Thankful Thursday 9/3/2015

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday of September…..are you ready for fall? I am!

Reminder, these are in no particular order, and it’s only a tiny part of the list of things for which I am thankful or grateful lately.

  • The smell of coffee
  • The chance to try again
  • A fresh pair of contact lenses
  • Whole Foods chocolate chewies cookies (I may try to make, but for now we’re buying, these were faves/addictions a few years ago)
  • My job, my boss (who is cool, fun, and has my back), and telework
  • When my friends who’ve been struggling with a problem or injury share that there’s been improvement
  • Helping dissect a colleague’s recent triathlon performance – geeking out on run stuff, nutrition, etc. during the workday is a treat, and if I can be of help (more than just a sympathetic and sort of understanding ear), so much the better
  • An unexpected card
  • Bacon and strawberries on the porch during Sunday breakfast with DH
  • Finding and getting new running books – I’m doling out small pieces of The Way of The Runner (enjoying a lot) to make it last, and am just getting into The Cool Impossible. Then I have A History of the Falmouth Road Race (and some TBD books) to get me to Two Hours which comes out 9 days – not soon enough – after my race. (folks, write more running books ASAP please!)
  • Walks after dinner (hill work!) when it’s cool enough
  • Yoga routines
  • Compression sleeves for various body parts
  • Podcasts and their hosts and guests – especially thankful for those where it’s a labor of love (no money) for the host, a side gig from their daily life – and discovering new ones!
  • A tub long enough for my straight legs (and a bit more) for my Epsom salt baths
  • Finding new products from small companies who really want to make it work for you – terrific customer service from founders sometimes!
  • The gift of a run
  • People like Aries Merritt (and his sister LaToya Hubbard) – both inspiring in their own ways….and while we’re on the subject of kidney transplants…that so many people tried to help a teacher in need of a transplant
  • The people of Iceland, more than 10,000 of whom were wiling to open their homes to refugees (Iceland has 330,000 people total)
  • More track and field to follow with the remaining Diamond League meets – I haven’t been a track geek, but I’m enjoying it, especially following particular athletes

What are you thankful for this week?