Thankful Thursday 3/3/2016

First Thankful Thursday of March….and counting down quickly to April.

Our “spring” weather revealed a few things at the “new” house

daffodils - surprise!

daffodils – surprise!

This past week, I’ve been thankful for….

  • the Aerobed, bought when I lived in West Virginia (a while ago!) and kept “just in case”, moved four times…giving me a place to sleep the last two weeks while we work to rid the walls (especially those in my bedroom) of critters
  • Sleep mask and earplugs
  • Caffeinated gum
  • Telework
  • My triathlete friend, an amazing support
  • A couple nights of good sleep leading up to my long run after many nights of poor sleep
  • Nailing a tough long run – not easy, but got it done, and had some good miles as well as good results from nutrition experiments (knocking wood loudly)
  • A decent outside hilly recovery run the day after my long run
  • My chiro
  • Working to “own” my accomplishments even by doing something as simple as wearing my Boston shirt and jacket, which I sometimes feel I didn’t “earn” (I definitely did though)
  • Leap day
  • Kabocha
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness
  • Podcasts and blog posts with many “aha” moments, making me think deeply about a lot of different aspects of myself, my approach to things, my life – so many opportunities for me to improve and grow, and so many people to learn from and be moved and inspired by
  • Two days of a walk before dinner – one day with DH, one day solo
  • People going out of their way to help others…I know a woman who is trying to help the troubled teen daughter of a non-functional family (at their request). She’s doing so though it is causing her financial, emotional, legal and personal stress and risk. Perhaps, for the teen, having this one person who is trying to give her stability, structure, and positive guidance will be what helps turn things around. It’s impressive to see.
  • Getting a run done when I really “wasn’t feeling it”
  • Mona fartleks! A fun, time-efficient, challenging run – and one that I got done on tired, sore legs
  • Just now, this Thursday morning, as I was sitting in my chair putting anti-chafe cream on my feet before my run (glamorous!), I turned my head to the window to check the progress of the sunrise. Through the bare black branches, I caught a glimpse of the shimmering half moon on dark blue sky. Unexpected joy. #ujoy
  • Inspiration in the form of the ever-energetic, exuberant and enthusiastic Sarah Reinertsen on Babbittville Radio. I got to meet her at the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half event in 2014 (!), now she’s targeting Rio (Go Sarah!) Think I’m going to re-read her memoir. (note – you can easily support the Challenged Athletes Foundation through the AmazonSmile program – many great causes there to choose from if you prefer another)

What are you grateful for, who or what is inspiring you or making you think? Any moments of unexpected joy to share?