Thankful Thursday 2/4/2016

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday of February – little over a week to the Olympic Marathon Trials! (yes, I am REALLY excited to watch)

This week’s photo is one celebrating winter – taken before Snowzilla hit – from the “house that decorates for everything” in our old neighborhood….the guy does such a good job that I make it a point to drive by occasionally when I think he might have a new theme going.

winter decorations

winter decorations

Now, on to this week’s list of some of the things I’ve been thankful for lately!

  • Being able to help people or connect them, usually via Twitter – I can’t express how happy that makes me
  • My triathlete friend at work, so appreciate her support and critical eye on my plans and activities, and what fun it is to discuss my training and her training
  • A tweet that about an opportunity that makes me think of exploring possibilities I hadn’t imagined, what changes I’d have to make, what I really want, what’s really important to me…and the support of DH and friends in brainstorming and thinking out loud, whether anything ever happens or not
  • Supporting some folks who do a lot for the running community
  • Blog posts, like this from Lauren, this from Liza, and this from Devon (just a few of the gems I’ve loved lately) that really resonate with me and start me thinking.
  • Training help, back and forth Q&A and support, from runners on Twitter – pretty spiffy runners too!
  • Good recovery runs, sloggy recovery runs
  • The chance to try again
  • Podcasts
  • Times or days when I’m a little less sore
  • Runs where I work really hard, physically and mentally, and manage to pull off the plan!
  • Runs where I’m smart enough to change the plan so I can run another day – consistency, and thus the ability to train consistently, is the key to progress. It’s not glamorous and may not let me brag about destroying myself in a workout, but then again, I haven’t destroyed myself in a workout. I’d love to be able to just crush myself and progress that way (and I do push myself), but that doesn’t seem to be my path, whether it’s my physiology, age, medical history, life, whatever. Respecting my own situation and needs is important – we all need to do whatever works for us.
  • Back issues of Marathon and Beyond – every time I read one, I find others mentioned I need to order
  • Caffeinated gum (yep, I’m hooked)
  • Jelly Belly Sport Beans – getting me through some runs, one sugary nugget per mile
  • Runs where I didn’t really “want” to run, and I got myself to do it anyway (that big picture discipline again!)
  • Ostrich and fries night
  • Rice Chex
  • Heating pads, heated car seats, electric blankets
  • Cardinals and morning birdsong in the pre-dawn hour
  • Whenever I’m able to let go of anything, big or small, and feel lighter and freer because of it
  • Finding new dreams to dream and new goals to pursue

What have you been thankful for lately?