Weekend Update July 4-5, 2015

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Saturday – 14.2 miles. This was again a desired 20 mile day (or even 18 or 16) but I’m getting to the point where I want to maintain form and only inflict so much soreness on my body so I can recover for the next run, the week’s speedwork, etc. Increased pace each mile through mile 7 – my R rec femoris complained a bit in mile 6-7, suggesting my use of my glutes/hams was diminishing and I was overusing my quads. Backed off speed thru mi 8-11, then held to end, still a decent pace though not as fast as I’d have liked (if I am not going to go long, I’d like to get some speed in). I’ll try another “short long run” tomorrow and see how it feels. The rec fem stayed cranky for a mile or two as I backed off pace, then settled down to a tolerable grumble. Glad I put quad sleeves on after my warmup walk.

Took Vanilla Gu mi 4, Salted Caramel GU mi 8, SOS Rehydrate at mi 2,6,10 then each mi to end. Maybe 7oz of that, 6oz water. Not enough in terms of hydration OR carbs I think. After I stopped, I seriously smelled like ammonia.

At beginning, felt pretty good, trying to pull legs/hams up behind, use good form, rotate more. As I tired, got harder, form got off. Shins hurt toward end and after as well as glutes/hams. Calves tight after. In the last few mi, R tongue of shoe shifted, sharp ankle pain from time to time. I also had some odd pre-run dizziness/wooziness that hit me again in mi 8-9 and mi 12-13, where I felt like I was tilting, off balance somehow. (I listed to the side a scary amount at one point during yesterday’s run, not sure what’s up with this.)

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, which had a LOT on Salazar, Goucher, etc. but also had a really nice interview with Maine runner Michael Westphal, who just ran a BQ despite having Parkinson’s for the last 9 years. Inspiring, rec a listen. (support his efforts for Michael J. Fox Foundation research here) In this ep, we say farewell to Duncan, Boy on the Run. I’ll be interested to see who the MT hosts get to alternate with Tony’s Trials – I’m hoping for a woman, perhaps Laura Fountain, a runner and author who’s guest hosted before.

Pre-run – expanded drills: lunge matrix – feel in knees. 6 light Ohnos, KR chair, KR rec fem (tight), UVa wall, KR calf, regular drills, ham flosses. Had some pre-run GI issues but they abated, thank goodness. 

Post-run: Ohnos, pretty light. 10 pistol squats, working on keeping R knee aligned. Runner quad, calf stretch, KR chair, KR Rec Fem, UVas, Myrtl stretches. Rolled upper back on green roller, forgot to do this pre-run. Have read it helps loosen back which helps rotation.

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop) within 10 minutes, trying to stay on top of this part of nutrition/hydration/recovery, though it took me 2 hours post-run to actually EAT something – my JSP & NB.

Sunday – 7 easy pace miles listening to Another Mother Runner ep about running in the summer. I enjoyed the “Sarah and Dimity chat” format – have missed it. They made me think about trying acupuncture again. We heard how Dimity’s DH Grant has a great attitude after missing BQ by only 11 seconds – ouch! (but he took 10 min off in 2 months between marathons – want to know how!) Sarah’s ankle is improving, yay. Dimity asks Sarah for advice about a race, and I love the discussion.

I ramped up the pace by 0.1 miles for the first 6 miles, and did half of each mile at 2% incline. Felt pretty good. Wore calf sleeves as well as quad sleeves as my calves have been very tight. Probably time for a fresh pair of shoes as the tongue of the R shoe keeps sliding and cutting into my ankle – started yesterday. No gel today, but some SOS Rehydrate to make sure I stayed topped up. Think I got dehydrated yesterday, and I want to make sure I stay hydrated to recover well and get ready my runs this week.


Saturday – Before my run, got sucked into the online video of the Peachtree Road Race. I loved watching Shalane – what form! I’m also going to watch the NBC Recap show (info here), set up to tape it. I enjoyed the Peachtree Cup competition as well. Also spent more time emailing painters bidding on the work I want done in the new place. That’s taking a bunch more time and effort than I’d thought, but goes to show I didn’t really know what was involved! Hopefully I’ve learned.

After the run and my exercises, I stayed online too long, tried on some Oofos clogs I bought (like, sandals have to go back as too big), chatted with DH and made chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. I’d craved them Wed night while supplying my medical test samples.

pancakes on griddle

pancakes on griddle

pancakes - the flip side

pancakes – the flip side

pancakes cooling - they look like cookies

pancakes cooling – they look like cookies

I wouldn’t say they are a fail, but they’re not quite a success. My first time trying King Arthur’s GF pancake mix, and I made some unapproved modifications/tweaks: added cocoa powder (1 1/2 T), used chocolate unsweetened almond milk instead of milk/rice milk, used egg whites instead of eggs, and used Earth Balance soy free instead of butter or oil. I also added a few chocolate chips to each pancake while it was cooking. The pancakes aren’t as sweet as I intended (not a bad thing) and need a bit of moisture – syrup, butter, nut butter, coco manna. They also are a bit crispy on the outside, which DH kind of liked. So we may eat them Sunday, freeze them, eat them as snacks or breakfast during the week. Was worth a try!

Felt really off, could just be too cold in the house post-run, so came out to sit on the porch for a while and updated this post. Then (proud of this) instead of just giving up on getting ANY stuff for the move done today, I took 45 min and went through the cabinet in the master bath, pitched a lot of stuff! Then, quick epsom bath before ordering pizza and taking a shower. Hoping I recover well for a solid run tomorrow. May do a short run in Kayanos Monday to try them out a bit more (did 4 mi in them on Friday). Tuesday is back to speedwork as well as work.

Sunday – After my run and exercises, took to the porch with DH and half an egg white/zucchini puff. We also cooked some bacon out of hte freezer (one of the pre-move efforts is to use/pitch as much as we can of what’s in freezer). The bacon was okay, somehow less bacony. We only ate a little, deciding it would be better in eggs, on a salad. We put the remainder in the fridge, and if we use it, we use it. Didn’t feel like trying the pancakes. I think I’m a bit disappointed by them, they didn’t meet the craving I had in my head – another “they’re fine, not great” and I’m trying not to eat “fine” calories for treats, eat something I really enjoy. May have one or two as a snack with some PB2 or perhaps DH will take some to work for snacking.

Nice breeze out on the porch in the morning.

Spent some time online and then got back to work on house/move stuff. Spent an hour in the bedroom finding stuff to pitch, donate and put away. (I need an organization plan for the new place for my running stuff which is most of what I own!) Headed to my massage, after which I spent some time going through storage caddies in the downstairs bathroom, one more task done! The big closet in that bathroom is the bigger deal, but we’ll get to it.

Spent more time online on the porch researching painters, small chest freezers and other such. A quick shower before a dinner of BBQ out of the freezer and some veggies, maybe make it into spring rolls to enjoy with DVR’d TV and flipping in and out of the US women’s soccer game and baseball games.

This week, DH and I took Monday off work. Much to be done on the moving front! I’ll do a short run in the Kayanos as I did Friday, trying them out, then back to the to-do list. Not sure what we’ll do for dinner, likely takeout and some more TV (we lose the DVR when we move, so it’s watch or lose).

Tuesday telework and chiro. Wednesday in the office. Thursday off to get my MRI results and do more move stuff and other to-dos. Friday I’ll telework.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Some great words from Deena in this piece. I’m going to really try to learn from her and use these tips!