Thankful Thursday 10/15/2015

pretty flowers

beauty in unexpected places

The Thankful Thursday of race week is here! I’m very thankful for…..

  • DH and his unflinching, unwavering support, especially in the face of issues popping up at bad times, my peaking (tapering) madness, life stuff….I’m so lucky
  • My sister
  • My dear friend who – despite traveling a LOT on short notice for work recently – keeps in touch and is a source of encouragement and support, believing in me
  • My triathlete work colleague, who’s helped me analyze every workout lately, plan/replan, assess sleep and GI issues, and dither endlessly….and she even seems to enjoy it
  • My chiro, who knows just what body parts to fix and just how to help me get my head on straight
  • You all!

In unpacking old bags, gathering items to pack, sorting, etc., I found the list I’d made last year (the night before Baystate, in the hotel) of all of you out there – family, friends, tweeps, and blog readers – who’d wished me well and said you’d be thinking of me and sending good vibes for my race. The list had more names than the race had miles, and it’d probably be even longer now. It warmed my heart and supported me then, and it does now. Thank you.


From the Chicago Marathon

From elsewhere

And from a new video series following Meb as he trains for the Olympic Trials!

What are you thankful for this week? Who or what is inspiring you?