Thankful Thursday 1/21/2016

As I await the impending winter storm, let me share some of the things I’ve been thankful and grateful for lately….

  • Heat in the house in our cold snap – too many people don’t have a place to live/sleep, or money for utilities, and I cannot imagine how they handle the severe cold and now the storm. I’m grateful to those who help.
  • The resources to go to the store and stock up even though there’s nothing we “need”.
  • Good runs – and even the less good runs….on a related note, I enjoyed (local!) runner and author Tom Foreman (of CNN) on a recent Runners’ Connect podcast. He wrote My Year of Running Dangerously, a good read – very little talk about the book, a lot about running and life.
  • My treadmill (I think DH is grateful for it too!)
  • Caffeinated gum – yep, still on the list
  • Creativity and beauty in the world, and things that delight and surprise, like this

Project Monsoon – Clever colorful street art, in Seoul, that only appears when it rains

Project Monsoon - street art that appears only when it rains

Project Monsoon – street art that appears only when it rains

Found via Rowgirls Tumblr where they rightly say “The world is filled with such wonderful things.”

  • Inspiration and community – Norman Phillips does his 100th parkrun at age 92.  I #loveparkrun !
  • Speaking of inspiration and community, Martin and Tom – those beacons of #relentlesspositivity – just celebrated 6 years of Marathon Talk! I have loved this podcast since the moment I found it, and it is my only long run “must”. I haven’t listened to ALL the back episodes yet, but I am working my way through them. They have done so much for so many people.
  • Marathon & Beyond – as I read back issues of this sorely-missed magazine, I’m thoroughly enjoying the high quality and love that so obviously went into it. Each is like a little book. I’m trying to make them last, but considering buying more of them.
  • Cute animal pictures on the internet, like a local little white fluffy dog – Marley in DC – who’s an internet personality, with his own Twitter and Instagram accounts. Big “awww” factor for me (my beloved poodle looked very similar), and I think I read someplace (perhaps the book Superbetter, which I need to finish) that looking at a cute animal photo has good biochemical or neural effects. I’m willing to do it even if it’s not scientifically proven.
  • This quote from Melissa Donais, runner and wife of a fave runner I follow, Nate Jenkins:

“Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready.”

What have you been thankful for lately? Everyone in the path of the storm, stay safe!