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Thankful before 2016 Boston Marathon

Late in posting due to work, travel prep, etc….but know there’s been a lot I’ve been thankful for since my last post!

  • Telework
  • Being smart in choosing my taper workouts
  • Hearing 1 or 2 brand new-to-me bird songs Saturday morning while waiting to start my run – what a delight!
  • The song Unstoppable, created for Boston by Devin Ferreira – which now starts my race playlist (avail in itunes)
  • Sunshine
  • Caff gum
  • The help and support of DH
  • Reminder via Lauren Bailey of choosing joy – legs worked, lungs pumped.
  • My sis had a bunch of tests that came back negative, yay!
  • Colleague who was trying to get guardianship of a troubled teen is now on her way to pick up said teen from another state (situation got worse)….thankful for people like my colleague, and that the teen will now have someone on her side to help her
  • Helpful mind/life books
  • Your support, my blog readers and tweeps! Send good vibes for a strong, speedy, happy race my way Monday!
  • Podcasts
  • I have been given the gifts to be able to do the work to earn the privilege of standing on the start line of the Boston Marathon for the second time
  • I am healthy and trained – I’m going to do my best on the day, grateful for the opportunity
  • Inspiring people who will be running Boston – like John Young, Adrianne Haslet-Davis, Dan Berlin, and so many more I will never know about. Every person running Boston has their story of why they are there, and what it took to get there, and do so in the context of the rest of their lives. Kind of like the people who ran the Olympic Trials marathon. I wish I could know each story – I salute you all!

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday 4/7/2016 – and a throwback

More new flowers in the yard – since we don’t know what’s planted where (we can’t see it, unlike the bushes), kind of fun to be surprised.


red tulips

surprise flowers

11 days to Boston.

I was curious, so I went to look at my post from this time last year, and (not?) surprisingly, I’m thankful for many of the same things.

Thought I’d ahre a few, with updates, as well as some more recent items…

Throwbacks with updates (updates in italics)

  • All the amazing Boston Marathon weekend events on top of the race, things to do, people to see – and I’m sure many cool things haven’t even been announced yet! I “get” now how people get so caught up they forget to rest, so much good stuff you don’t want to miss out. I’m working to find a good balance as I make my timeline and many lists.
  • Newer podcasts with Meb, DeenaDave McGillivray, Bill Rodgers giving me inspiration as the race approaches
  • Well-timed reminders to be grateful for every step, to enjoy the experience, to keep in mind how far I’ve come and how lucky I am even as I set new goals, and to remember what success in running and in life means to me – every day, giving my best and getting the best out of myself while living joyfully and being of service
  • All the lovely flowers and trees right now (allergies notwithstanding) – this last week the last few weeks, it’s like someone waved a magic wand and said “bloom!” And so far they’ve survived the truly wacky weather, with heat, rain, some below freezing nights. We’ll see what this weekend brings.
  • Bird song in the evening and morning
  • Being able to follow Liza Howard and Sarah Williams day by day at Marathon des Sables
  • Friends who think of me even when they’re going through some really tough times (Erin)
  • My chiro, who is so excited for me to run Boston he may explode before race day He’s still super-excited, asking me about my goals, helping me with my head game as well as taking care of my body.
  • DH, always, for putting up with everything
  • You, my blog readers and tweeps, for your support

And this week’s list

  • Finding a good idea to help when I start to spin up about something that doesn’t matter…ask myself “does this (getting worked up, annoyed, feeling like I want to complain) help?” I’ve already used it several times since reading this piece! It stops those kinds of spirals of unproductive thinking, speech and action sooner AND it’s less self-critical or self-judgmental than starting to beat myself up for how I feel or what I’m thinking, saying or doing/not doing. It’s more acknowledging “ok, I feel this way, I can move on now to something more useful or the next thing I need to do”.
  • Wonderful blog posts by female athletes inspiring me on so many levels
  • Being able to choose to run on my treadmill
  • Cute white fluffy dogs – love – and corgis on Instagram
  • Running a bit faster than I thought I was for a few minutes
  • Taking a XT day when I need one
  • Telework – so helpful these last few weeks pre-race especially
  • How lucky I am to have so much that I can give things away, to have the luxury to obsess over details, to choose so many of my challenges – what a privilege
  • Making myself do – and get through – a tough long run, getting up at 3:30AM and starting my run at 11:30AM, doing another full race day dry run.
  • Knowing I can change habits, no matter how long I’ve had them – may not be easy, but I can do it if I choose
  • Quotes coming to me through podcasts, blogs, tweets, books – every little bit of inspiration or thought-provoking wisdom, revelation in seriousness or in humor (especially if learned in strife – then I re-learn attitude and perspective) they’re all welcome. I want to be a sponge and absorb everything, remember it all, figure out how to integrate it into me!
  • Getting some better sleep parts of some nights
  • Caff gum (just for you K)
  • My triathlete friend, helping me stay sane…ish and giving me a great view into her world of training and having a coach
  • Keeping power in a windstorm where temps dropped below freezing
  • Being able to sleep in the basement so the wind howling in the wind storm didn’t freak me out too much or keep me awake
  • Pretty purple-flowering trees (must find out what they are)
  • Walks after work
  • Books (and blogs) that I am obviously meant to be reading right now, and similar podcasts
  • Being curious
  • Having an appetite – for food, for knowledge, for….
  • Getting to try again
  • Seeing ways to change
  • Laughing at the rain today while getting drenched and having it blow sideways, thinking, “I ran 26.2 miles of Boston in this, but 20 degrees colder” and just shaking my head – I hadn’t really thought of how badass (for me) that was before
  • Those moments when something big and inspiring or small and mundane (to me) hit me and I am struck by how incredibly lucky I am, beyond my ability to truly communicate the feeling and the depth of my gratitude.

What’s on your list this week? Is it much the same as last year, or a lot different?