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Training Recap Week of 5/11/2015

Here’s the training recap for recovery week 4 or base phase week 2. Still recovery/easy pace runs on the plan.

RUN miles for the week: 40.5 miles, woot and yay!

Just a reminder (or for anyone new to the blog): my runs are on my treadmill unless otherwise specified, and are done in the morning before work. Before I run, I do a 15 min walk as a warmup, then Coach Jay’s Lunge Matrix, then drills including (all forward and backward) skips, high knees, butt kicks, hamstring kick outs (Monty Python walk, I’ve heard it called), straight leg skips, carioca (both directions), calf stretches, lateral/forward/back leg swings. Then, I run.

Monday 5/11

AM: core workout (mine plus some of Meb’s, now including his exercises in my routines), tricep dips, down dog pushups. Yanked L neck & shoulder trying a new exercise. Running late due to email re house.

At work: Tricep and bicep machine-assisted pull-ups, 30 min bike (aggravated R knee), 5x30s intervals on rowing machine

Whartons before dinner

Tuesday 5/12

9 miles, easy pace zone. R knee still cranky.

Post-run: Drills, Ohnos & leapfrogs,  LC#1 w all squats on board, some Meb lower body exercises (modified some, did less reps some), Myrtls. Forgot pushups/dips, skipped.

Whartons before dinner.

Wednesday 5/13

After a bad night of sleep (awake every 2h, really awake 5a) did core workout then

4 miles, easy pace

Post-run: Drills & calf stretches after, 10 pushups, dips.

Myrtls and Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 5/8

8 miles easy pace zone. Harder than it should have been.

Post-run: Legs too heavy for post-run drills, did some but clumsy. Knees sore on jumps. Did Ohnos, leapfrogs. Squats on board. LC #1. Some modified Meb lower body, Myrtls. Hams. R VMO v tight.

Whartons before dinner.

Friday 5/8

Core then 40 min bike.

Saturday 5/9

14 easy pace miles, no gel. The first 2+ hour run since Boston! Did Myrtls after, along with a few Ohnos. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & resuming leg strength work this week) to do more. Push just enough, not too much.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Jim Barahal, who is the RD of the Honolulu Marathon & founder of the Hapalua Half, which has sort of a “race within the race”, a handicap (like in golf?) “chase race”. In addition to the “open” half, there is the “Team Hawaii vs the World” chase:

In the Hapalua Chase, the best local runners from Hawaii get a head start on some of the best professionals runners in the world. The pros will chase down the local guys and girls to the finish line.

Also listened to Ray Zahab (I’m a fan) an ultrarunner & founder of Impossible2Possible (please check them out, especially if you’re a teacher or know someone age 16-21, they do great things in expeditions and education FOR FREE) on this ep of the DizRuns podcast. Yay for the return of multiple podcast runs!

Sunday 5/10

5.5 recovery pace miles. I get a gold star for not making it 6. Left ham a little cranky and whatever’s up with my right knee (started bothering me yesterday) didn’t act up till the last mile. It seems to improve with a bit of rolling along the VMO as well as post-run compression, with or without ice. I suspect a tight VMO is pulling my knee a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it and mention it to my chiro. Other than that, less sore than I would have expected after yesterday’s long run, so perhaps there is something to this longer recovery and slower build back. Let’s hope!

Listened to Another Mother Runner‘s latest ep – glad to hear Sarah’s recovery is coming along well. Their guest was 82 year old Katherine Beiers, who was this year’s oldest Boston finisher. I learned that the people I saw on Commonwealth during the race with blue age-related bibs on their back were the prior year’s winners in those groups!

How’s your training going?

How and when do you choose add new things to your routine?


Training Recap Week of 5/4/2015

Here’s the training recap for recovery week 3 or base build week 1. All recovery/easy pace runs on the plan this week.

RUN miles for the week: 32.75 woot! That’s a definite plus for my mental state. I was starting to get nervous and twitchy about my mileage.

Monday 5/4

AM Bike 40 min, skipped core. No Whartons.

Tuesday 5/5

6 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves, some at 1% incline, some at 0%. Sore from Sunday massage. Too warm in room due to a/c issue. Can tell my legs aren’t quite back yet. No notes about Whartons, so I suspect it didn’t get done.

Wednesday 5/6

3.5 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves, some at 1% incline, some at 0%. Too warm in room due to a/c issue.  Skipped core. Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 5/7

7 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves at 1% incline. Too warm in room due to a/c issue, humidity above 50%. Did Myrtl stretches after. Apparently again skipped Whartons.

Friday 5/8

AM Core, bike 35 min. Whartons before dinner.

Saturday 5/9

10.25 recovery pace miles, no gel. The first double digit run since Boston! And the first to feel reasonably decent. Getting more sleep seems to be helping (foreshadowing here…) as does having had the a/c at least partially repaired. It only hit 64 in the room. Did Myrtls and – new – repeated some of my pre-run drills after, including skips, high knees, butt kicks. Why? Because I’d read about Meb doing post-run drills, Tish mentioned it in her periscope chat this past week, and I’d been tempted to try strides at the end of my run but made myself NOT do it. (no speed this first month) I actually liked the way it felt. It also reminded me a little of Coach Jay having some pushups in his GSM in the later weeks, to make some chemical changes after endurance work….so I added some counter pushups and stair tricep dips. I may continue this routine at least on the weekends. Looking to add more leg strength after most runs during the week.

Listened to the most recent Marathon Talk, part 2 with James Cracknell. Also, a great explanation of the Wings For Life World Run that makes it sound like a lot of fun to run in or watch! (video on their site) And the Night of 10,000 PBs – brilliant, just brilliant!

Sunday 5/10

6 recovery pace miles in a room that topped out at 62 degrees and 42% humidity (yay). Tired in miles 1-2, better in 3-4, tired again in 5-6. I’d wanted to run the length of the podcast, and knew what my mileage total would be if I stopped at different points. I think I get a gold star for not running the extra 0.25 that would have brought my weekly mileage to a round number. Afterward, Myrtl stretches and drills again.

Listened to local Lyme Disease Warrior and ultrarunner Amy Pope Fitzgerald on the DizRuns podcast.

How did your training go last week? Try anything new?

Training Recap Wk of 4/27/15 or Recovery, Week 2

My last training post took you through last Tuesday. I’m doing this one in a bit different format as there’s not much to report.

So your big question is probably – did she make it all the way to Saturday before she ran again?

Yes, yes I did. I gritted my teeth and told myself “recovery is training” and got through it. I recalled Greg McMillan‘s comments in Boston that “we’re always training…when we’re eating, we’re training; when we’re resting, we’re training; when we’re training, we’re training.” Doing the non-running stuff, whether it’s resting, prefab, strength, or just getting to bed earlier, can be the hardest part of training sometimes!

