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Thankful Thursday 1/28/2016

It’s the end of January – how did that happen?! I know Snowzilla ate a week, but still. Inside 12 weeks to Boston.

A short list of things I’ve been thankful for lately, not all weather-related:

  • We came through the blizzard just fine! We kept utilities the whole time and were safe and sound. I’m so very grateful for that, it could have gone so differently. No way to capture the wind, or the depth, really (2 feet for us) but the below was our view.


later on Saturday

later on Saturday

Sunday morning

Sunday morning

Sunday sunset

Sunday sunset

  • The oddly peaceful silence of the blizzard (less the howling winds) – no cars, no planes, no one outside.
  • Phone tethering so we could work and have internet when Comcast failed….during the pre-blizzard snow at the end of last week.
  • Found a new dermatologist, got checked out and everything’s okay!
  • Telework, how I love telework
  • Caffeinated gum
  • When friends and tweeps send good vibes for my runs and it helps
  • Good runs
  • Not-so-good runs – remind me to be grateful I can run at all, and even more grateful for the good runs
  • Friends from far away checking on me during the storm
  • My friend David’s treatments are going well!
  • Veggie sushi topped with wasabi, PB2/coconut amino spread, and pickled ginger
  • A talented friend decided she’d had enough at her job and is already acing big-deal interviews – she deserves a great gig with folks who appreciate her.
  • When I make smart decisions about my training – usually those decisions involve not pushing on a run, or taking a XT day instead of a recovery run…..they’re hard, and the mental/psychological and biochemical side effects can be unpleasant, but hopefully will pay off long term in performance, health, and the ability to train consistently.
  • Snow days!
  • A decent night’s sleep
  • Snowplow crews working 24/7
  • Emergency crews – those folks were out taking care of others in rough conditions
  • Nailing a hard run – especially when it’s both physically and mentally challenging
  • Sport Beans – lined up on the treadmill, encouraging me to the next mile mark when I can have a minute or two of sugary goodness and distraction
  • Being able to be proud of myself for doing something I didn’t feel like doing, but needed to do – makes me think of Mere’s post on “discipline, not motivation” (Mere’s coming to Manassas! I won’t be able to make it.)
  • Yellow flowers DH bought weeks ago have held up for weeks, what an unexpected joy (and I’m grateful he is so thoughtful and got them in the first place)
  • Our Christmas cactus started blooming in the kitchen window, so pretty

Christmas cactus blooming

Christmas cactus blooming

  • Being reminded by tweeps & others on the internet that people are good, kind, generous and want to help others

What’s on your Thankful Thursday list?




Thankful Thursday 1/21/2016

As I await the impending winter storm, let me share some of the things I’ve been thankful and grateful for lately….

  • Heat in the house in our cold snap – too many people don’t have a place to live/sleep, or money for utilities, and I cannot imagine how they handle the severe cold and now the storm. I’m grateful to those who help.
  • The resources to go to the store and stock up even though there’s nothing we “need”.
  • Good runs – and even the less good runs….on a related note, I enjoyed (local!) runner and author Tom Foreman (of CNN) on a recent Runners’ Connect podcast. He wrote My Year of Running Dangerously, a good read – very little talk about the book, a lot about running and life.
  • My treadmill (I think DH is grateful for it too!)
  • Caffeinated gum – yep, still on the list
  • Creativity and beauty in the world, and things that delight and surprise, like this

Project Monsoon – Clever colorful street art, in Seoul, that only appears when it rains

Project Monsoon - street art that appears only when it rains

Project Monsoon – street art that appears only when it rains

Found via Rowgirls Tumblr where they rightly say “The world is filled with such wonderful things.”

  • Inspiration and community – Norman Phillips does his 100th parkrun at age 92.  I #loveparkrun !
  • Speaking of inspiration and community, Martin and Tom – those beacons of #relentlesspositivity – just celebrated 6 years of Marathon Talk! I have loved this podcast since the moment I found it, and it is my only long run “must”. I haven’t listened to ALL the back episodes yet, but I am working my way through them. They have done so much for so many people.
  • Marathon & Beyond – as I read back issues of this sorely-missed magazine, I’m thoroughly enjoying the high quality and love that so obviously went into it. Each is like a little book. I’m trying to make them last, but considering buying more of them.
  • Cute animal pictures on the internet, like a local little white fluffy dog – Marley in DC – who’s an internet personality, with his own Twitter and Instagram accounts. Big “awww” factor for me (my beloved poodle looked very similar), and I think I read someplace (perhaps the book Superbetter, which I need to finish) that looking at a cute animal photo has good biochemical or neural effects. I’m willing to do it even if it’s not scientifically proven.
  • This quote from Melissa Donais, runner and wife of a fave runner I follow, Nate Jenkins:

“Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready.”

What have you been thankful for lately? Everyone in the path of the storm, stay safe!


