Thankful Thursday 11/12/2015

How time flies – it’s mid-November already! The leaves here are quite pretty.

tree on my usual walk route

tree on my usual walk route

Much to be thankful for lately, as usual (pretty great when you think about it)…’s a sampling:

  • Just got word that my dear friend – who I mentioned had been diagnosed with a third cancer – had his surgery Tuesday and is already eating soft foods and walking. This is good news!
  • Sleeping
  • Waking up
  • Paying attention suggests more things I should look into doing for my personal growth
  • Hearing/reading people who make me pause and think, or say “yes, I know that, I feel that, it’s not just me!”
  • That I am able to fix my car – last week it was in for a check and service, got some stuff replaced and repaired. There was something not properly done, so I was scheduled to bring the car back on Tuesday anyway, when Monday it started making a scary noise. Thankfully it wasn’t major (not trivial but not horrible) and they were able to fix it. I’m grateful for my 12 year old car, and for the resources to fix it so we can be safe on our upcoming trip.
  • Being able to find alternate places to run while my treadmill was out of commission, like the high school 1/4mi track (free), day passes at the community center with treadmills and a 200m indoor track, as well as the neighborhood and trails.
  • Treadmill repair service! Liked the new service guy a lot, and it was an easy fix.
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone multiple times in the last week and taking a chance or two
  • Meeting new people – who knows, they could be potential running buddies, potential friends, or both
  • Using the challenges lately as opportunities to strengthen various aspects of myself, my equilibrium, my attitude, how I think about, speak about, and approach things….I’m not perfect at how I want to be (and likely won’t ever be, that whole human thing) but I’m trying!
  • “Making excellent lemonade out of lemons” (thanks sis!)
  • Understanding and patience (I’m not easy sometimes) from DH, my sis and friends
  • People honoring me by calling me a friend, or by asking for my opinion or help
  • YouTube – so much cool stuff is available! Lots of running videos, documentaries….I’ve put a lot in a “watch list”, perhaps the hotel or time at the in-laws (with headphones) will be when I can enjoy some of this free content.
  • The BAA sent out this highlight reel from 2015 – fun to watch (wow, that 10k was rainy….and it didn’t seem to be raining much on the elites at Boston)
  • Though I’ve decided not to run the USATF 12k (National Championship) race, I can either go cheer in person as it’s close by, or I can watch live stream on the web as I did last year (info at link). It’s fun to watch, Sunday morning.
  • Kindle – I want a book at 9pm, it magically appears! And I can carry a bunch of them with me in a tiny package – helpful for trips. Our library even has a few books on Kindle (e.g., Running with the Kenyans, The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition). And Kindle Unlimited is kind of fun.
  • Inspiration and motivation – and hints, nudges, whacks from the universe – via podcasts, blog posts, twitter
  • For all those who make it possible, either personally or through an org/school, for someone with physical challenges to participate in and enjoy the sport we love – this and this (h/t Erin) are only a couple of recent examples. Admiration for the athletes and for those helping them go after their dreams.
  • People like Kim Stemple, who chose to lift others up while fighting a terminal disease and continuing to run, founding We Finish Together “share your medals, share your strength”. What an impressive woman.
  • I’m grateful for THIS moment: “Each moment is like the dew on grass, fragile, ready to evaporate, precious“.

What are you thankful for this week?