Thankful Thursday 12/10/2015

Here are a few things I’ve been thankful for lately….

  • Holiday lights – mine and the handiwork of others, like at the Alexandria Boat Parade last weekend or on houses I drive past
  • Books! New (The Gratitude Diaries, Run, Ride, Sink, or Swim) and re-reads (A Life Without Limits, The Ultra Mindset)
  • Telework…every time
  • Birdsong in the morning light
  • Kabocha – some really good ones lately, from Trader Joe’s which has suddenly started carrying them (and thanks to DH for noticing the first time, as we’re rarely there and they weren’t with the produce)
  • Role models like Ann Trason (new short film by Billy Yang here) who I hear is working with Jill Homer on a memoirQ (enjoyed Jill’s other books) If you like this film, check out Billy’s other films, like Western Time with Sally McRae about her Western States race last year (post-show Q&A) or his own Western States journey this year. States is on my mind lately, with the lottery just last weekend.
  • My Be Brave Be Thankful medal for the virtual race – it’s pretty, and a good reminder in many ways, so it’s sitting next to my computer.

Be Brave Be Thankful medal

Be Brave Be Thankful medal

Thanks Mere for the organizing and Andrea for being the inspiration and for your attitude and efforts in such a tough situation, diagnosed at 33 with ALS.

  • A friend at work stopping by for the sole purpose of giving me good news about a colleague’s new baby
  • Brown rice
  • Gluten-free Chex and Glutino pretzels
  • Some improvement in runs, for whatever reason (new chiro treatment, exercises….who knows? I almost don’t care, as long as it keeps going) – everybody knock wood with me now!
  • Sunrise
  • Turkey – real, cut-off-the-bird turkey breast in a package from Whole Foods….I’d been craving it after Thanksgiving, and DH found this, saving me from having to cook a bird myself!
  • Getting myself up and out at oh-dark-hundred – or as one tweep calls it “stupid o’clock” – to go for a group run (so dark we needed lights, new for me) where only one other person showed – who turned out to be a fellow marathoner and ultrarunner doing a race I’ve done, so we had lots to talk about!

Be brave, be thankful.

What’s on your list?