Thankful Thursday 1/14/2016

Less than 100 days to Boston and less than a month to the Olympic Marathon Trials!

I’m loving watching the energy around both these races pick up online, especially hearing from my favorite elites.

A few of the many things I’ve been thankful for lately…..

  • A truly terrific running Saturday where I pushed my boundaries and comfort zones, physically and mentally, and my risks and experiments all went well! I learned so much and am so lucky.
  • A beautiful New Year’s card, handmade by my brilliant and talented friend David with the able assistance of his “fair and industrious” wife Trudy – he’s the artist, she helps with assembly. The scenes are of their recent European travels – his travelogue emails with photos/art have made my Thursday lists before!
card from David and Trudy

card from David and Trudy

  • Having my triathlete friend at work to bounce training ideas off of
  • Reading back issues of Marathon & Beyond (miss them) that I got to fill my remaining issues when they shut down – each issue is like a little book, such interesting stories. Tempted to buy more!
  • My dear friend in Seattle…you know who you are
  • Having a running store walking distance from work – a lunchtime jaunt on a cold, sunny Monday gets me a chat with an employee who’s a marathoner as well. Really enjoy talking to her whenever I see her.
  • A warm, cozy bed in the brief cold snap – and that it’s colder in the treadmill room for my runs!
  • Caffeinated gum, a recent and happy experiment
  • Our old landlord getting in touch to say they have received race-related mail for me (maybe the replacement Baystate medal?). So nice of them, they could have just pitched it.
  • Kabocha….you may have seen this photo – a crate of kabocha, plus how many I roast at a time, and a post-long-run size serving
kabocha in its varied states

kabocha in its varied states

Now you can see my most recent purchase size – by the 35 pound case!

case of kabocha

case of kabocha

  • My runs, and loving the new workouts I’ve found and am trying
  • A sherbet pastel sunset sky
  • An upcoming three-day weekend

What have you been thankful for lately?





Thankful Thursday 1/7/2016

Happy new year!

I hope your year had a great start. We kicked ours off with a run that went over midnight, running to and from some local fireworks. We did that two years ago and really enjoyed it.  2014 was a great running year for me, so I figured let’s start 2016 the same way!



I’ve been thankful for quite a bit already this year, here are just a few examples:

  • I tried a new workout and loved it! It was the “Mona” fartlek, named after Australian champion Steve Moneghetti. It was fun! I’d heard about it from a number of folks, including from Nate Jenkins on his blog and via the Run Faster podcast of Coach Jay Johnson. I definitely want to keep doing it. I may also add “Aussie quarters,” another workout I heard about from Nate on a podcast, this workout from Australian champion Rob de Castella.
  • Our midnight run – it was cold but not too cold, didn’t rain, we had the right gear for the temps and the darkness, we were safe, we got to have the run path to ourselves (saw no other runners!) and the fireworks were quite pretty. A terrific way to start the new year. And then I got up and did my New Year’s Day morning run outside too!
  • I had some ideas on fixing up both our home workspaces to be more ergonomic and have been able to execute them reasonably cheaply, quickly, and with minimal effort! (shoe racks from Costco make great cheap starts to elevating monitors, by the way)
shoe rack, soon to be monitor stand

shoe rack, soon to be monitor stand

  • With our cold snap, the treadmill room is getting cold enough when I open the window! Really makes a difference for my runs.
  • Having things to look forward to
  • The high quality of Running Times – the last issue is packed with goodness, starting with the editor’s letter. I’ll miss them.
  • I read through my BelieveIAm journal and found inspiration, great quotes (I’m a quote magpie) and more workouts! I’ve already tried the 3/3/3 this week and liked it.
  • Taking a long walk in the sun on a weekend afternoon with DH
  • More kabocha!
kabocha - yes, I'm buying it by the crate now

kabocha – yes, I’m buying it by the crate now

yummy kabocha with coconut manna and nuttzo

yummy kabocha with coconut manna and nuttzo

  • Netflix
  • Homemade gluten-free pizza, veggie sushi, and a new Thai place that has decent GF pad Thai. Also saw an Eritrean restaurant we can try, it has GF injera and told me they could modify spice and ingredients for me.
  • An extra day off work (and having a job)
  • The power outage on a very cold day was brief – and reminded me how grateful I am to have a warm safe place to live and sleep. Many are not so fortunate, and will have suffered in our recent weather.
  • The holiday decorations are put away! It took much less time than one might think, and now we can move forward. (We did decide to leave the outside lights in back up one more week, just because we like them so much.)
  • That I woke up on time the morning after the power outage – I’d reset the clock incorrectly, my alarm wasn’t going to go off for another 12 hours. That would not have been the way to start the first day back to work.
  • Telework
  • I got a short run in on Wednesday though it would have been so easy to bail on it
  • Got an update on Deena’s book – will come out spring 2017!
  • Hashtags for how I want to live this year: #RunBold #joy #optimism

What are you thankful for, this first week of the shiny new year?