Thankful Thursday 3/24/2016

One more week till the end of March….I won’t go into the Boston countdown, but it’s happening.

Grateful this week for so many things, big, small, in between. Going a little different this week, quick list of thought-provokers.

  • The universe appears to be trying to teach me a number of things this week, lessons flying at me so fast I’m not sure I’m keeping up!
    • via blogs and podcasts
    • via quotes
      • “Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.” -Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough
      • “WHAT IF today was the day that you chose to stop blaming yourself for choices you have made, (choices that you would make differently today, knowing what you know now, and being who you are now), and instead put your arm around yourself and kissed yourself smack on the cheek and said…”We know better now, so we can do better now”
        — and then let it be done, once and for all. No more blame, no more shame. Then, what if that made you feel loved and safe enough to take all of the responsibility for those choices and turn those choices into fuel that will feed your beautiful new life with wisdom and experience?” –Brave Girls Club email (thanks to Erin for sharing the BCG with me)
      • “Champions don’t make excuses, they make adjustments. Tough & unexpected things will happen, make adjustments and continue to move forward.” from FastMarathoning (Coach Mark Hadley, Alana’s dad and coach)
      • “Barriers.are artificial…they are stepping stones to excellence.” from Coach Vern Gambetta (and happy 87th birthday to Sir Roger Bannister, who broke the four minute mile barrier!)
      • And one more for you (me) via @sarahblair55 from @alexipappas (such a cool, talented, smart young woman)
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Getting any messages from the universe lately?