Thankful Thursday 2/18/2016

It’s been an somewhat eventful week here at the REWR household, nothing horribly awful, but a number of those “I really didn’t need to have to deal with this” bumps in the road of daily life that seem to cluster when you don’t have time or energy to deal with them. But, as always, we persevere!

Boston yellow flowers

Boston yellow flowers

Some of the things I’m grateful for this week:

  • Meb and Des making the team!! Meb, as you know, is one of my running/life role models and inspirations, and I so wanted him to make the team. I had full confidence he would, but the marathon is a tricky beast, and that heat…. I’m a huge fan of Des, have been for years. Her under-the-radar approach, self-confidence, determination, work ethic, patience, and knowing herself and her capabilities (what they are and aren’t) are so impressive, and things I want to emulate. Her talent is undeniable. And major props for being coherent and well-read enough to come up with the “Sisyphean task” description (of her comeback from injury) within minutes of finishing the race!
  • The blogs, posts and articles by and about the hundreds of runners in the Trials who go by more than just their first name, and who we don’t know much, if anything about
  • Perspective, always perspective – found in so many places, like here and here and here  – especially when I can hang on to that perspective for even a moment to improve my thoughts, attitude, choices and actions
  • The resources to deal with the bumps in the road, I’m so so lucky
  • Telework, you have no idea
  • A moment where I chose to pause and respond, not react or engage, in a challenging situation
  • Patience, when I have it
  • Having moments where I know this collection of stuff is the makings of a funny story (hope)
  • Carbs, all the carbs – kabocha, sweet potatoes, Rice Chex, Glutino GF pretzels (and let’s count Arctic Zero)…seems the more tired I get, the more I crave them (or the less my twitchy tummy is willing to deal with anything it has to work on)
  • My thoughtful, funny, patient, understanding Valentine
  • My friends – don’t know what I’d do without you to listen to me, give me advice, support me
  • My sister, always understanding
  • A couple of days with sun instead of snow or rain
  • Veggie sushi – getting to be my usual post-long-run dinner, one of the few things that works
  • Professional, pleasant, competent, experienced service providers
  • More new running/endurance sport books to look forward to (racking them up!)
  • More Marathon & Beyond back issues
  • Track and field on TV – now back to indoor meets, but how awesome was it to be able to watch the Trials Marathon??!
  • Podcasts – spoiled for choice, overwhelmed by an abundance of good ones and good guests
  • Fuzzy socks and slippers for warm feet at bedtime

What are you thankful for this week? What bumps in your road will be funny stories in a week, month, year?