Thankful Thursday 1/14/2016

Less than 100 days to Boston and less than a month to the Olympic Marathon Trials!

I’m loving watching the energy around both these races pick up online, especially hearing from my favorite elites.

A few of the many things I’ve been thankful for lately…..

  • A truly terrific running Saturday where I pushed my boundaries and comfort zones, physically and mentally, and my risks and experiments all went well! I learned so much and am so lucky.
  • A beautiful New Year’s card, handmade by my brilliant and talented friend David with the able assistance of his “fair and industrious” wife Trudy – he’s the artist, she helps with assembly. The scenes are of their recent European travels – his travelogue emails with photos/art have made my Thursday lists before!
card from David and Trudy

card from David and Trudy

  • Having my triathlete friend at work to bounce training ideas off of
  • Reading back issues of Marathon & Beyond (miss them) that I got to fill my remaining issues when they shut down – each issue is like a little book, such interesting stories. Tempted to buy more!
  • My dear friend in Seattle…you know who you are
  • Having a running store walking distance from work – a lunchtime jaunt on a cold, sunny Monday gets me a chat with an employee who’s a marathoner as well. Really enjoy talking to her whenever I see her.
  • A warm, cozy bed in the brief cold snap – and that it’s colder in the treadmill room for my runs!
  • Caffeinated gum, a recent and happy experiment
  • Our old landlord getting in touch to say they have received race-related mail for me (maybe the replacement Baystate medal?). So nice of them, they could have just pitched it.
  • Kabocha….you may have seen this photo – a crate of kabocha, plus how many I roast at a time, and a post-long-run size serving
kabocha in its varied states

kabocha in its varied states

Now you can see my most recent purchase size – by the 35 pound case!

case of kabocha

case of kabocha

  • My runs, and loving the new workouts I’ve found and am trying
  • A sherbet pastel sunset sky
  • An upcoming three-day weekend

What have you been thankful for lately?