Thankful Thursday 12/3/2015

Here we are at the first Thankful Thursday of December! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving at the in-laws – the “curiosity” food collection….NOT our meal, my MIL would want me to assure you!

odd flavors of popcorn and Stuckey's pecan roll

should we eat it or just talk about it?

I supplied the popcorn, BIL the Stuckey’s pecan roll (after we saw one on the way down and neglected to pick it up and told the family about it). The popcorn was actually quite good! Who’d have thought pumpkin pie spice, dill pickle, and stuffing could be rendered well in popcorn flavors? (Almost makes me wish I’d gotten the gravy flavor….almost)


  • In-laws who are gracious hosts and pleasant to talk with, nice people with a sense of humor who love DH
  • Safe and pretty speedy car travel to and from our holiday visit and good weather the whole time
  • Pretty trees, fall in its many stages at different points on our trip
  • Hotels with working treadmills, and rooms with kitchens for me to make my tea, breakfasts and snacks
  • Several yummy restaurant meals, one in Durham at a 100% gluten-free restaurant, two at a place near in-laws that has a solid GF menu, terrific BBQ sauces and good iced tea
  • Visiting an indie running store on the road
  • DH got some of his favorite foods (Mom’s mashed potatoes, biscuits from fast food joints)
  • My friend who had cancer surgery recently is home, is able to eat some regular food, spent Thanksgiving with loved ones, and got “good” test results (only one kind of treatment, maybe less sessions) – he’s even gone back to work
  • My sis’ latest test results are good
  • Starting and finishing new running-related books – now need more!
  • New veggie “sushi” at Whole Foods on the trip
  • Two good runs on the trip
  • Friends keeping in touch while one or the other of us is on vacation
  • Discover catching fraudulent charges quickly and taking care of me well
  • Whole Foods gluten-free cornbread is pretty good – I could have some once in a while, with some of our yummy BBQ
  • DH’s patience with me
  • The glow of our holiday lights (on timers) greeting me in the morning when I get up and the evening when I get home
  • Plans over the next couple weeks for holiday activities we enjoy
  • Ostrich and baked fries night
  • That every moment, every day is a chance to start over again – and I need those chances!

What have you been thankful for this week?