Thankful Thursday 10/1/2015

It’s the first Thankful Thursday of October!

Saw this decoration in a store – despite encouragement from store personnel, he didn’t come home with me – don’t need more stuff!

cute little pumpkin guy

cute little pumpkin guy

We’re getting into fall in our own way.

low -key fall decor

low-key fall decor


Time is flying, my race is in 2 weeks. How did that happen?!

Meanwhile, lately I’ve been thankful and grateful for many things big and small, among them:

  • gluten-free waffles
  • support from my DH, chiro, dear friend, & triathlete colleague as training is peaking, my body is speaking to me, my brain is spinning, and my mouth is going….don’t know how people put up with me sometimes, I swear
  • Popchips
  • when I get through the night without a stomach ache
  • veggie “sushi”
  • when I wake up less than 5 times during the night
  • so many yummy flavors of Gu/Roctane….and for finding out which ones I am not fond of well before the race (interesting-to-me note: when I take one before I start running, it tastes different than when taken on the run)
  • starting a new pair of quad sleeves
  • making my own gluten-free pizza…it’s not perfect (yet), but it’s good, cheaper and controllable
  • my chiro suggesting I stop my leg strength exercises the last few weeks before the race – I think it’s helping my recovery
  • recovery drink – making myself take it after long or hard runs makes a difference
  • telework – seriously, deeply appreciated
  • Meb and Deena‘s records last weekend, so inspiring! Can’t wait to watch their next races, hoping to see them compete in Rio.
  • learning through podcasts, articles – so many ways I can improve as a runner and a person, always working to move closer to my potential and my best self
  • finding inspiration and encouragement in so many places – famous folks and regular folks and their stories, told through web sites, podcasts, magazines, books

Looking forward to:

  • watching the upcoming weekend’s Twin Cities Marathon (and US 10 Mile and Masters Marathon Championships), rooting for some folks including Anna Weber and Mike Wardian
  • the next weekend, watching the Chicago Marathon with Deena and Joanie!
  • seeing my sister in a couple of weeks!
  • reading new books I’ve put library holds on – the pleasure of anticipation

What are you thankful for, and what are you looking forward to?