RUN miles for the week: 10.2

Monday 4/27

25 min of bike in the AM, Whartons before dinner. Skipped core.

Tuesday 4/28

Walked 5.25 miles on treadmill at my warmup pace, some at 0% some at 1%. Did Myrtls after. Got gently encouraged to do less by a few folks on twitter who want to make sure I get a solid recovery. Whartons before dinner. Had good chiro appt where he worked on tight quads.

Wednesday 4/29

Core workout, first time in weeks. Ow. Walked 3.1 miles at warmup pace. Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 4/30

Walked 5.25 miles on treadmill at my warmup pace, some at 0% some at 1%. Skipped Whartons.

Friday 5/1

Core (again with the ow), then bike 25 min. Walked about a mile each way to lunch with a colleague, enjoyed that. Skipped Whartons.

Saturday 5/2 – RUN!

4 recovery pace miles. First run since last Saturday’s 2 miles I cut short due to quad crankiness. Today, just sluggish legs, regular soreness/stiffness one would expect (hello hammies!), nothing new or disturbing or unexplainable. Ran some at 1% which hams didn’t like, some at 0% which upper quads and hip flexors didn’t love. Outer quads feeling resumption of core work. A little tight quad/VMO on right. Definitely out of practice stretching and such, feel all sort of tightened up. Hitting that season where the a/c doesn’t work well enough due to similar outside temp and my runs are too warm: 66-68 degrees, 40+% humidity. Myrtls after.

Sunday 5/3 – RUN!

6 recovery pace miles. Noticed when I got up that I was less stiff and sore than yesterday, yay. Room even warmer, 70 degrees most of the run. Myrtls after.

Both Saturday and Sunday, listened to the most recent Marathon Talk, focused on the London Marathon. My runs were short and the ep was longer than usual, but only getting to listen to one podcast over the whole weekend pained me. I want my mileage back!

However, during my walks and Whartons this week, I listened to other podcasts, including the most recent Cloud259 on Boston (pre-London) which was fun.

I had some tweets with Coach Greg over the weekend where he gave me advice about having a really solid recovery then doing a slow base build (much longer than I’d planned) before going into hills, then a shorter speed module and shortened marathon plan. I’m thinking of trying it, with a few tweaks. He reminded me I’d put my body through a lot of stress with all the training and racing I did last year (and life stress on top of it) and I needed to respect that in the recovery and return to training. I want to hit it really hard, but right now I’m trying to follow the “no rush, no reason to push, when in doubt go easier instead of harder” approach.

When’s your next race, and when do you start training?

I’m glad to be in what I consider the first week of Baystate (and Boston) training, even if it is just some easy and long runs at lower mileage. I really prefer being on a plan, no matter how draft and pencilled in it may be. (I even planned recovery!)




Training Recap – Week of April 7, 2015

How is it possible that in one week, I’ll have run my first Boston Marathon?! I’ve been waiting for so long for this. I can’t believe it’s here and it’s really going to happen. I am so lucky.

Here’s last week’s training – “peaking” week 1

Monday & Friday, core and 20 min bike in the AM. M, Whartons before dinner.

Run: 36 miles

  • T – 8 mi, 3 x 1.25 mi tempo intervals. Light leg exercises (Ohnos, etc.) after run, Whartons before dinner. For no reason I could figure out, I felt great after coming back from chiro. That afternoon/evening, I had the most energy I’d had in WEEKS (maybe months)! I’d love to know what I did or didn’t do so I can repeat it!
  • W – 4mi at recovery pace, with a cranky L ham. Whartons before dinner.
  • Th – 6.2 miles. Disappointed, not the run I’ve been able to do before the last 3 marathons (including one only a couple weeks after Baystate). Not the length or speed planned. Stuck with easy pace as my quads had nothing in them, hams sore. Room warm. HR high at end given pace. Must be that I’m not used to the warmth. The a/c didn’t seem to be doing much, probably too close to outside temp. Chiro was not concerned about any of my leg complaints (had 2 appts this week). Keep repeating “it’s just one bad run” – and I was still able to do a few miles, grateful for that in any case as I know there are many who can’t do it at all. Whartons before dinner.
  • Sat – 13.1 miles with 6 miles at goal pace. Biked 15 min after.


Fueling: Since I was starting earlier than my Boston time (due to important event in afternoon), I didn’t have time to practice the pre-run fueling. 3 FRS chews while warming up, then a Vanilla Bean GU at the start, Vanilla at mile 3, Salted Watermelon at 6, Strawberry Kiwi Roctane at mile 9.

After: 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen, downed within 15 minutes after my run, on the bike, before I did my Myrtl stretches.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep) – co-hosted by inspiring (and funny) “started as a regular runner, now a fastie” (my words) Hannah – who chats about her development in the Training Talk segment. The ep’s guest is Dr. Charles Eugster – the 95 year old whose recent 200 meter world record went viral a few weeks ago. This was a fantastic episode for me to listen to on my last “long” run as Hannah reminded me I CAN get much faster, and Charles so impressed me with his intent and desire to improve and his active life. Interesting to hear his ideas on aging.

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: I know I got warm during the run and I know I spent more time outside (pollen) but I’d still hoped to sleep better since the run wasn’t as long. Not sure it was better, but it was different, in a way that’s becoming familiar. Waking up frequently so very fragmented sleep. Sometimes I can get back to sleep fairly quickly, sometimes not. May have over-hydrated in the evening as I knew I got dehydrated from my jaunt out in the afternoon.

  • Sun – 4.7 miles recovery pace. The room was cooler than yesterday once I gave up on the a/c and opened the window. It was briefly 59, topping out at 61. Listened to Summer Sanders ep of Another Mother Runner.  According to her twitter feed and this article she wrote, she was recently diagnosed with melanoma but I believe the ep was recorded a while back, so it’s not mentioned. The piece is worth reading. (and reminds me that on my post-race to-do list is finding a good dermatologist to check both me and DH) Deena Kastor has also had melanoma, as has our own local Deb and my massage therapist (on her back!). Reminder – May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, but April is often when we start to spend more time outside, running and otherwise. WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Because I doubt that next week at this time, any of us will be interested in what my final week of peaking was, here’s the plan for this week:

Mon: core, bike

Tues: cruise intervals per McMillan (0.65mi fast with short rest, probably 5 of them, plus w/u and c/d)

Wed: core maybe, probably a short easy run

Thurs: leg speed intervals per McMillan (1min fast, 1min jog, 8-10 reps, plus w/u and c/d)

Fri: Shakeout run 5pm (yikes) with Deena Kastor and Bart Yasso. Plenty of fast walking/standing with expo and events once we land around lunch as well as getting groceries from WF. Going to feel strange not doing a short run before we head to the airport, but I think it’s best I don’t.

