Thankful Thursday 9/17/2015

One month from tomorrow is Baystate!

  • Yesterday, I got to register for my 2nd Boston Marathon…..I’m still amazed I get to write those words, and so very grateful. It was magical to be able to say “no” to “is this your first Boston?” Of course, last year it was phenomenal to get to say “yes”! After registering, I couldn’t get the smile off my face, and carried the good feeling with me all day.
  • The chance to chat in person this week with my boss (who’s great) and with a work friend who’s a triathlete – we have such great athlete-geek talks!
  • The return of big green kabocha, so yummy
  • Sunday’s cool breezes on the porch and the sound of wind in the trees – maybe something like fall sometime soon?
  • Evening walks with DH
  • Telework, especially in heavy training
  • Magnesium oil & lotion, which I find helpful for soreness after tough workouts
  • Goat yogurt with a teaspoon of TJ’s blueberry jam
  • The chance to try
  • Whole Foods chocolate chewies
  • When I can execute a run as planned (see above, carry good feeling all day!)
  • My chiro – confidence-building niggle-managing super-supporter – already thinking ahead “after the race it’s November and we’ll be getting you ready for Boston!”
  • Chatting run stuff with DH
  • Hearing that a dear friend who’s been struggling with a mystery injury causing her pain (for months) and hadn’t been allowed to run went to a new doc who told her she can run while the injury detective & diagnosis work continues
  • Pleasant people to work with
  • Enjoying new podcasts – recent adds are the Tough Girl (UK, on women doing cool things and overcoming obstacles) – I know the host is looking for guest ideas… and Ten Junk Miles (fun group of everyday runners talking running road, trail and ultra, from Chicagoland) I’ve listened to several eps and enjoyed, just listened to their Boston ep this week.

What’s been making you say or think “thanks!” lately?