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Thankful Thursday 8/27/2015

Last Thankful Thursday of August!

  • Good runs – I’m grateful for all runs, but especially for the good ones, as I move forward toward Baystate
  • Seeing fellow runners coming back from injury
  • My support team – see them weekly, get positive reinforcement for the mind and soul as well as the body – grateful daily
  • Unexpected emails from friends checking in to see how I’m doing
  • Crowdfunding sites that allow me to help people I’ve never met (who I probably found out about via twitter)
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Toothpaste (and even dental floss)
  • Friends taking a moment to share their life via photos – that “I’m thinking of you” effort in their busy lives means more than they might think
  • Bug spray
  • Businesses I thought were ignoring my questions getting in touch with an apology (technical issues) and attempting to help, and businesses that seem to specialize in great customer service
  • Telework
  • Strolling coffee dates with friends at work
  • Impressive young women like Jenny Simpson and Emily Infeld. Jenny for her performance, efforts, fun pictures on Instagram, positive attitude and maturity after losing a shoe in the 1500m final at Worlds (in this post-race video, note her concern for others and her total lack of self-pity – she’s grateful for what she’s already earned). Emily for continuing to keep coming back after 2 injuries and multiple setbacks, going as hard as she could and getting something good for it…. (are you loving all the great stories coming out of Worlds?)
  • A few days of highs only in the 80s!
  • Birdsong
  • “Ordinary” people who help others and who inspire others who then reach out to help:
    • Runner Don Wright, who’s run 88 marathons since being diagnosed with cancer (he’s aiming for 100) and using his runs to raise awareness for a cancer advocacy organization, and
    • Miranda Todd, mother of Ellie, a 4 year old girl whose new TinkerBell legs give her the joy of running, who had the courage to reach out and ask for help to get her daughter prosthetic legs for running at a much earlier age than would normally be provided, and all those who donated money, time and services to make it happen – watch the video as Ellie runs to the mom who adopted her when Ellie was two, after stays in seven foster homes and having had her legs amputated at age one.

The world can seem dark and filled with tragedy, sorrow, pain, hardships and unfairness, some of it inexplicable and some near unspeakable…..and it is.

But it’s also filled with good people, and love, compassion, friendship, generosity, beauty, joy and laughter.

“It’s better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the dark.” I read that as a child, in a book about a girl struggling with going blind and getting a “seeing eye dog”, and I’ve always remembered it.

Light a candle of good, spread the flame, keep it going by word or deed or both.

I wish you and yours peace of mind, health, happiness, joy, love and laughter. I hope you have much to be thankful for and to look forward to.


Thankful Thursday 8/20/2015

On the list this week

  • This cartoon, an ad in Yankee Magazine (enjoying that too) for the exhibit, which made me laugh out loud while on the bike:
back off, mister!

back off, mister!

  • Good news at the dentist
  • A 21 mile long run
  • A dear friend got her husband to take iPhone video of her swimming and she sent it to me – I love sharing part of her life. It can be challenging to stay close and keep up when we’re on opposite sides of the country, both busy, and she with adorable small ones on top of a demanding job, and this was a creative way to do it and much appreciated.
  • Travel books and sites with all their wonderful possibilities, generating pleasant moments spent dreaming and planning
  • Nectarines, peaches, watermelon – summer fruit!
  • Running books and memoirs (just finished my 4th reading of the great book Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn while waiting for his book on Japanese running to arrive from the UK, now re-reading this memoir by 1984 Olympic marathon bronze medalist & London Marathon winner Charlie Spedding, rec – both authors have been on my fave Marathon Talk podcast)
  • Running web sites – not only Runner’s World, etc. but, RunBlogRun, RunnersWeb, Athletics Weekly,, (among others) and sites for governing bodies like USATF, IAAF – I love reading about running (just like I love listening to podcasts)
  • Running magazines (I just subscribed to New England Runner, great publication)
  • The joy I get from reading about running or listening to discussions of running or talking about running
  • The incredible luxury of a grocery store – we have them, I can safely go to one, they’re well stocked, I have the resources to buy whatever I want or need, the food is reasonably safe……
  • Stories like those of Sam Chelanga and Wesley Korir.
    • The journey of Chelanga, a newly-minted American citizen, reminds me how lucky I am to be able to safely do something as fundamental and essential as drink clean water. It also reminds me how amazing, determined, caring and generous people can be, and puts my minor first world (literally) problems into perspective, even if just for a moment. Chelanga’s profile discusses some of the people who helped him, including Paul Tergat. I hope Chelanga sets up a foundation or something like that so more of us can help him help others. (Note: 2 days after becoming a citizen, he was 4th American at the Falmouth Road Race.)
    • The determination of Korir – Boston Marathon winner and member of Kenya’s Parliament – to help his country and its people. His dedication to that cause as well as his family and running are so impressive. He has beaten the odds in the past and continues to fight them now.

