet though due to people not answering a 24/7 phone line at one place, and an email inbox being full at the other. Doesn’t build confidence, but I shall try again Monday.

Then I spent an hour sorting through some running gear, trying to decide what to give away (fuel belts that didn’t work, shoes I got for free, compression stuff bought in bulk or on sale that I’ve moved on from). Made a small pile, more to do. Tidied up a bit at least and have a better idea of some of what I have….more specific than “more than I need”…but still more to be done. Did that while listening to part of this ep of TalkUltra, which reminded me Nepal still needs help after their earthquakes. I listened to part of the Mike Wardian interview, saved part for tomorrow. I started to feel a bit wonky, so ate half a quest bar for protein and fiber. It didn’t really help enough, so I ate a frozen banana and took some MAP, then headed to the porch. I felt “off” enough that I just lay down for a bit, but couldn’t doze due to enthusiastic birds. The run seems to have taken more out of me than I’d have expected. Drinking some electrolyte drink in case that’s part of the problem – I could be out of balance or dehydrated.

While on the porch I finally started to warm up. I read part of the May/June Marathon & Beyond and skimmed the table of contents of Issue 4 of Like the Wind. Then I decided to start writing this blog post.

Dinner was foraging. DH has had to work (at home) part of this weekend on top of running and doing move stuff so we’re both a bit “knackered” and nothing much appeals. We have so much here anyway (leftover chicken from last night with veggies for me, chicken apple sausage for DH).

After dinner, took an Epsom salt bath and shower. I felt better for a bit, then got sore again as we sat and watched our DVR (Arrow, Grimm, Person of Interest)  Apparently the DVR missed a crucial ep of Arrow the week of Boston, so we went ahead and watched the next ep. We may try to pick it up the one we missed on Hulu though we’re now pretty clear on what we missed.

Sunday –

Seems like the Epsom salt bath did help some, as I felt better in the morning than I had Saturday night. Need to start making that a regular thing, and using my magnesium spray and lotion again too. Whatever it takes.

After my run and exercises, I changed into this shirt, bought at a running store on my one short trip to Boulder in 2009. (want to go back!)

running alien shirt from Boulder

running alien shirt from Boulder

For breakfast, me egg white puff on the porch with DH. Then pulled my so very yummy kabocha out of the oven and treated myself to a huge serving. (gotta love it’s ~40 calories per 100g, about half of what sweet potatoes are) DH got bacon from WF, but we forgot to cook it. I spent some time online then got hungry again, had some coco bread toast and jam before doing food prep and heading to my massage.

My massage therapist said my glutes weren’t as tight as usual! (got similar comment from chiro on my legs this week. Makes no sense to me as the work I’m doing is making me feel sore and stiff, but gotta listen to the professionals when they tell you stuff – even good stuff!

Got back, realized I was out of something that used to be on subscribe-and-save (messes me up when Amazon drops things) and needed to take care of that. Wasn’t looking to run errands. Because I am #solucky DH offered to go get what I needed so I could have more porch time! (he’s a keeper, don’t I know it!)

Then it was porch time!

Here’s our neighbor’s mimosa tree, which they do NOT prune sufficiently as every year it drops pretty but sticky flowers on both our cars.

mimosa tree

mimosa tree

Here’s how my Boston flowers are doing these days – quite tall. (is that what they call “leggy?)

Boston flowers in June

Boston flowers in June

Sunday night dinner was the bacon we didn’t eat this morning, a frozen Rockland’s burger and veggies for me, along with more TV. Felt like a short weekend, and not very productive re the move on my part. Well, that will have to change – need to do more during the week. After next weekend I’ll attempt to kick into higher gear, and maybe try to do a little during the week (a challenge, for sure).

Monday, back to the office. Tuesday telework and chiro with a few errands. Wednesday, office. Thursday telework. Taking Friday off. In looking at my calendar, I won’t be in the office many Fridays over the next few months – off for move stuff, medical and dental appointments and teleworking when I can.

Updating this post reminds me to keep thinking “relentlessly positive” (Marathon Talk) and being “pathologically optimistic” (Sarah) as well as taking positive actions. To quote Deena: “The practice of optimism has been the greatest source of energy to compliment my hard training. Optimism is more than believing in your training program, it is about choosing positive words and perspectives in every aspect of your life.”