Sat: OFF Walk some to and from events, will be standing some at expo and other places I imagine, have to keep an eye on that.

Sun: AM shakeout run with Bart Yasso and Elizabeth Comeau (editor of Runners’ World Zelle) Not sure how much walking we’ll do (RunBase maybe?) other than to and from PF Chang’s for lunch/early dinner. I’ll then cocoon myself in the hotel room with my laptop, netflix, kindle and snacks and try to stay as sane as one can in this type of situation….which is to say, try not to annoy my DH more than he can tolerate (he may go for walks), try not to eat everything in the room, and try to get at least a little sleep.

I don’t know if or what I’ll post blog-wise while I’m in Boston. I suspect there will be no posts until I return but I wouldn’t rule out a Weekend Update post on Monday if I need to fill some time on Sunday while “relaxing” in the hotel room.

The best place to keep up with me once we head out on Friday will be twitter. I do not plan on taking my phone to the race, so there will be “radio silence” on twitter from when I leave the hotel until sometime post-race…..but I WILL let you know how it went.

Thanks to all for all your support and encouragement – it HAS helped me and made a difference, please know that and know how much I appreciate it.

Training Recap – Week of March 30, 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks from today, I’ll have run my first Boston Marathon. Wow. Here’s last week’s training:

Run45.3 miles

  • T – 14mi, 12mi at goal pace. Last 3 miles, weird ankle problem threatened again. I got quite warm by the end – 64 in the room. 4 gels.
  • W – 3.1 mi at recovery pace, starting (last!) pair of Adrenaline 13s, the ones I’ll wear for race.
  • Th – 6.2 miles. Not the length or speed planned. Stuck with easy pace as my quads had nothing in them, hams sore. Room warm. HR high at end given pace. Must be that I’m not used to the warmth. The a/c didn’t seem to be doing much, probably too close to outside temp.
  • Sat – 17 mi. Was to be 18, FFLR, but turned out to be 17 with a cooldown mile at the end. Very nervous about cranky left ankle, which did start acting up some in the later miles, not quite sure why it bothers me sometimes and not others. Though sometimes now the ankle just aches a bit. Maybe I’ve jammed something. The chiro will check it again Tuesday. When he saw me Thursday, he reiterated he didn’t note any problem after checking it thoroughly. Maybe I’ve overstressed some of the supporting tissues and that’s just going to need a bit of time. Or it could be that the treadmill is pulling differently now with a stronger motor, newer and tighter belt.

Anyway: 6 miles in 2 mile segments at increasing easy pace, then increased 0.1 each mile for 4 miles, then 6 miles at one of my goal paces, 1 mile cooldown. Did the cooldown mile at 0%. I’m noting “one of my goal paces” as I’ve done goal pace runs at 3 different paces within a 15 second range. I haven’t really decided if I’m going to have a goal pace and if so, which pace it will be. There are pros and cons to each approach.

Schedule: Woke up around 6:30, decided to just get up. Today I used the extra time to try on toss clothes, watch parts of a 100 mile world record attempt (on a track!) as well as catching up on blog reading and twitter and updating my timeline for Boston (from when we land to when we leave, what happens when and where, plans for food, activities, etc.). Twitter was again quite quiet, perhaps holidays and spring break playing a part. Put the guided visualization by Dr. David Asp on my race iPod to test it out. I want to be able to listen to it on the bus or in the Village. Trying for a balance of adrenaline and relaxation when surrounded by thousands of runners all waiting to run Boston – the  amazing, historic, “people’s Olympics” marathon – could be a challenge. I want to be energized and excited, but calm and focused.

Fueling: 7am – 1/2 applesauce with 1/2 scoop Hammer (figured having equal or more g of carbs than protein might be better). Of course, an hour later I started to get really hungry. By 840, almost overwhelming urge to nap – probably reaction to the sugar I ate. Decided to fight it with caffeine and took my 3 FRS chews (60mg total). Decided to try skipping the 2nd serving of applesauce as I felt my blood sugar kind of level out around 930, before I did my visualization, and didn’t want the spike drop again.  May carry just in case but I’ve read (I think from Hammer Nutrition) that all food intake should be either 3-4 hours pre-race or very close to start to avoid this kind of roller coaster. 10:00 – 1 pouch Vespa. After warmup and drills, just before start of run, 1 Vanilla Gu dumped into a Hammer flask with water to the ‘1’ line, a little more water than last week. During run, GUs starting at 3 miles: 3/Vanllla, 6/Salted Watermelon, 9/Salted Caramel, 12/Strawberry Kiwi Roctane, 15/Blueberry Pom Roctane. Total caffeine intake (FRS chews and all gels)155mg, with the last 35mg ingested around 1pm…still not even a Starbucks.

After, 3 SportLegs, 2 Endurolytes and 1 scoop of Ultragen, downed within 15 minutes after my run, before I did my Myrtl stretches.

Used new small size FlipBelt – yes, I now own one in each size – the small may have caused me a tummy ache in the later parts of the run and post-run. Used it for a short run Sunday and had the same issue. Sadly, it fit better/moved less than the medium and didn’t press on my cranky glute mins. Heck of a choice! Will have to make a decision, may try the small on a few more runs and bring both small and medium to the race.

Listened to:

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: Sleep, yes, another not great post-long run night. I even took an extra 1/2 tab of melatonin, but still that “awake” thing. My brain just wouldn’t shut off either, despite my trying to get it into routine thought patters that usually help me sleep. On the plus side, I didn’t get too distressed about it, more annoyed. t think I hydrated well, even took (by accident) extra Endurolytes in the evening. Perhaps I still need to try an ice bath after next Saturday’s run, though it’ll be shorter. At least this time I wasn’t sweating-level warm – could just feel I was warm – and my HR when I was trying to go to sleep was only 54 instead of the 57 or 58 it’s been. (and was back to its usual 48 Sun AM)

  • Sun – 5 miles – After running a 1 mile warmup inside (listening to Runner Academy’s Mastering the Taper episode), I took myself outside for 4 miles! (pleased with myself, would have been easy not to) Nice weather day and figured this might be my last chance before the race to run outside easy here and see some of the blooming flowers and trees (despite my allergies), listen to the birds. I even thought I heard a woodpecker or two. Did a little bit of hills, but not much – my L ham really doesn’t like uphill…most of my legs liked the downhill ok. My ankle seemed to be ok on the run, though it’s ached some on and off since. It almost seems worse for sitting or laying down. Some of it could also be the glute min/outer ham, etc. that runs down the outside of the left leg.

