Thankful Thursday 2/25/2016

The last Thankful Thursday of February – the days seem to be turning over quickly now, or is it just me?

Here’s this week’s list – remember, these are only selected items, from a longer list!

  • Caffeinated gum – I left it off last week (figured you’d be sick of me listing it) but it’s back by popular demand
  • My triathlete friend from work, who’s really turned into an amazing support and sounding board – I can only hope she’s enjoying our conversations and finding them as beneficial as I am
  • I got one night of 7 hours sleep!
  • My enthusiastic chiro, who is chomping at the bit for race day to get here
  • Realizations and “aha” moments (now, what to do with/about them….that’s the work)
  • Making smart training choices….tough, but gotta stay healthy to keep training and get to the start line
  • Nuggets from one more mental training book (below, a quick read, and I’d say library instead of buy) –
    • Have a “relentless solution focus” – when you encounter a problem, anxiety, adversity, challenge, etc. ask yourself “What is one thing can I do to make this better?” and play the “can’t say I don’t know” game to make yourself come up with an answer! Then take action.
10 Minute Toughness mental training book

10 Minute Toughness mental training book

  • Reminders that people are good and kind
  • Getting home before the storm hit
  • DH’s yellow flowers are still holding up
  • Inspiring people and ideas and quotes flying at me almost faster than I can collect or absorb

Quotes from podcasts, heard while doing my Wed run (I’m a quote magpie/collector, probably a podcast magpie too)

“As long as there is breath in you, you can be an example to someone….Rethink impossible…..Create memories….We never know when today will be our last.” Helene Neville, nurse, cancer survivor, grandmother, woman who ran perimeter of USA. On the ToughGirl podcast (rec! guests are women who’ve taken on challenges)

(Amy) “wakes up happy….she doesn’t focus on what’s been taken away from her, she makes the most of what she has in the moment” Former pro triathlete and guide Susanne Davis, talking about blind triathlete Amy Dixon – they are training to try to make the US Paralympic Triathlon Team for the first Paralympic Triathlon in Rio in August 2016! They just won Tritonman over the weekend. On Babbittville Radio with Bob Babbitt, lots of fun interviews on that podcast (several with Meb!)

What’s making you thankful this week? Having any “aha” moments?