And of course, reminding myself to choose, seek and spread joy whenever and wherever I can.

It’s effort, but it’s worth it.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Weekend Update May 30-31, 2015

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Really, it’s June already?


Saturday – 13.1 miles, easy pace. Wondering when does it actual start to feel easy again? Makes sense that it would feel tough though, as adding in the glute exercises from the gait lab and trying to adjust my form makes me sore in all sorts of ways and places. Wore my still-awesome quad sleeves since my hams complained during my warmup. Cardio-wise, my HR showed it to be reasonably easy.

Took Vespa before, and a Lemon Sublime GU at mile 7 to try it out – it’s one of the ones without caffeine. I’m using these less-critical runs to try flavors for the future. It was odd as I got some in my mouth and didn’t really taste anything for a minute – then it tasted just like lemon meringue pie filling (reminded me of my mom, one of her favorites). It wasn’t sticky sweet, but it wasn’t tart, and I was more looking for a lemonade kind of tart. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t seem to upset my stomach. DH is going to let me try his Lemonade Roctane to see what I think. I think I still have a TriBerry to taste. Then perhaps plain and apple. I’m liking the Salted Watermelon lately, more into the fruits than the Vanilla, Caramel, etc.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, part 2 with “North East running legend” Jim Alder. Next week, Martin & his wife Liz (a two-time Olympic marathon runner) will be co-hosting, as Tom and his wife Helen traveled to South Africa for Comrades (run on 5/31). Helen (Hels) beat Martin & Tom’s time from a couple of years ago. She ran 10h 11min to their 10h 48min. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Also listened to Ken Reiss on this ep of the Runner’s Connect podcast. I was interested to hear about his study of Spira shoes, which have mechanical springs in them. I ordered a pair. I’ll try pretty much anything at this point.

Did my Ohnos and glute exercises after the run. Yow.

Sunday – 5.3 recovery pace miles, better than I’d been expecting based on my new exercises and how sore I was last night! Wore my quad sleeves again, and this time I remembered to put them on BEFORE my shoes. (was a close call though) Followed up with Myrtls.

Listened to Sarah’s BRF (best running friend) Molly interview Sarah about her recent injury and recovery on Another Mother Runner. Picked up a phrase “pathologically optimistic” – love it! Goes well with the Marathon Talk boys’ “relentlessly positive” and some quotes from Deena Kastor.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I had a Japanese sweet potato (JSP) with some Fastachi walnut butter and some PF Nuttzo on it along with some asparagus. Then I took a bunch of paperwork out to the porch to deal with – sorted into “file, shred, recycle” piles and handled as designated. My way of starting to prep for the move.While doing this, I listened to an old Runner’s Connect ep with the enthusiastic Doug Kurtis, WR holder for most sub 2:20 marathons (75!) and RD of a bunch of races around Detroit. Was hoping to hear why he liked Spira shoes, but if he said, I missed it. He’s pretty entertaining to listen to anyway though.  I’m sure I did other things in the afternoon, but I really can’t think of what! All I know is, time flew. I do think perhaps I can catch up on some podcast episodes if I listen to them while I do de-cluttering and moving tasks – also, it’s a good way to get me to do them and keep me going. I already listen while running, commuting, stretching, doing strength work and prepping food/supplements!

These beauties have started to show themselves on the side of the house

day lilies on side of house

day lilies on side of house

And the honeysuckle we planted in the back is out in full force



We decided to “forage” for dinner, which for me meant using the leftover chicken from Friday’s Chinese (they put SO much chicken in the dish I always save some) and some fresh veggies for my spring rolls. I’m really enjoying the PB2/amino sauce, had it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did get more sunflower seed butter, but too lazy to open the box, the jar, stir it up.

We need to get through what’s recorded on the DVD before the move, so weekends are a bit heavier TV watching for now. Watched Arrow, Person of Interest and Castle.

Then some Arctic Zero (chocolate, with frozen cherries) and baked potato chips while reading an old Katherine Hall Page mystery, one in the Faith Fairchild series that I’d skipped. Last week I read the newest, set on an island in Maine, and really enjoyed the setting, so I picked another set in Maine. I don’t like it as well, but oh well.