Wore this on my run

Shamrock shirt


Bike: 25 min Mon AM, 25 min F AM
Core: M, F
Arms: just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex: M, W, F
Chiro exercises
Coach Jay GSM routine: 
Walk: 15 min before runs
Drills: before runs except Sunday
Other: Chiro Tues and Th, massage Saturday. Pollen counts are up.

Do you peak or taper? Love the last 2 weeks before a race, or find them a struggle, no matter what we call them?

Here’s my post full of resources and tips, to help you get through the #tapermadness

Do you have #tapermadness or #tapertantrums? (need a peak version – “peak perturbation” perhaps?) 

I already had a bit of “peaking” weirdness on Monday (2 wks out) for no real reason….really hard to pay attention at work or even read short online articles. Much to do and not enough focus to do it, like I’m flitting from one thing to another. To dos include updating my race weekend timeline, packing list, possible restaurant list, playlist, and other such helpful documents as well as unpacking old suitcases so they can be used and starting to make piles of things that will make the trip. Work is likely to be busy the few days I’m in next week – they apparently didn’t get the memo that I wasn’t likely to be all that productive or useful as the race approaches….but I’ll do what I can.


Training Recap – Week of March 23, 2015

Here’s last week’s training:

Run: 43.6 miles, on the low side.

  • T – 9 mi. Was to be 30-45 min tempo. But no. 3 mi increasing pace w/u, Caramel Macchiato gel, 2mi tempo pace. Quite hard on legs, cardio. Did a recovery mile, started to try 1/4 mi repeats at tempo pace, said no, rest at easy/recovery pace. HR 140? Legs hurt. Feels like no speed, power.
  • W – 3.1 mi at recovery pace. Tried to do some strides at end and hamstring said no way.
  • Th – 8 in “easy” pace zone which felt hard. (bad stomach overnight, lost a couple of hours of sleep, maybe got 5) High HR at end. Room was warm and humid (64 degrees 30+% humidity – race day could be like that) Too many possible causes to nail one down.
  • Sat – 18.5 miles (was to be either 20-24 or 24-28 at long run pace, depending on which McMillan plan you follow, 4-5d/wk or 6-7d/wk). I thought about just doing this easy, but decided to try to get some goal pace in (still trying to find that goal pace for Boston, chose one that was just at the top of the rx’d pace). So: 3mi warmup in pace zone, then 12mi goal pace.

Schedule: Was going to get up at 5 and do a full schedule, but my Passport tells me I don’t have to be at the buses till 7:55 so I caught some more sleep after DH left in the wee dark hours for his race. At this point, trying to grab all the sleep I can get. Bus ride (assuming I get on the first couple) puts me in the Athletes’ Village 9-ish (probably snack on bus) with some time to get through portajohn lines (at least once, hoping twice) before we have to leave the Village (10:15) to walk the 0.7 miles to the start line. All very organized, done in order by wave and corral. My wave starts 10:50, but since I’m corral 6, I expect I’ll start 10:55 or so (anyone with experience/knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong please!) I used the time in the morning to catch up on blogs and the remarkably silent twitter (lots of folks were racing yesterday) as well as make lodging plans for Beach to Beacon and listen to a guided visualization by Dr. David Asp, while I was doing legs up the wall. I may actually put it on my iPod with my race music so I can listen to it on the bus or in the Village – assuming I can figure out how to do so in a way that doesn’t screw up my music!

Fueling: (run started closer to 11:30, warmup started ~11) 7:35 1/2c applesauce with 1 scoop Hammer plain whey protein. (hungry at 815, and continued to get hungrier!). 9:45 squeeze packet of applesauce & 5MAP for protein (a few sips of water) and 3 FRS chews – all things portable on the bus to eat there or in Hopkinton 10:30 1 pouch Vespa. After warmup and drills, just before start of run, 1 Vanilla Gu dumped into a Hammer flask with water to the ‘1″ line – thought this might work well to carry to the very start. It was still sweet and thick and made me a bit thirsty. May need to add a bit more water but not too much! (no water on course till mile 2) During run, GUs starting at 3 miles, mixing up flavors a bit: 3/Vanllla, 6/Salted Watermelon, 9/Salted Caramel, 12/Strawberry Kiwi Roctane, 15 Salted Caramel. (plan was 18/Blueberry Pom Roctane, 21 Caramel Macchiato, 24 Jet Blackberry)

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep) with Adharanand Finn, author of Running with the Kenyans (which I just finished re-reading) and the new book The Way of the Runner (about Japanese running) which doesn’t yet have a US publisher. I almost ordered the book from Waterstone’s in the UK, but shipping costs more than the book!
  • Runners Connect episode with Alex Hutchinson on supplements and miscellaneous running info
  • Part of the DizRuns episode with my fave Mike Wardian (from last year, was saving it for a tough day as I love listening to Mike) – only part because I didn’t go as long as I’d planned.

Sleep, core temp, and hydration: Was was too cold after run (got the room down into the 40s), so took an Epsom salt bath and shower. Took Tylenol as a preventive against elevated core temp. Didn’t get that warm but also didn’t have any appetite or thirst. May not have done a great job hydrating. Yet another bad night of sleep post long run – 6th week in a row. I really think it has something to do with the late start/finish and possibly the caffeinated gels. But it’s not helping my recovery! I slept 10-11, then I was AWAKE with legs twitching, thoughts racing, and a HR of 56 until 2am, when I dozed until my pill alarm at 3am. Was able to go back to sleep until 5, then doze till 6. So that’s 5-ish hours of sleep, in 1-2 hour chunks. Gotta think that’s sub-optimal.

  • Sun – 5 recovery pace miles. I was quite worried about my R calf and L ankle. Very cold out, ran inside. The calf got better as I went along before it got crankier at the end, not surprising. The ankle held up, but I have some discomfort on the outer top of my L foot, from ankle down to toes. Probably yanked some stuff.

Finished up the DizRuns Mike Wardian podcast from yesterday, and listened to Bernard Lagat episode on Babbittville before the Carlsbad 5000.

Bike: 20 min Mon AM, 30 min Mon PM, 15 min F AM, 24 min after long run Sat
Core: M, a few moves on Friday (twangy R knee said no to planks)
Arms: just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex: T (so bad about this this week – it was a very tough week in some ways)
Chiro exercises: Th
Coach Jay GSM routine: Th
Walk: 15 min before runs
Drills: before runs except Sunday
Other: Chiro Tues and Fri, massage Sunday.

How long till your next race? How’s your training going? 


