16 Things I’m Grateful for from 2016….in no particular order

  1. DH and I, my sis, her hubs, and DH’s family all are still alive (knocking wood) despite some scares and ongoing issues.
  2. DH. For so many reasons, including his truly amazing support of me even as he is going through tough stuff himself. So lucky.
  3. My tweeps and IG buds (and those I read/chat with via blog or other means). You’ve been of such support, comfort, and encouragement, as well as introducing me to amazing new folks, showing me new and beautiful places, sharing your lives and journey and struggles, making me laugh. Know you’ve made a difference in my life, and some of you are truly friends.
  4. Still have a good job, good boss.
  5. Still have a home, all the amazing “don’t want to take for granted”s of a first world life with a good job and safe place to live – access to & ability to pay for indoor plumbing, clean water, yummy and high quality food, heating/cooling, electricity (internet!), a washer and dryer and dishwasher, my own transportation.
  6. Still have access to & ability to pay for health and dental care (and insurance!), which is essential to my continued existence and hopefully will improve my situation and help address my physical challenges.
  7. Books, blogs, magazines, everything I can and do read in any medium or form – reading is essential to my mental and physical well-being. Thanks to all who write, edit, publish, and share.
  8. I am still running and still have running goals and dreams I am pursuing. (and trusty treadmill gets many thanks from me and some from DH) Also, parkrun!
  9. Podcasts and all those I meet through them, the communities some of them have built, and the opportunity to be a part of those communities. Some podcasts and guests have really had an influence on me, and have made me think and try to change myself and  things in my life. I deeply appreciate all who help me move toward the me I want to be, the best version of myself.
  10. Every person who’s tried to help me – by reaching out, by answering a question or comment, by responding to a tweet. Thank you.
  11. Everything that was beautiful or lifted my heart or soothed my soul or made me smile, grin, snort or LOL, even for a moment. Fairy lights, puppies, flowers, the sky, favorite music, Bob the tinsel reindeer, Stonehenge photospuns or funny pics/sayings, memories, blooming Christmas cactus.

    Christmas cactus!

  12. The opportunities and ability to help others.
  13. All the people I have learned from, whether we’ve ever met or not. This year, I found a lot of people sharing their stories one way or another and many really resonated with me. The feelings of “it’s not just me, I’m not alone” and of connectedness is very important in my life, and I think important to us all as humans. Inspiration, motivation, attitude, mindset, new dreams, ideas, interests – however they come to me, those sparks are wonderfully welcome!
  14. Being spoiled for choice in the abundance of what I have, can do, and the opportunities I have. Not everything may be possible for me, but many things are. Learning more and more – and struggling with some days more than others – the truth that I can’t control the cards I’ve been dealt, but I can play the heck out of the hand I’ve been given, and find happiness, joy, and purpose in that – and maybe even have some fun. Thanks too, to all the people living their lives this way who I’ve found this year – I draw strength, inspiration, motivation, guidance, insight, and perspective from your examples and wisdom.

    via Adrianne Haslet on IG

  15. Noticing and enjoying the “little” things – the taste of my toothpaste in the morning, the sweetness of my tea, the softness of a bed sheet, the feel of water on my hands when washing dishes, the scent of DH’s coffee brewing, the sight of the sunrise, the soreness of muscles well-used after a run, the song of the birds in the bushes outside.
  16. Good people in the world doing good things for others and for all of us, and for chances to support their efforts.

Bonus 17th for 2017:

Hope, and the amazing good fortune to be able to try again – with the next breath, the next moment, the next choice.

Some of my favorite hashtags of the year – a couple of which I created.

#DentedButUndaunted #NoWinTooSmall #ChooseJoy #solucky #grateful 

Enjoy the journey.

Celebrate every bit of progress.

Cultivate unbridled enthusiasm.

Savor the gift of the present moment……it’s all there is.

May 2017 bring you and yours health, love, laughter, community, new goals and dreams, and the chance to pursue them. Wishing you all the best.

Wake up. Choose gratitude. Practice joy. Repeat.