Sunday – I woke up quite early and started doing laundry before 7. Seriously, this perimeopause stuff is eating my lunch. Poor sleep and other issues, not helping my running, recovery or stress/productivity levels!

After my run and Myrtls, shared some bacon and watermelon with DH on the porch, then a JSP and nut butter. It got sticky outside, so I went back inside for some coco bread toast. Watched the live tweets of Meb’s first half as a Master (2nd overall, not by much, led a lot of the way – first Master and possibly a new record). While doing food prep and more laundry. Then off to my massage.

I ate half a Quest bar in the car on the way back, changed the sheets on the bed, did some more food prep and tried on running shoes I’d ordered. The only real possibles are the Asics Nimbus – a neutral shoe, go figure – but they may not be wide enough, certainly not as wide as the Fortifys. Still trying to get in touch with Altra about the Provision 2.0 and whether I might use the walk version as a work shoe. Enjoyed some of the terrific strawberries DH got as a snack, then headed out to the (warm, humid, buggy) porch to write this. Unfortunately, looks like no time for porch running reading today, grr. Time somehow got away from me even though I woke before 6! (not my intention, I assure you)

Sunday night, more TV and takeout from Baja Fresh. I got sides of grilled fish, chicken and steak. I ate the grilled fish and a little bit of grilled chicken in spring rolls with veggies. Also had a couple of mushroom caps with avocado and some bites of the grilled steak. The rest of the chicken is for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch, and the grilled steak perhaps for Tuesday. More of the wonderful strawberries will our TV watching – Bones, Grimm and one more show that’s TBD. Then snacking and reading before bed. Already time another work week!

Monday, back to the office. Tuesday telework and chiro with a few errands. Wednesday, office. Thursday telework (hoping to get to Costco to finish up the glasses and to the post office) with the mover coming to estimate right after work. Hoping to telework Friday and either finish up errands at lunch or perhaps go for a swim or pool run. It’s looking hot and humid early this week, foliowed by some storms and cooler weather.

It’s the first week of “workout base” phase which has some leg speed and steady state workouts. I looked at the plan I wrote and the paces and mentally gulped. We’ll see how it goes, on top of my strengthening but sore legs. Gotta have faith that progress, not perfection, and being “smart stubborn” will get me where I want to go.

Hope you had a great weekend! How’s the weather where you are?

Weekend Update May 23 & 24, 2015

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Saturday – 15 easy pace miles. Did 1/4-1/3 mile at 2% each mile, the rest at 1%. Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6, Strawberry Banana at mile 11.4 – first try. It’s okay, at least it doesn’t have caffeine, but probably not a fave  Did Myrtls after. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & my trip to the gait clinic) to do more. Wore my 110% knee compression sleeve in the evening as my R knee was a bit cranky. It helped a lot.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with “North East running legend” Jim Alder, who I’d never heard of. Quite an accomplished runner, fun to listen to.

Also listened to Susan Loken on this ep of the Runner’s Connect podcast.

Sunday – 7 recovery pace miles, better than I’d been expecting after W/Th and yesterday’s 15 miler. Followed that up with a starter version of the exercises I got from the gait analysis folks and my Myrtls.

Listened to Runner Academy‘s ep with Dr. Nicholas Romanov. He’d been on a number of podcasts last year since he released a new book, but I hadn’t listened to any of them. After listening, decided to get his book – I’ll give almost anything a try if it makes sense to me. And we know I need another running technique/training or running-related book, right? I might listen to Romanov on Trail Runner Nation but usually one podcast is all I need to get a sense of whether I’m interested. I’ll only multi-listen if I think I’ll get different perspectives or info or hear things a different way. (may do that with Travis Macy – he’s been on Trail Runner Nation, Runner’s Connect, and UltrarunnerPodcast – I know I’ve listened to him on Runner Academy already….I did that with Margaret Webb, who was on a number of podcasts)


Saturday – After my run, I sat on the porch for a few minutes and reloaded my glycogen stores with the frosting (and a little cake) of the coconut/coconut and coconut/chocolate gluten-free cupcakes DH had surprised me with on Friday from Hello Cupcake – what a sweetie! My fave is their gluten-free banana cake with peanut butter frosting, but which gluten-free variety they have varies daily – you have to call to find out (wish they’d put the GF flavor of the day on Facebook or be on Twitter – they’re not – and put it out that way). The chocolate frosting was so dense and overwhelming that I took a bit, gave DH a bit, and put the rest of the frosting – which peeled off nicely – into a container to have later. One bite was plenty. (sorry, no pictures)