Training Recap – Week of March 16, 2015

We’re now inside one month to Boston. Still struggling with sleep, mojo, joy, enthusiasm, as well as the physical. Here’s last week’s training:

Run37.5 miles (really not happy about the mileage, this is the lowest week in the training cycle, lower even than when the treadmill broke! trying to remember priority not mpw, but consistency, quality and getting to the start healthy – mpw less important than days to race)

  • T – 10 mi. Was to be 3-5 mi tempo race. 3-3.5 warming up, took a gel, then 1mi tempo pace – felt HARD, lots of cardio and leg effort, pulled back to slower speed for 0.5mi, another mi at tempo pace, then said the heck with it and ran the rest easy pace, last 3mi at 0% for downhill. Pretty demoralizing. Questioning if I just don’t have the “will to suffer” right now.
  • W – 2mi. I messed around online sending an email asking a training question and blew all my time (an in office day, so constrained in the AM). 10 min walk, 2mi easy. Legs sore-ish.
  • Th – 7.5mi. Fartlek run. FINALLY, a workout I was able to complete decently! 3 mi warmup, then 1min on at target pace/1min off (about 3.5mi), and cooldown. Was shorter overall than I’d like, but got the planned workout done. (I’d usually add more cooldown easy miles just to rack some up – as I had to get cleaned up to go see the ENT nurse practitioner.)
  • Sat – 18mi: first 9 miles included recovery and easy pace, increasing pace every mile or two. Then 7.4 miles at goal pace, 1.6 miles at easy pace (didn’t do any hills the last 1.6). Original plan (which I wrote, off McMillan) 16-20 with last 6-8 at goal pace. Then I decided I wanted 21-22 with last 12 at goal pace. (yes, I’m doing that to myself) So I guess I got close to the original plan….somewhat disappointed of course (I’d already done 9mi at goal pace in a prior long run) but I suppose it’s close enough to plan. I might have been able to go more, but my legs were hurting and it was hot, and I just decided not to.

Schedule: I “slept in” again…if you call waking up at 6:45 sleeping in. Started my run at 11am. (wave start is 10:50, I’m in corral 6, and I figured it’s got to take 1-1.5 minutes to move a corral through the start, given a wave is 7500 people, corrals must be close to 1000 people)

Fueling: Changed my pre-run fueling a little bit. At 3 hours 15 minutes before the run, took my supplements and BeetElite (I may skip that on race day as it’s best taken 30-60 minutes before the run and most effective 3h after ingestion). Today, 3 hours before the run I had about 1/2c of applesauce (one of the individual cups you can buy) with 1/2 scoop of plain Hammer Whey – so about 100 calories, 9g of protein and a little sugar. I’ve had this concoction before a second run of the day (the few I’ve done) and it sat okay, so I decided to try it. Half an hour later I had my 3 FRS chews (60mg caffeine) and a couple sips of decaf tea and water. 45 minutes before the run, took Vespa. Fueled with GU: Vanilla Bean at the start, Vanilla Bean at mi 3, then Salted Caramel mi 6, Vanilla Bean mi 9, Straw-Kiwi Roctane mi 12, Salted Watermelon mi 15 (been craving fruitier gels). Caffeine from gels: 100mg. (SKR has none) Total caffeine 160mg, less than an 8 ounce Starbucks brewed coffee. I think adding the gel at the start helped. The first 3 miles felt less slog-gy than in past runs.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk (latest ep)
  • To burn some time as I expected to run longer than I wound up doing, I re-listened to part of an old Runners Connect podcast episode with Lisa Rainsberger, the last American women’s winner of the Boston Marathon – I’d listened to it a while ago (I recall pool running while listening) but thought it might be interesting to listen again now that I’ve read her book (and she’ll be at the Expo!). As Boston approaches with at least a couple of American women (ShalaneDesi) having decent chances at the win, Rainsberger’s comments on Shalane’s approach last year and how she thinks the race might be won are very interesting. (A Gary Cohen interview with her is here…did you read his recent interview with Kathrine Switzer or his interview with Shalane Flanagan?)
  • Endurance Planet – I wanted to listen to at least the first part of the latest ATC, since Lucho & Tawnee were attempting to help me get past my current burnt out state. I’m definitely considering their suggestions, the ones that might work for me (vacation and trail run not in the cards right now). I appreciate their time and coach wisdom. (Bummed that there’ll be a while till the next ATC ep since they’re both taking trips – hope they have fun!)

The streak continues….Could NOT sleep. Worst post long run night yet. Thinking it’s a combo of the caffeine from gels hitting me later in the day (though I don’t get much boost from caff tea in the morning!) and higher core temp. Should have taken Tylenol in the evening when my face felt warm, but I was hoping it would go away. At 2am, though my BP was fine, my HR was 58, way too high for me at sleep time. So I didn’t get much sleep until after 3 or 4 am (and was awake by 7) and what I did get was really broken. This is not helping my recovery, mood or struggle to get my head in a good place. I’m thinking next week, after my bike after my long run, maybe trying an ice bath. I’ve never been a fan of them because I get cold so easily (and now the wisdom seems to be that they don’t help recovery, you need the inflammatory response) but if it lowered my core temp and got me better sleep, maybe that’d be worth it. Got suggestions from tweeps Sunday that I might have gotten dehydrated, which could explain core temp and other things, so I drank electrolyte drink on Sunday and will try to keep an eye on that.

  • Sun – I didn’t run. Yep, you read that right. I got up, managed – with great mental effort – to get myself dressed to run outside and start my walking warmup on the treadmill. And I just wasn’t feeling it. Sore, tired. Walked for 30 minutes and called it a day. I was thinking of Lucho and Tawnee’s advice, as well as McMillan’s tweet to me a while back of getting to the start 100% healthy and happy (or as close as I can get to that). Despite the soreness, fatigue, and down mood, it was still hard not to beat myself up about not running. It’s absolutely what I would have told someone else to do (if someone asked me) and seems to be in line with the expert wisdom. So, we’ll hope. There’s not really much more I can get in terms of speed at this point in my training, and I’m reasonably confident that barring surprises, my training will allow me to finish the race (pace and how I feel is the real question), Right now, it’s all about making me feel good – body and mind/soul – before Boston.

Bike: 15 min Monday, 30 min Friday, 25 min post-run Sat
Core: M & F – can tell I’m getting wimpier, not stronger. Extra ham work on Friday.
Arms: just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex: T, Th, F
Chiro exercises: Tues & Th Ohnos, leapfrogs, single/double leg squats
Coach Jay GSM routine:  Tues & Th LC #1, Myrtls after. Also did Myrtls after run Sat.
Walk: 15 min before runs (except W) plus 30 minutes on Sunday
Drills: before runs (except W)
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sunday. My MT seems to have worked some magic (knock wood) on my cranky L ham and glute mins – since the appointment (it’s Monday night now), those unhappy bits are less unhappy than they have been in weeks. Fingers crossed.

