Thankful Thursday 1/7/2016

Happy new year!

I hope your year had a great start. We kicked ours off with a run that went over midnight, running to and from some local fireworks. We did that two years ago and really enjoyed it.  2014 was a great running year for me, so I figured let’s start 2016 the same way!



I’ve been thankful for quite a bit already this year, here are just a few examples:

  • I tried a new workout and loved it! It was the “Mona” fartlek, named after Australian champion Steve Moneghetti. It was fun! I’d heard about it from a number of folks, including from Nate Jenkins on his blog and via the Run Faster podcast of Coach Jay Johnson. I definitely want to keep doing it. I may also add “Aussie quarters,” another workout I heard about from Nate on a podcast, this workout from Australian champion Rob de Castella.
  • Our midnight run – it was cold but not too cold, didn’t rain, we had the right gear for the temps and the darkness, we were safe, we got to have the run path to ourselves (saw no other runners!) and the fireworks were quite pretty. A terrific way to start the new year. And then I got up and did my New Year’s Day morning run outside too!
  • I had some ideas on fixing up both our home workspaces to be more ergonomic and have been able to execute them reasonably cheaply, quickly, and with minimal effort! (shoe racks from Costco make great cheap starts to elevating monitors, by the way)
shoe rack, soon to be monitor stand

shoe rack, soon to be monitor stand

  • With our cold snap, the treadmill room is getting cold enough when I open the window! Really makes a difference for my runs.
  • Having things to look forward to
  • The high quality of Running Times – the last issue is packed with goodness, starting with the editor’s letter. I’ll miss them.
  • I read through my BelieveIAm journal and found inspiration, great quotes (I’m a quote magpie) and more workouts! I’ve already tried the 3/3/3 this week and liked it.
  • Taking a long walk in the sun on a weekend afternoon with DH
  • More kabocha!
kabocha - yes, I'm buying it by the crate now

kabocha – yes, I’m buying it by the crate now

yummy kabocha with coconut manna and nuttzo

yummy kabocha with coconut manna and nuttzo

  • Netflix
  • Homemade gluten-free pizza, veggie sushi, and a new Thai place that has decent GF pad Thai. Also saw an Eritrean restaurant we can try, it has GF injera and told me they could modify spice and ingredients for me.
  • An extra day off work (and having a job)
  • The power outage on a very cold day was brief – and reminded me how grateful I am to have a warm safe place to live and sleep. Many are not so fortunate, and will have suffered in our recent weather.
  • The holiday decorations are put away! It took much less time than one might think, and now we can move forward. (We did decide to leave the outside lights in back up one more week, just because we like them so much.)
  • That I woke up on time the morning after the power outage – I’d reset the clock incorrectly, my alarm wasn’t going to go off for another 12 hours. That would not have been the way to start the first day back to work.
  • Telework
  • I got a short run in on Wednesday though it would have been so easy to bail on it
  • Got an update on Deena’s book – will come out spring 2017!
  • Hashtags for how I want to live this year: #RunBold #joy #optimism

What are you thankful for, this first week of the shiny new year?