Then I spent a little time inside online and had a Japanese sweet potato (JSP) with some Nuttzo on it along with some asparagus and watermelon. I did a load of laundry and spent some time out on the porch reading.

porch reading

porch reading

Did not get through all of these, but at least I had a plan. Spent some time chatting with DH on shoes and gait and running stuff. Then we took ourselves into the basement to go through our chest freezer to make sure we knew what we had, pitch old stuff and bring some items upstairs for use. Then I came back out to the porch to do a few things online before prepping for dinner.

For dinner, we split a “basement find” – a hunk of smoked turkey breast we’d ordered last fall from Salt Lick in Texas. So very good. Their brisket and ribs are terrific too – I kept saying “we have to order from them again” as I was eating. I combined that with some homemade veggie spring rolls with carrots, mushrooms, zucchini and romaine, and a bit of peanut sauce. We opened some potato chips, but it turned out I didn’t really want any. I had about half of the gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie DH had brought along with the cupcakes but it was too sweet and not peanutty enough, so DH nicely finished it for me. (I hate feeling like food is going to waste, which is a problem for me sometimes.) We watched episodes The Flash, Person of Interest, and Elementary – all have been renewed, yay! (as opposed to Forever, which got the axe) We’re a few months behind in our watching but that’s fine.

Then some Arctic Zero (chocolate, with frozen cherries) and baked potato chips while reading the new Anne Hillerman, Rock with Wings. I’d never read the Tony Hillerman series, only picked it up starting with Anne’s first continuation of her father’s work. I went back and read a bit of some of Tony’s books, but I like Anne’s better, probably because she added a female protagonist.

Sunday – After my run and my exercises, quickly ate some asparagus, a piece of coco bread with jam, and a small JSP with Nuttzo. I was cutting it close in terms of how soon my massage appointment was, but I had been hungry since I woke up at 4AM. (I got back to sleep till 6.) Headed off to my massage – didn’t have one last week due to my massage therapist having a family event, so it was nice. I can tell I’m not quite in full-up training yet though, the time will come when I really NEED the massage but I’m not there just yet.

I ate a Quest bar in the car on the way back – they’re so handy, my go-to meal replacement when I can’t prepare and eat my lunch on schedule, especially on Tuesdays. Got home, hung up some laundry I’d started and then tackled cleaning out old food in the pantry. I was still super hungry, so I ate a little watermelon, a few blackberries and blueberries, and half of a frozen banana topped with almond butter.

Then I headed out to the porch to enjoy the mildly warm weather (less so the neighbor’s music, though at least the landscapers finally left) and write this post. Soon it will be time to get inside for dinner. Maybe a gluten-free pizza (BBQ sauce, chicken, goat cheese, artichoke) from nearby Naked Pizza, or perhaps something from Baja Fresh or Rockland’s. That, along with some TV, will make for a relaxing “second Saturday night”, one of the things I love about three day weekends.

Tomorrow, Memorial Day, is a holiday.

I plan a short run and then “Sunday” breakfast with DH. Perhaps he’ll grill, and I’ll do a few things in the house before succumbing to the lure of the porch. A weekend-style dinner, a bit of TV, then back to work (telework) on Tuesday, when I’ll get to see my chiro and discuss the gait analysis. Wednesday, back in the office. Thursday telework as usual, Friday not sure if I’ll telework or not. I think I’m going to add alternate Fridays to my telework schedule – we are allowed a max of 39 hours in a 2 week pay period, and I can fit in that day under the cap. It’d be nice for summer, and I think I can make use of it once training ramps up.

Speaking of training, the coming week is week 4 of my base period, a “cutback” week. That’ll be followed by week 1 of the workout base period, where I’ll try to start picking up speed. I think (hope!) that taking recovery and return to running more slowly than I have in the past is going to pay off. Today is 21 weeks to Baystate, and it’ll soon be 2 months to Beach to Beacon. Hard to believe it’s been just over a month since Boston.