Update on the ear/sinus thing…long story short, no infection (yay), some sort of abrasion in the ear canal which will heal on its own. Talked to the ENT nurse practitioner about allergies, which she thinks are responsible for the feeling of fullness in my ears and odd sound of hearing (no fluid detected in multiple tests). She suggested a bunch of different med approaches, including new nasal sprays I wasn’t aware of. I’m loath to change much before the race, but I did stop my evening Benadryl (she said she’d personally had mood side effects from it and had patients reporting cardiac side effects) and added another children’s dose Allegra at dinnertime. (may have to go back to the half Benadryl I was taking though if it helps me sleep!) I’m still only taking 1/3 the recommended adult dose. Figuring this out is one more to-do for the post-race list, which is long. Don’t want too many changes pre-race unless they’re definite improvements!

Am I the only one who – at some point 4-6 weeks pre-race – starts saying “that can wait until after the race”?

How long till your next race? How’s your training going? 


Training Recap – Week of March 9, 2015

Less than 5 weeks to go.

Thursday night, our bib number and start times (wave) and corral info was released. I’ll start at 10:50 AM ET, wave 3, corral 6. Knowing this enabled me to start my Saturday long run at that time to try to get my body a little more accustomed to later starts. More on that below.

Not a great training week. Very low energy, sore legs, very cranky glute mins and hams (esp the L). Kept backing off planned workouts trying to give my body more time to recover, but not sure how much recovery is happening. DST is not my friend, messing with my already troublesome sleep patterns and amounts. (I know, people like it light later, but for me, it’s harder to get to sleep as early as I need and harder to get up in the AM.) My allergies may also be kicking in. Trying not to let this all mess with my head, but struggling with it. Let’s hope next week is much better!

Run: 48.75 miles (below 50, not happy about that, but trying to remember priority not mpw, but consistency, quality and getting to the start healthy)

  • T – 11mi. This is usually my tempo/goal pace run day. Not this week. 4×0.5mi at lower speeds to warm up, increased pace 0.1 for each of next 2 miles, then cut it back 0.1 to finish the rest. HR up to 140. Much more humid even though the room didn’t hit 60. Hams did improve on run. At mile 6, I got a brief energy spike, felt good. Maybe switching to fat burning? Did feel lower energy by about 6.5 but took no gel.
  • W – 5mi: 3 speeds in recovery/ez pace zone. Left ham not good then got better – depends on gait or where I push from? Still too sting-y. Very low energy day.
  • Th – 7mi moving through ez pace zone. Was to be either 90-105 min in ez zone or 50-60min steady state. Turned out to be a shorter run in ez pace. Felt glutes, fatigue, flat legs. No point in pushing distance or pace today. Apparently body has decided this is a cutback week in terms of miles & speedwork. Boo. Hope being smart now gets me something in the end. Slept really poorly last night. First run of year with a/c on and windows open. Still too warm though it helped.
  • Sat – 21mi: 1st mile w/u, then increased pace 0.1 every 3mi, up until mile 19, when I got a horrible stitch in my upper right abdomen. I decided to cut back the pace a little while I tried to work through it by exhaling when my left foot hit – which eventually worked – but it hurt so badly that at 19.75 I cut back even further, to my recovery pace, for the last 1.25 miles. Still got to mile 21 (past Heartbreak Hill). Frustrated as I wanted 23 miles. Probably could have continued but my legs were hurting when I started (not much worse when I finished) and I decided I knew I could run those miles, so there was no point pushing it further. Save the miles for another day (preserve my ability to do future training and get to the start line healthy). This was the warmest run I’ve had this year/training cycle certainly, and the warmest in a very long time. I had the window open, 4 fans blowing right on me AND the a/c on. Whether it was from the outside temp, the increased humidity (it rained) or the time of day, by the time I was done, the room temp was 66 degrees (across the room from the treadmill so probably warmer where I was) and 50% humidity. So it felt like 86+….I was hot and poured water on my head, down my front and back, and splashed my face. Not more than I drank but more than usual. I think I got somewhat dehydrated though.

Schedule: I “slept in” – which is not the schedule for race day – though I slept poorly and was just laying there awake for quite a while. Ate half a Hammer bar with my BeetElite at 8:45 or so, 2 hours before running. This may have been poor timing and could have caused my stitch. I’ve read that eating 3+ hour before is best. I’ll have to try that next week. Alternatively, I may just have to go from wakeup (probably 5am) through getting to the buses, out to Hopkinton and through the wait to the start without fuel. Yesterday I felt like I could have done it, and race day adrenaline might help. Not sure it’s a great idea, but it might beat the stitch. I’ve only had a stitch once before in recent years, a few weeks ago in a 14 miler, after a 3x3mile goal pace workout, and it was much milder. (no commonality between the two runs or eating before/during that I can find) I took Vespa at 10am and my FRS chews just before I started (another difference, but doubt that’s problematic). GU: Vanilla Bean mi 4, then Salted Caramel mi 8, Vanilla Bean mi 12, Straw-Kiwi Roctane mi 15.5. Need to start practicing taking a Vanilla or my EFS at the start.

The theme for my podcast listening turned out to be mental health, struggling and balancing running with life.

Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk – the latest episode has an interview with Rohan Kallicharan, who talked very frankly and openly about his bipolar disorder and how running has helped him. When he started running, he was quite overweight and never trained outside because of it. He’s now not only in shape and chasing a sub 3:15 marathon, he’s running races to support mental health charities in the UK and training others. It’s well worth listening to. In the Training Talk segment, Tom Williams, one of the two hosts of the podcasts, talked about his struggles in training for the Comrades Marathon, which he’ll be running with his wife Helen (his dad was to run with them also, but has been injured). Tom’s kids have had chicken pox and he’s been working a lot of hours. He talked about how little mileage he’s been running, and how the life demands on his time and energy cause less/poor sleep, poorer nutrition choices, and how that sort of spirals and feeds on itself. He considers pulling out of Comrades and gets support and suggestions from others. I won’t spoil his decision, listen for yourself. I found it nice to hear about someone else’s difficulties – not that I want anyone else to have difficulties! – as I can relate and it made me feel a little better.
  • UltraRunner Podcast – Eric Schranz talks to addiction specialist (and runner) Dr. Drew Mikita about ultrarunning/running and addiction. Eric also shares that he’s recently had to make some fairly major changes with respect to his running and racing due to some stress in his family. Again, very candid and talking about issues many of us may face.

We’re up to 4 weeks of poor sleep on long run nights now. Last night was a tossing/turning kind of night, just couldn’t fall asleep and then stay asleep. I feel like I was awake more than asleep, and was REALLY awake 3-4:30 or so. Got some decent sleep between 4:30 and 6:30, though a bunch of strange dreams.