Though it is sad that there’s so much need and pain and suffering in the world, there are so many opportunities to have a positive effect on someone’s life. I’m grateful for those opportunities, the outlets or people from which I learn about them, and stories of people doing good – at whatever level or scale, wherever, however – to help others. If you know of people doing good, share their stories!

What are you thankful for this week?







Thankful Thursday 8/13/2015

Good morning Thursday!

Sunrise in Portland, ME

Sunrise in Portland, ME

A brief list of some things I’ve been thankful/grateful for lately….

  • A few decent nights’ sleep before my regular “wake up often” pattern returned
  • Making myself do core workouts when I didn’t feel like it
  • Trying to meditate a few mornings
  • Getting in a pool run – tethered to the wall! – that gave me a chance for some no-impact high intensity intervals and form work…and the flexibility of telework to do it mid-day on a Friday
  • That I am able to try a couple of different shoes at least from a size perspective – thanks Asics men’s 8.5 4E
  • Chocolate Arctic Zero with PB2 – yum!
  • Twice (at least) in the last week I had talked myself completely out of running, dawdled and really wasn’t going to do it – and somehow made myself do it anyway. The mental/willpower effort probably was harder than the run, given they were both recovery runs, but they were little accomplishments of their own nonetheless.
  • I remembered how to do Whartons – and did them once
  • The smell of fresh basil
  • The quick pleasure of potting basil and vinca flowers DH brought home – now I can see them from the kitchen and porch and watch them grow
  • My sister, her amazing ability to understand and verbalize how I’m feeling and why, and her unfailing support
  • Cauliflower “rice” with a pesto I can eat (no garlic or lemon) but didn’t have to make (thanks to Whole Foods & DH)
  • Birds in the backyard
  • The return of kabocha
  • Chiro wisdom, along with insights and ideas from a triathlete colleague
  • Reminders to look for the good and seek joy, sharing and spreading both as I can

What are you thankful for?



What if…8/12/2015

This may be the first in a series of occasional posts.

What if…

the next time you wanted to say or write something sarcastic or snarky, or something harsh, mean, critical or cutting to or about someone,

you pushed your lips together, took three deep breaths, and

DIDN’T say it?

If it’s appropriate to the situation (like being in a meeting or on a phone call, or even online), consider writing it down and setting it aside. Then go back to it later and read it.

Would the person you are at your best, or the person you want to be, say that? Why did you feel like saying it or think of saying it? Was it precipitated by someone else’s actions or words? Were you HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired), hurt, irritated, feeling bad about yourself and taking it out on someone else? Are these types of remarks just reflexive habits you’ve fallen into? If so, why? Is it the behavior of the people you surround yourself with? Do you want to continue or change your behavior?

There’s much we can learn from pausing, thinking, and actively choosing.

Thankful Thursday 8/6/2015

How can it already be the first Thankful Thursday of August? It’s been a busy summer.

Here are some of the things I’ve been thankful for lately:

  • Portland! It was great, I loved it and I want to go back.
  • The ocean steps from my door at the wonderful place I stayed.
ocean view

ocean view

  • Spending time with my sister, in a place she knows and enjoys and gets to share with me (and seeing my BIL also, he’s a good guy).
  • Running Beach to Beacon! Great race, great organization, great place and people. (watermelon at the finish, so good)
  • Finding new “I want to do that again” races and “go there again” places.
  • Finding wonderful food – safely gluten free! – and seriously indulging.
BamBam Bakery - totally gluten-free, the source of much yum in Portland

BamBam Bakery – totally gluten-free, the source of much yum in Portland

mini berry pie from BamBam

mini berry pie from BamBam

my 3 faves from BamBam - mini berry pie, oatmeal cranberry cookie, and sugar cookie

my 3 faves from BamBam – mini berry pie, oatmeal cranberry cookie, and sugar cookie

Mount Desert Island ice cream - cinnamon cardamom and my new fave banana blackstrap molasses

Mount Desert Island ice cream – cinnamon cardamom and my new fave banana blackstrap molasses

pb noir sorbetto (dairy free) at Gelato Fiasco ....eye-rolling goodness

pb noir sorbetto (dairy free) at Gelato Fiasco ….eye-rolling goodness

  • Meeting so many neat Mainers and getting a bit of a feel for why people love it there – my host was only one example.
  • Beautiful sunrises, and being able to see them
sunrise over the water

sunrise over the water

  • The neighbors’ bird feeder – I get to see and hear lots of birds without the birdseed shells and other related messes.
  • A few “less hot” evenings for walks with DH or sitting on the porch.

What are you thankful for this week?