Hope you had a great weekend! What are you looking forward to this coming week?

Weekend Update May 15 & 16, 2015

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Saturday – 14 easy pace miles, no gel. The first 2+ hour run since Boston! Did Myrtls after, along with a few Ohnos. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & resuming leg strength work this week) to do more. Push just enough, not too much.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Jim Barahal, who is the RD of the Honolulu Marathon & founder of the Hapalua Half, which has sort of a “race within the race”, a handicap (like in golf?) “chase race”. In addition to the “open” half, there is the “Team Hawaii vs the World” chase:

In the Hapalua Chase, the best local runners from Hawaii get a head start on some of the best professionals runners in the world. The pros will chase down the local guys and girls to the finish line.

Also listened to Ray Zahab (I’m a fan) an ultrarunner & founder of Impossible2Possible (please check them out, especially if you’re a teacher or know someone age 16-21, they do great things in expeditions and education FOR FREE) on this ep of the DizRuns podcast. Yay for the return of multiple podcast runs!

Sunday – 5.5 recovery pace miles. I get a gold star for not making it 6. Left ham a little cranky and whatever’s up with my right knee (started bothering me yesterday) didn’t act up till the last mile. It seems to improve with a bit of rolling along the VMO as well as post-run compression, with or without ice. I suspect a tight VMO is pulling my knee a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it and mention it to my chiro. Other than that, less sore than I would have expected after yesterday’s long run, so perhaps there is something to this longer recovery and slower build back. Let’s hope!

Listened to Another Mother Runner‘s latest ep – glad to hear Sarah’s recovery is coming along well. Their guest was 82 year old Katherine Beiers, who was this year’s oldest Boston finisher. I learned that the people I saw on Commonwealth during the race with blue age-related bibs on their back were the prior year’s winners in those groups!


Saturday –

Got up around 6:15 or so, after losing several hours during the night to bad GI pain that also affected my hips and lower back. Seems to be a combo of GI/female hormone issues, and it stinks. I don’t know if my PB2/coconut aminos at dinner last night, or some older applesauce or something else (or nothing at all) triggered this “episode”. (FYI TMI, at one point I was “diagnosed” with IBS, before the hiatal hernia/GERD/ulcer diagnoses…and then there are the foods that I don’t tolerate well – so between my GI issues and female hormones, which affect digestion, it really could be almost anything. Including stress.)

This is the second week of increasingly bad/less sleep, and the 5th night in a row. I was really tired, groggy and a bit woozy/unbalanced (maybe from allergies) for my run, and it really took a lot to get me going. After my run, I ate a mixture of applesauce, Beet Elite (figured why not) and collagen, then gluten-free toast and the dregs of a jar of peanut-free nuttzo. (Just realized I could try their peanut/chocolate flavors now.) Sorry, needed to eat quickly so no pictures of my applesauce concoction.

DH and I sat on the porch and chatted for a while, then he went off to be productive and I continued to laze on the porch, writing this post and reading. I watched a little bit of the live stream of the Night of 10,000 PBs. My stomach started hurting again during the afternoon. Ugh.

For dinner – a change! Thai food. SO good. Panang curry, first time in sooooo long, along w pad thai, chicken satay, spring rolls (yum peanut sauce). The restaurant is only a couple miles from us and is good at takeout, delivery and customizing orders. Major win. Also, enough food for at least 2 dinners for both of us.

Sunday –

Post-run, DH made a lovely egg white puff for breakfast. I expect to see pix like these from you soon, Tara!

egg white puff 1

egg white puff 1

egg white puff 2

egg white puff 2

I followed that with some coco bread toast with coconut manna, jam and honey, and many of these incredible strawberries DH got at WF.



While I was doing some stuff online, DH planted these 2 rosebushes next to the porch to replace one that didn’t make it through the winter.

new rosebushes

new rosebushes

Several bushes of different types just didn’t survive, and a few more are pretty unhappy looking, including the ones that line the front walk and my potted rosebushes in the backyard. Not sure how the potted blueberry bushes are doing – that said, we’ve had them for two years and I’ve gotten pretty much no berries (birds, despite caging). But I do enjoy looking at them if nothing else.

blueberry bush

blueberry bush

My Boston flowers are still going strong! They have to be watered daily – kind of like running, daily maintenance is required. You can see the unhappy bushes lining the walk.