  • Sun – 4.75 mi: 1.5mi inside on the treadmill to warm up. This run – even getting dressed for it – was mind over matter. Almost bagged it during the treadmill run. Hams and glutes cranky, but left ITB pretty loud. Then walked outside to Shamrock-like wind gusts, almost turned around again. Got halfway down the block and the ITB really cranked and I almost stopped, thinking “no one would blame me”. But somehow I convinced myself to keep going. There were probably 3 more points during the run where I thought “I could just go home now” but I did the run I planned. It starts with a short very steep uphill, to a block of flat, then a gentle half mile downhill I really like (less fond of coming back uphill), then a shorter steeper downhill for two blocks (where for the first time, wind took my hat off my head and I had to stop to go get it) and return back up that hill for a block of flat then ending with the very steep downhill I’d run up at the start, plus another half or 3/4 mile of flat around the neighborhood. The pace was a few seconds slower than my slowest recovery pace should be, but I decided that was fine. I didn’t really hurt any more after than before (not really any less either), so probably okay that I did it and good that I stopped when I did.

Bike: 30 min M, 30min F, 25min Sat
Core: M & F
Arms: just what I get via core (plank) work, arms are totally wimpy again
Wharton flex: M-F, a little better getting 5 out of 7 days
Chiro exercises: Tues 2 wimpy Ohnos instead of 6. Some single and double leg squats, some deadlifts. Too sore Th.
Coach Jay GSM routine:  Tues LC #1, Myrtls after. Also did Myrtls after run Sat.
Other leg/body strength: none
Calf stretches: doing most days, but trigger point seems to help more than stretches
Walk: 15 min before runs plus an extra 1.75mi to break in the new treadmill belt on Monday and a walk to/from library on Thursday.
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sunday, trigger point and rolling during the week, plenty of e-stim Friday, Saturday and Sunday

How long till your next race? How’s your training going? 

Training Recap – Week of March 2, 2015

Less than 6 weeks to go. Friday we’ll get to find out our bib numbers and wave/corral start times.

Run: 52.7 miles – again over 50, hanging in there.

  • T – 16 for the day. AM: 14mi with 3x3mi at MGP. After work, did a quick 10 min walk and 2 easy recovery pace miles.
  • W – 4.5 miles, mostly easy, but threw in a fast 1 minute each mile to remind the legs “we do this” (read on Nate Jenkinsblog)
  • Th – 8mi with 5mi at steady state pace. Was to be either steady state or FR. Pushing it a bit with steady state, probably, as perhaps Saturday shows. (Tues was to be tempo, but I felt like I HAD to get that MGP run, was really bugging me…so may have loaded the legs a bit.)
  • Sat – 21mi: repeatedly increased pace, last 9 at a possible goal pace – but it’s 20s slower per mile than what I did my 3×3 at on Tuesday. (maybe my legs were just tired?) Again, doing 21 to make sure I get that 5% hill just after mile 20 as many times as I can before the race. This wasn’t easy, and I keep pulling the possible goal pace back. There was one point at during the increasing pace segments (went up 0.1 per mile for a bit, then 0.1 for two miles in the run up to 12) that I felt “I could probably hold this for the whole race” but that’s roughly my Shamrock pace. Still trying to push harder. I was distressed that I wound up “having to” (felt like) break up Heartbreak Hill, for the first time. Ran 0.15 of it and just felt way too hard, backed of for 0.2 then took it back up to 5% for the other 0.15. DH (rightly?) gave me a hard time in the evening when I was “debriefing” my run and expressing my frustration with selecting a goal pace. He said “you know it’s going to vary depending on whether you’re going up or down hill” and I said I realized that (I think the phrase is “run even effort, not even pace”) but that my body will decide on race day how much it slows down or speeds up, I can’t predict it. So I try to run the course (inclines and 0%) at even pace rather than figure out how much to adjust – believe me, it’s enough mental work to stay focused on the spreadsheet and keep messing with the incline. To which he threw up his hands and said something like “well OF COURSE it was hard if you were trying to run a 5% incline at goal pace at the end of a 21 miler where you’ve already run 8mi at goal pace!!” Oh. He could be right. But it’s the first time I felt I needed to ease back and of course that’s going to bother me.

This Saturday I wanted to mimic more of the Boston schedule, so I aimed to start my run at 10 am though I was up around 7. Ate half a Hammer bar with my BeetElite at 7:45 (I was hungry again at 8:45). Vespa at 9:15 and my FRS chews. GU every 3mi: Vanilla Bean GU mi 3, then Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Straw-Kiwi Roctane, Salted Caramel, Blue-Pom Roctane. Starting to think about whether I should try to bring EFS in a flask with water to take at the start (or maybe mix a Vanilla GU with water in the flask) to make sure I’m properly fueled at the start. Could also do the same thing with BeetElite, which is supposed to be taken no more than 60 minutes before starting – but the Vespa is liquid, and I don’t want to load too much. I plan to stop drinking any quantity (other than a mouthful or two at the start) as far ahead as possible given there’s no way there can be enough portajohns for 30,000 runners, especially if one of them is me. Only a few more times to play with this. Listened to:

  • Marathon Talk – among other fun, interview with a 21 year old British XC champ 
  • Trail Runner Nation with famous ultrarunner Pam Reed who is still racing amazingly well at 54. (role model!) She’s won Badwater 135 outright (beating my fave Dean Karnazes IIRC) and recently completed Arrowhead 135. She has more ultras and Ironman triathlons on her calendar this year as well as RD’ing the Tuscon Marathon (for many years) and holding a nice time at Boston! I read her book a couple of years ago, and I think this is her first podcast (or the first I’m aware of).

Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it. Was much warmer in room (upper 50s, couldn’t get it colder) so I got hot – hot enough I never had to use my teeth to open a gel and all the ice in my water bottle melted, was barely cool by the time I was done.

Didn’t sleep well again Saturday night. (3rd week in a row!)

  • Sun – 3.2 miles, 1 mile inside warming up then 2.2 miles outside with the intent to do hill repeats. Felt decent enough on the walk and warmup mile. Didn’t quite realize how tired I was. Real limiter was ice/snow on streets and sidewalks. I was having to do all sorts of cuts up and down places I don’t usually run, and was concerned about not seeing small patches of ice. Took a lot of mental concentration and then when I did my two downhill reps, could feel I wasn’t really controlling my legs well enough, so headed home.

