Thankful Thursday 8/13/2015

Good morning Thursday!

Sunrise in Portland, ME

Sunrise in Portland, ME

A brief list of some things I’ve been thankful/grateful for lately….

  • A few decent nights’ sleep before my regular “wake up often” pattern returned
  • Making myself do core workouts when I didn’t feel like it
  • Trying to meditate a few mornings
  • Getting in a pool run – tethered to the wall! – that gave me a chance for some no-impact high intensity intervals and form work…and the flexibility of telework to do it mid-day on a Friday
  • That I am able to try a couple of different shoes at least from a size perspective – thanks Asics men’s 8.5 4E
  • Chocolate Arctic Zero with PB2 – yum!
  • Twice (at least) in the last week I had talked myself completely out of running, dawdled and really wasn’t going to do it – and somehow made myself do it anyway. The mental/willpower effort probably was harder than the run, given they were both recovery runs, but they were little accomplishments of their own nonetheless.
  • I remembered how to do Whartons – and did them once
  • The smell of fresh basil
  • The quick pleasure of potting basil and vinca flowers DH brought home – now I can see them from the kitchen and porch and watch them grow
  • My sister, her amazing ability to understand and verbalize how I’m feeling and why, and her unfailing support
  • Cauliflower “rice” with a pesto I can eat (no garlic or lemon) but didn’t have to make (thanks to Whole Foods & DH)
  • Birds in the backyard
  • The return of kabocha
  • Chiro wisdom, along with insights and ideas from a triathlete colleague
  • Reminders to look for the good and seek joy, sharing and spreading both as I can

What are you thankful for?