Thankful Thursday 3/17/2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I think the theme for this week is “reminders”. I need them, and grab on to them, especially when feeling challenged, uncertain, or tired. I’m thankful for every one that helps me be more of who I want to be, and more how I want to be.

Possibly the best reminder of the week:

Two years ago yesterday, I BQ’d for the first time. Sometimes I can still hardly believe it. After all the years of dreaming of it, cancer, injury, life changes, and hard work – it happened. I BQ’d and I earned the privilege of running the Boston Marathon. I’m so so grateful. I needed the reminder of what is possible, of how far I’ve already come, and that things you dream CAN happen  – with lots of hard work and making choices every day to move me toward my goals, with perseverance and focus, with the incredible support of a team of family, friends, experts (and tweeps/blog readers!), and with a little luck.

And looking toward the (near!) future:

Yesterday, bib numbers and wave/corral/start times for Boston were released! 32 days and counting…..

A bit more Boston…here’s a reminder that we women couldn’t always run Boston…with gratitude to those pioneers who helped that situation change.

The Story of the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon – Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb – April 19, 1966

BAA announced this week that Bobbi Gibb is this year’s Grand Marshal, and that there will be events celebrating 50 years of women running at Boston!

Looking further out – I was lucky enough to get in to Beach to Beacon again! I so enjoyed the race and the trip last year – I’m really looking forward to returning! Joan Benoit Samuelson, a good tough race, a beautiful area, the ocean, delicious gluten-free treats, ice cream and gelato AND time with my sister – so much goodness in a few short days!

On to the list….

  • My sister – for everything – and happy anniversary!
  • My friends who support me
  • Caffeinated gum
  • The return of porch time – Sunday breakfast, Wednesday dinner, and some evening reading
  • Strawberries – a bit early in the season, but still a couple good ones, and remind me of the abundance to come
  • The mental triumph of getting myself to start some runs (and finish others) that may not have gone as I wanted or felt like I wanted them to feel. As Chrissie says…”some days (sessions) are stars, some are stones, but they are both rocks, and we build with them.”
  • Being able to go to the store and buy food I want and that is (generally) good for me – what a gift, in so many ways we (I) can take for granted
  • Clean water – reminded of this by listening to Lisa Smith-Batchen on a ConnectRunClub episode 21
  • Telework
  • Inspiration and an opportunity to help – how truly amazing Carol Chaoui is, running Boston with two separate stage 4 cancers, for which she’s being treated. She’s also a mother of four, RD, and active in her local running community. Carol is – as she has for years – using her race to raise money to help others.
  • People who remind me you can always try new things – look at the joy on 79 year old Zhen Liu’s face as he finishes his first trail race! (thanks Tina)
  • A story about a penguin and his human that touched my (soft) heart (thanks Mel & DH)
  • Songs that transport me back to important times and remind me of so much – a couple recent examples
    • Wild Wild West – I am building my playlist for Boston, and this must be on it. It will always put me in the last miles of Shamrock, where I played it 5x to get me to the end after the wind of Fort Story.
    • These Are The Days – I heard it today in my chiro’s office while getting zapped (grateful for this!!). It took me back to one spot on the mountain road I drove to work in West Virginia and one particular day after my cancer treatment. I remember feeling almost overpowering joy at the sheer wonder and gift of being alive to see and experience my so lucky life for one more day.

Beauty surrounds – a reminder to me to look up

flowering willow tree

flowering willow tree

look down

tiny purple flowers

tiny purple flowers

look all around

flowering bushes in the yard

flowering bushes in the yard


and try to be present in the moment with all its gifts and challenges.

I've always loved dandelions

I’ve always loved dandelions

What reminders have you been getting – or needing – lately?