Bike: 60 min M, 45min F
Core: M & F
Arms: nope, just what I get via core (plank) work
Wharton flex:T, W, F 
Chiro exercises: Tuesday & Thursday! 
Coach Jay GSM routine: Tuesday & Thursday! Also did Myrtls after run Sat.
Other leg/body strength: know I threw in hamstring curls on the ball once if not twice, wore weight vest a couple hours Monday
Calf stretches: doing most days, but trigger point seems to help more than stretches
Walk: 15 min before runs (except Sunday, when it was 10 minutes)
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues, massage Sunday, some trigger point and rolling during the week

Hope your training is going well, have a great week!

Training Recap – Week of Feb. 23, 2015

Less than 7 weeks to Boston. By the end of the week, I bet AccuWeather will have a preliminary forecast up. (which I know I shouldn’t even look at, but you know I will)

Run: 53.1 miles – again over 50. While not perfect in terms of the runs within the mpw, I’ll still take it.

  • T – 12mi. Wanted this to be the 3x3mi MGP session I’ve been having trouble hitting. (it wasn’t) 2mi w/u then 3mi MGP, 0.75 recovery, started next set and did 1mi at MGP, felt like my legs were not recovered enough to pull off the workout. So I tried to figure out something useful to do with the rest of the time/miles. I backed off to an ez/recovery pace and did 1.5mi at 1% incline, then 0.5 at 0%. Then I did half mile hills – 0.5mi at 2%/0%, 3%/0%, 3%/0%, 2%/0%. So at least some hill work, but a frustrating workout since I still haven’t hit that one session. 2 gels during the run, before each set at MGP. In the late afternoon, I walked at an easy pace on the treadmill with a 3% incline (not exactly the workout I’d read on Competitor’s site, but enough to feel it, flush the legs and break a sweat). However, that may not have been a great idea as the next day I woke up with pain in both posterior tibs (PTTs). Ack.
  • W – Easy/recovery 3.1 miles. The posterior tib pain was on ANY dorsiflexion or even squatting – but less so when running than any other time. DH was teleworking and so got to hear me worrying about it after my run and asked “if it hurt, why did you run?” I looked at him kind of like “duh”. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment with my chiro on Thursday, and it improved some during the day on Wednesday – whether it would have on its own or it was the Traumeel and compression socks, I don’t know (and don’t care, I’ll do whatever).
  • Th – 10 miles. Plan was either steady state pace range or easy pace range – I went with easy (grumble grumble). That said, I increased the speed every mile and ran the last 4 pretty hard, talking myself into each mile by telling myself I could stop at the end of that mile and then convincing myself to just start the next mile and see how it went. The head games I play with myself….still was one of those runs that felt harder than I think it should have, and my HR was a little higher than I’d expected at the end. The PTTs really hurt afterward, but some extra painful ART and Graston at the chiro along with some e-stim and more ART fixed it up, as he said it would. He thinks it’s me adjusting to the fresh pair of shoes – even though they have more support, my body is used to the prior pair. I’ll go with that explanation.
  • Sat – 21 miles (making sure I get that 5% hill just after mile 20 as many times as I can before the race) 1mi w/u, 5mi increasing through easy pace zone. Then 2x (4mi at MGP, 1mi ez). Wanted a 3rd set, as I’ve still yet to hit the 3x3mi at MGP that I need do, but I started the next set and did 0.3 mi at MGP and it felt really hard, so I ran 0.7 at ez pace. Then I thought about throwing in some half-mile repeats (~800s) which I’d heard Lucho mention, so I did did 0.5 at MGP, 0.5 ez. Then I decided I was too tired, doing the hills at pace was really wearing me down, did the last 3 miles at ez pace. HR at end was fine, maybe 4bpm higher than I’d really like, but certainly acceptable.I was a little off schedule as I needed to start earlier so I could be done earlier and get ready for my sister’s visit. So my head wasn’t organized enough first thing in the morning to do all the dry run pre-fueling. Wound up skipping the Hammer Bar and just going with FRS chews and BeetElite 60-90 minutes before, then Vespa 45 min before (initial irritation to hernia/GI area but improved). Took only 3 gels on the run, possibly should have taken more. Vanilla Bean GU mi 5.5 (before 1st 4mi set), Salted Caramel mi 10.5 (before 2nd set), Blue-Pom Roctane 15.5 (before what would have been 3rd set). Listened to:

    Wore the medium FlipBelt, 10 gels in it. Noticing that it starts to ride up a bit above the waistband of my shorts, a little annoying. (not as annoying as figuring out that The North Face has discontinued my fave shorts, but that’s another story) I keep pulling it down a bit. Not sure why it’s happening, thought the medium would be tighter and the gel weight would take care of it. Got the first packet open with hands, after that it was teeth again.

Didn’t sleep well again Saturday night. Slept soundly when I did sleep, but every time I woke up (which is about every 2h) it took longer to get back to sleep. After my 3am pills it was easily 20min to half an hour before I was back asleep. Again tested my BP and HR with my little monitor to make sure all was ok (it was, 100/59 and 53 respectively, though it sure FELT like my heart was going too fast). I’d felt warm enough Saturday night that I took acetaminophen just “in case” something was up, but I really think it’s got to do with hard long runs since it happened last week. I really “got” Beth’s post this week on “9 Reasons It Might Be Hard to Sleep After Your Long Race/Run“. I’ve had similar problems in the past, but not as consistently.

  • Sun – 7 easy recovery miles on the treadmill. Had wanted to go outside to do some hill work, but we started getting ice pellets/sleet so not worth the risk. Decent run, certainly better than I expected given how wiped out I was by dinnertime yesterday. (I think some of that was that I didn’t eat as I normally did post-run, not knowing meal plans with my sister and then got way past the point where I’d needed food) My L ham was the crankiest part, no surprise there, usual complaints from hips, glutes, hams. Last mile, my right knee was a bit off, probably due to lack of strength work of late. (time to remedy that) I did notice a little “pinch” (only way I can describe it) above my left hip bone near the spine in the rear, but my lower back and neck feel a little tight. Some stretching should help, and if nothing else, my chiro will hear about on Tuesday if needed. Listened to the amazing new ultrarunner Caroline Boller on UltraRunnerPodcast. Caroline is winning races and only started running in 2013 and dropped 1h+ from her first to her second marathon. I subscribe to her blog but haven’t read all the back entries yet, maybe there’s detail there. Guarantee you my last meal would be different than hers!

Bike: 30 min M & F
Core: M & F
Arms: nope
Wharton flex:T, W, F 
Chiro exercises: none
Coach Jay GSM routine: nope but did Myrtls after runs Sat, Sun
Other leg/body strength: 
Calf stretches: doing most days, but trigger point seems to help more than stretches
Walk: 15 min before runs, plus that 15min at 3% on Monday
Drills: before runs
Other: Chiro Tues AND Thurs (panic appt, he of course fixed it AND talked me down), massage was cancelled (but I got to rest)

Hope your training is going well, have a great week!