Thankful Thursday 9/10/2015

I’m grateful for the beautiful Monarch butterfly that alighted on the hostas in the back yard, alllowing me to watch its wings move back and forth for a minute until it fluttered away. For some reason “flutter-bys” always feel like a visit from my Mom, who passed away 23 years ago today. While I miss her, and hate the suffering that breast cancer put her through before it took her from me – and the others who loved her far – too soon, I am deeply grateful that I had her at all. So many people never have a mom who loves them and supports them; some may not ever even know their mother. My mom wasn’t perfect, but she was a good woman who tried hard, loved me deeply, taught me a lot directly and by example, and who would have done absolutely anything for my well-being and happiness. She was a talented, kind, generous, compassionate woman, adored by her students, and a truly loyal friend. She had style, flair, a wicked sense of humor, a love of good food and music, and a voracious appetite for reading. She believed in me and always encouraged me and helped me follow my dreams, no matter what they were. Her faith in me and defense and protection of me were unshakeable. I carry those and many more of her gifts with me still, as well as my memories, and I see her just a bit when I look in the mirror. Thanks Mom.