Monthly archives: September, 2015

Thankful Thursday 9/24/2015

Inside 4 weeks to my race…if you’re training for a fall race, I hope it’s going well! If you’re tapering, you might want to review this.

Lately i’ve been thankful for:

  • Official notification that I am IN for Boston 2016, my 2nd Boston Marathon!
  • Finding new running mags like Ultra (UK) – from a quick look, sort of similar to Like the Wind and Meter, with a bit of UltraRunning thrown in.
  • When the universe keeps sending me messages, often multiples on the same day – ok, I’ll take a hint
  • Watching the 5th Avenue Mile
  • My friend who got the go-ahead to run while working to get her pain diagnosed and addressed has done several short runs, and her delight in running again gladdens my heart
  • The ability to order almost anything online
  • My triathlete friend at work had a good race, despite challenging conditions and last minute race changes from the race organization. This finishes a year of comeback from injuries for her, and she can now go into her offseason on a high note.
  • Getting really positive feedback on my editing from a coworker
  • My top-level boss stopping by and saying nice things to me
  • My tweeps, supporting me on challenging days
  • The new anti-blister/anti-chafe cream I’ve been using seems to be helping
  • Positive vibes via multiple emails
  • A friend’s email travelogues of his trip to Italy with his wife – he’s a good writer, they’re such nice people, and the photos are lovely
  • Crickets
  • Porch reading
  • The ability to do laundry at 6am (the ability to do laundry at all! and a dishwasher)

A note….the internet sometimes makes the world a smaller and allows us to connect in different ways. I was affected this week by reading about the deaths of people I’d never met. Their friends and family, and the world, lost their love, laughter, promise, inspiration and contributions to accidents and cancer. Jake Brewer, Cameron Bean, Sarah Sumpter….their short lives remind me yet again that every day is precious and we owe it to ourselves and the world to live our lives to our fullest potential, as best we can.

Carpe diem, seek and spread joy, follow your passions, be good to each other.




Thankful Thursday 9/17/2015

One month from tomorrow is Baystate!

  • Yesterday, I got to register for my 2nd Boston Marathon…..I’m still amazed I get to write those words, and so very grateful. It was magical to be able to say “no” to “is this your first Boston?” Of course, last year it was phenomenal to get to say “yes”! After registering, I couldn’t get the smile off my face, and carried the good feeling with me all day.
  • The chance to chat in person this week with my boss (who’s great) and with a work friend who’s a triathlete – we have such great athlete-geek talks!
  • The return of big green kabocha, so yummy
  • Sunday’s cool breezes on the porch and the sound of wind in the trees – maybe something like fall sometime soon?
  • Evening walks with DH
  • Telework, especially in heavy training
  • Magnesium oil & lotion, which I find helpful for soreness after tough workouts
  • Goat yogurt with a teaspoon of TJ’s blueberry jam
  • The chance to try
  • Whole Foods chocolate chewies
  • When I can execute a run as planned (see above, carry good feeling all day!)
  • My chiro – confidence-building niggle-managing super-supporter – already thinking ahead “after the race it’s November and we’ll be getting you ready for Boston!”
  • Chatting run stuff with DH
  • Hearing that a dear friend who’s been struggling with a mystery injury causing her pain (for months) and hadn’t been allowed to run went to a new doc who told her she can run while the injury detective & diagnosis work continues
  • Pleasant people to work with
  • Enjoying new podcasts – recent adds are the Tough Girl (UK, on women doing cool things and overcoming obstacles) – I know the host is looking for guest ideas… and Ten Junk Miles (fun group of everyday runners talking running road, trail and ultra, from Chicagoland) I’ve listened to several eps and enjoyed, just listened to their Boston ep this week.

What’s been making you say or think “thanks!” lately?




Thankful Thursday 9/10/2015

I’m grateful for the beautiful Monarch butterfly that alighted on the hostas in the back yard, alllowing me to watch its wings move back and forth for a minute until it fluttered away. For some reason “flutter-bys” always feel like a visit from my Mom, who passed away 23 years ago today. While I miss her, and hate the suffering that breast cancer put her through before it took her from me – and the others who loved her far – too soon, I am deeply grateful that I had her at all. So many people never have a mom who loves them and supports them; some may not ever even know their mother. My mom wasn’t perfect, but she was a good woman who tried hard, loved me deeply, taught me a lot directly and by example, and who would have done absolutely anything for my well-being and happiness. She was a talented, kind, generous, compassionate woman, adored by her students, and a truly loyal friend. She had style, flair, a wicked sense of humor, a love of good food and music, and a voracious appetite for reading. She believed in me and always encouraged me and helped me follow my dreams, no matter what they were. Her faith in me and defense and protection of me were unshakeable. I carry those and many more of her gifts with me still, as well as my memories, and I see her just a bit when I look in the mirror. Thanks Mom.

Thankful Thursday 9/3/2015

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday of September…..are you ready for fall? I am!

Reminder, these are in no particular order, and it’s only a tiny part of the list of things for which I am thankful or grateful lately.

  • The smell of coffee
  • The chance to try again
  • A fresh pair of contact lenses
  • Whole Foods chocolate chewies cookies (I may try to make, but for now we’re buying, these were faves/addictions a few years ago)
  • My job, my boss (who is cool, fun, and has my back), and telework
  • When my friends who’ve been struggling with a problem or injury share that there’s been improvement
  • Helping dissect a colleague’s recent triathlon performance – geeking out on run stuff, nutrition, etc. during the workday is a treat, and if I can be of help (more than just a sympathetic and sort of understanding ear), so much the better
  • An unexpected card
  • Bacon and strawberries on the porch during Sunday breakfast with DH
  • Finding and getting new running books – I’m doling out small pieces of The Way of The Runner (enjoying a lot) to make it last, and am just getting into The Cool Impossible. Then I have A History of the Falmouth Road Race (and some TBD books) to get me to Two Hours which comes out 9 days – not soon enough – after my race. (folks, write more running books ASAP please!)
  • Walks after dinner (hill work!) when it’s cool enough
  • Yoga routines
  • Compression sleeves for various body parts
  • Podcasts and their hosts and guests – especially thankful for those where it’s a labor of love (no money) for the host, a side gig from their daily life – and discovering new ones!
  • A tub long enough for my straight legs (and a bit more) for my Epsom salt baths
  • Finding new products from small companies who really want to make it work for you – terrific customer service from founders sometimes!
  • The gift of a run
  • People like Aries Merritt (and his sister LaToya Hubbard) – both inspiring in their own ways….and while we’re on the subject of kidney transplants…that so many people tried to help a teacher in need of a transplant
  • The people of Iceland, more than 10,000 of whom were wiling to open their homes to refugees (Iceland has 330,000 people total)
  • More track and field to follow with the remaining Diamond League meets – I haven’t been a track geek, but I’m enjoying it, especially following particular athletes

What are you thankful for this week?