Boston flowers May 17

Boston flowers May 17

I decided it was time to get moving on food and supplement prep and doing some stuff in the house before porch time. I kept myself engaged by listening (or maybe re-listening) to an older Runner’s Connect podcast ep with one of my fave runners, Nate Jenkins. Nate’s got a good blog and shares a lot of training details. He’s one of the few runners using Renato Canova‘s training methods that I know of (other than maybe Lucho from Endurance Planet). He’s also a running geek, with a wide knowledge of training information, theories, statistics and history.

During Sunday afternoon food prep, I chewed a piece of try a piece of Trident gum “Splashing Mint” – it’s pretty tasty!

Decided to take a risk on the gum (gum costs so much now!). I don’t usually chew gum because:

  • it’s been hard to find good gluten-free gums (there are dedicated ones like Pur but I don’t like them that much) – then I found this list
  • I’m sensitive to sugar alcohols in sugar-free gum sometimes (and chewing can introduce air into your stomach, not good),
  • someone like me who grinds her teeth sometimes is not “supposed to” chew anything but food – not gum, ice, anything, and
  • because of the GERD, I have to be careful and very limited with mint

But I find it when I’m doing food prep or teleworking (or even in the office doing editing review) that I just want to keep eating – and actually do keep eating sometimes, even if it’s produce – when I’m no longer full. This “wanting to eat” is distracting if nothing else, and adds to the challenge of getting back down to race weight…and frankly, I’m not looking for any new challenges like that right now. I drink tons of water and decaf tea, but it’s not the same as eating. I’ve managed some with TicTacs, Lemonheads and little cinnamon candies I got online. But something about the chewing of the gum helps, as does the longer lasting taste especially the mint varieties. It can make me kind of feel like I brushed my teeth, which can help dissuade me from eating for a while (kind of like flossing after meals, another tactic I sometimes use).

So while I was getting the car inspected this past week, I bought a pack of Trident and a pack of Big Red (not sugarless but I used to love it). The selection at the service station wasn’t great but I wanted to have some around. I’ll probably take some to work and see what I can buy there or at the nearby CVS so I can have some at home and at work, and maybe in my purse. I don’t want to become someone with gum in her mouth all the time, so I have to be cognizant of that, but in a pinch, there are worse things. (I know, Tawnee, I’m going to try not to get hooked on it!)

As I was finishing up the limited amount of stuff I did in the house after food prep (willpower/energy fail), I did manage to put this sticker on a magnet and put it on my fridge.

wicked fast runnah

wicked fast runnah

After getting one suitcase emptied out and a bit of laundry done, I finally called it quits and headed to the porch. Soon it’ll be time for leftover Thai food and some TV before – yet another Monday? Really?

This week, Monday is my only office day. T/Th teleworking as usual (T chiro, Th a/c part 2 & plumber “after noon”). Teleworking Friday just because.

But Wednesday is the big day – DH & I will drive to Charlottesville for my gait analysis, 1 month post-Boston! I’m really hoping they can help me get faster and stronger while training (like they did for Tina Muir, she discusses the analysis process here).

I also hope they can give me some guidance in terms of shoes/orthotics as I’m on 2 years with this pair of orthotics (and feeling it) and on my second to last pair of Adrenaline 13s. I’ve mostly walked in the Asics Fortify that are the only potential replacement. I think I ran a few miles in them and they were okay – not sure if they’re better with orthotics or without – but I need to adjust lacing as they’re a men’s and the heel slips a little.

In terms of errands, I plan to renew my passport (no particular reason, just realized it was expired when I went to do the TSA PreCheck) and maybe get to Costco to order contacts even if I don’t choose glasses. But these are things to do on top of regular errands and work so we’ll see what gets done.

Other than that, dealing with the uncertainty about where we’ll be living after the next couple of months is taking a lot of bandwidth and sucking energy – emotional in terms of thinking, researching and discussing as well as physical (decluttering and stress). But, as I said before, doing what I can to stay positive and roll with it. This isn’t a problem, just something to be dealt with and questions of money, preference, logistics and time. I’m very very lucky.

How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this coming week?