Thankful Thursday 10/8/2015

Happy Thursday! Hope all my fellow peaking & tapering runners are hanging in there….

caution - tapering runner

Among the many things I’m thankful for lately…

  • I executed my last long run to plan last weekend, and it was a good solid run.
  • The taste of EFS Liquid Shot Vanilla gel – a flashback to my successful races last year. Maybe that’s a good sign.
  • My re-creation of the local pizzeria’s gluten-free BBQ chicken, goat cheese and artichoke pizza on Udi’s gluten-free crust – it’s pretty good, cheaper and more controllable
  • Friends who send me pictures from their travels, sometimes while they’re still in progress
  • Inspiring interview with Deena as she goes after the women’s American Masters Record at Chicago , with some insight into how her training and life is different as a Master, but still “I love the pursuit of progress”
  • Seeing this clip of Joanie with tips on goals in races – I was there when it was filmed in April at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Expo! (one week before my first Boston…and I got to meet Joanie and also Bill Rodgers)
  • Reading Anna Weber’s account of her OTQ at Twin Cities after finding her blog in the last month, so happy for her.
  • Stories like this one that remind me how many good people there are in the world….
  • More of all the good things than there is time or energy to do, enjoy, accomplishing – while frustrating sometimes, it IS the human condition, and I’m so lucky to be spoiled for choice and overwhelmed with options
  • Moments of seeing and reaching for – or at least opening up to – possibilities
  • 300 consecutive weekly episodes of Marathon Talk – hats off to Martin Yelling and Tom Williams for this great resource of information, humor, inspiration and community, doing it for love and giving it away for free. My deep appreciation, guys….every week, you’re my first listen on my long run, and I look forward to it. Relentless positivity! (and still hoping for more Parkruns in the US)
  • The Eugster, continuing to set World Records! (400m WR 2.21.34)
  • A few trees trying to change color where I am, and seeing beautiful fall pictures from elsewhere
  • Random pizza night on Tuesday, movie with DH – a nice treat and a change to my routine I enjoyed
  • Everyone’s race reports and prep for their races, via twitter and blogs – I wish you all the best!

I’m looking forward to….

  • seeing my sister in a week
  • Watching the Chicago Marathon! That’s going to be my Sunday morning breakfast porch enjoyment. Two of my role models/heroes are running (DeenaJoanie) as well as other runners I enjoy watching (Wesley Korir, such an impressive person) and runners somewhat newer to me (Fernando Cabada, hear him on his life story, different than so many of us, here on the latest Runners Connect podcast). Plus, it comes with shots of my hometown! I’ll be rooting for tweeps as well.

Note – as of Thursday evening, Joanie appears to be ill with a stomach virus, not sure if she’ll run. If she does run, she won’t be going for her goal of a time within 30 minutes of her 1985 time.  this time. Sending good thoughts, hope she gets better quick whether or not she runs. What a bummer for her and us all!

One final note – RIP, Miki Gorman, pioneer in women’s running, marathon champion and ultrarunner. Thank you.

What are you thankful for, and what are you looking forward to?