Thankful Thursday 11/25/2015

brownie cake cut and frosted to look like a cartoon turkey

turkey brownie cake

The big day (in America) of Thanksgiving is here!

I like to make every day a thanksgiving – that’s part of what these lists are about. I’m keeping today’s short and sweet, big stuff in fairly random order:

  • running – my ability to run, that running is a passion for me, for the joy running brings me (whether moving my own body, or everything and everyone else related to running that enriches my life), along with the opportunities running brings for me to grow and develop as a runner and a person
  • the abundance in and of my life, in tangibles and non-tangibles, gained through the happy accident of my birth circumstances and all the good fortune and advantages I’ve had since, through people who’ve helped me, and through my own efforts…and the ability to help others this abundance provides
  • DH
  • my sister (and brother-in-law)
  • my friends, wherever they are
  • my health
  • my job and the friends I have there
  • my support team
  • everyone who shares their experiences, knowledge, and resources to help others – not just me, anyone – there are so many good, kind, generous people in the world
  • the beauty that exists in the world

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts, and for any and all comments. I am grateful.

quote - find your tribe

celebrate your tribe

I hope you are spending this day in a way that lets you reflect on and celebrate all you are grateful and thankful for, whether that’s at home or away, alone or with loved ones – biological family or chosen, relaxing or playing or working or in service to others. Whatever your way of feeling and being thankful is…..

May you be healthy,

may you love and be loved,

may you have hope,

may you laugh easily and often,

may you find beauty in every day,

may you have dreams and goals and find reward in your journey and efforts to reach them,

may your needs be few and well met,

may you be of help and comfort to others,

may you be safe,

may you be at peace,

may you know joy and happiness,

may you live in the gift of the present moment.

Mutts comic - thank you

one of my favorite Mutts