Weekend Update July 19-20, 2015

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Saturday – 13.1 miles. I really didn’t know what to do for this run. My brain wanted 20+ miles again, but knowing what the next days would be like with the move, how much I had to get done Saturday (and how stressful Friday was), I didn’t know if that would be wise. Plus, I wanted to do more speedwork for Beach to Beacon, and to get a better sense of where I am to start marathon training (next week!). So I decided to try to repeat a workout I’d done earlier in the week – 3x2mi – at a slightly faster pace. Didn’t go quite as I wanted, and I probably knew it wouldn’t. Repeat the speedwork done Tuesday as part of Saturday’s long run, with also having done some hill and speed intervals on Thursday, being tired and stressed and not getting enough sleep? Predictable results, but sometimes you hope you might pull it off anyway, so you try.

I ran 3 warmup miles, increasing pace every 0.5mi. Caramel Macchiato GU mi 2.5. Then 2mi at my goal pace, 5 min recovery and a Blue-Pom Roctane. Then 1 mile at goal pace, felt hard on sore legs, took 5 min recovery after. Then decided I’d switch to 1k reps instead of 1 or 2 miles, but the legs just weren’t there. Did the rest of the run 75s slower per mile than goal pace, which felt harder to hold thatn I’d like. I did push the last 0.1, basically sprinted it. Trying not to be too irked, at least I got some speedwork in, right?

I AM frustrated with the Nimbus, which I love – except for the 2 blood blisters on my R foot and the pending blister on my L big toe that suggests lack of pronation control. I’m thinking that my old orthotics are not enough control in the neutral Nimbus, so I’ve ordered these insoles to try. I really don’t want to give up on the Nimbus – they’re light and springy and they make me feel fast. This run is my longest run in them. I think I’m going to wear them for my 10k, bring the Kayanos as a backup, and maybe start one of the “new/old” pairs of Adrenalines that I found and DH persuaded me to keep and try.

I’ve GOT to nail down a shoe shortly for marathon training. Right now, I’d love it to be the Nimbus, but I’m just not sure with these blisters. Once we’re in the new house, I’ll be ordering the new Adidas Sequence in wide (doubt it will be wide enough but I’ll try). I also need to decide if the Kayano 21s are “good enough” that I want more pairs, as the 22s come out in September. I could just wait for the new model, but that’s risky. I think the Kayanos are fine, they’re tolerable without orthotics for shorter runs (I hope to work toward longer runs that way) and with orthotics for longer runs, but I don’t love them. Of course, usually I don’t get to love a shoe, it’s just the only option that works tolerably, so perhaps I’m setting my sights too high.

Fueling: 5 FRS chews and a Vespa before. 2 GUs, mi 2.5 and 5.5. SOS Rehydrate citrus every couple miles. Water with gel and as needed. 

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen within 15 minutes of finishing the run.

Pre-run dinner (Fri) Repeated the BBQ chicken GF pizza from Naked Pizza.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with “guru” Greg Brock (who’s done IT for the site since the beginning), about his completion of the Bob Graham Round, a tough challenge of 42 peaks in 24 hours….I believe Greg beat Scott Jurek‘s time.

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.

Sunday – 4 recovery miles, Kayanos without orthotics. Did mi 3 at 2% as shoes were cutitng into ankle. Decided there was no point in pushing. Yesterday was physically stressful with the move, today will be too and very hot. Walked another mile after.

Listened to part of this ep of Endurance Planet with Phil Maffetone, listened to the rest during walk and drills/exercises.

All usual pre & post run drills and exercises but feel very wimpy. Legs sore, no energy.


Anything BUT the move and move-related stuff this weekend? Not really….FYI, it’s really hot and humid here. Heat index 105+.

Friday – I’m including Friday because I took the day off thinking I’d get ahead, but that’s not exactly how it went….

I woke up at 5:15, tried to sleep and gave up at 6.I skipped my core and didn’t feel like biking (quite tired). At 6:30, I decided to walk the few blocks to Starbucks to get some decaf espresso for cold brew, say goodbye to the shuttered running store, and stop by RiteAid for a few things.

I saw a beautiful and unique plant that I’ve enjoyed walking past many times – but this time I got to compliment the homeowner (out watering) on his beautiful garden and ask him what the plant was.



Apparently it’s amaranthus. He said if I came back in October, I could have some seeds to plant the next May. They’re so unusual and so vivid and vibrant that I may just take him up on that. I think there might be a spot in the backyard beds at the new place that gets enough sun. I’m considering what other flowers, veggies, fruits and herbs to plant, but may not be planting this year.

I got back home and noticed a car from the city sitting out front with a guy in it, unusual. A half hour or so later, I heard something on the porch. I peeked out the window – the car was still there, and now I saw “no parking” signs across the street. I opened the door to go look at the sign, and discovered a hang tag on the door telling me that the water and sewer would be turned off for sewer relining work ON OUR MOVING DAY. I ran outside and got one of the guys to call his supervisor, but there was no changing the date. So, over 90 degrees, humid, movers, no parking on our street, and no water or bathroom use?!

After a quick consult via phone with DH, I called the moving company, and we were able to shift both the packing and moving one day earlier. Yes, EARLIER. (We have cleaners coming to the old house the day after our planned move, and then we start to run toward the weekend in unpacking at the new place and closing out at the old.) Then I contacted the treadmill mover to get him to come Monday instead of Tuesday, and let the painter know he’d HAVE to be done by COB Monday.

I am amazed that – so far, and with the help of many others – it looks like we may pull this off. That flurry of activity, rescheduling, calls, emails, etc. was a couple of stressful hours, and I was spent afterward. Had something to eat, and then texted the old tenant at our new place again, as she was supposed to let me know when she was there so I could get keys (and confirm she’d canceled her cable/internet so we could start ours).

I spent some time at the new place geting the keys from the old tenant, who was still cleaning. She explained more quirks of the house to me, most of which I promptly forgot. Met the landlord (younger than I’d thought) who seemed, to use my old boss’ term, “aces”. Nice, friendly, helpful, pleasant to chat with…and super-willing to help us out in any way he can. For example, the current tenant had a HUGE TV mounted above the fireplace (apparently the landlord’s prior had been even bigger). Since our TV is not that big, we asked her to have the mounts taken down. Not being a TV/electronics geek (DH takes care of that for us), I didn’t quite understand what that might mean. Imagine my surprise at seeing this the day before the painters were to start:

what the tenant left behind

what the tenant left behind

But the landlord pulled the cable back into the wall, told me to have the painters paint around it, and said he’d do the special patching required, sand and touch up the paint himself. Apparently he’s very handy, turned the basement into 3 rooms himself and has done a lot of work on and in the house.

Got home to find my Boston finisher’s certificate and Runner Results book. So glad it came before the move! (and just before 9 months to the race)

Boston Runner's Results book (back)

Boston Runner’s Results book (back)

I had my GF BBQ pizza for dinner. DH didn’t want that, so had a calzone instead. I have the ability to repeat a certain meal weekly (or even daily for breakfast) but don’t want him to burn out on it, so he can get their calzones, cheesy bread, or other items while I stick with the pizza that works. I just had leftovers, which worked out well for the weekend, light lunch Sat and Sun. I ate half the pizza (cracker-type crust, very light on toppings) and was still hungry. For some reason, with all the move stuff going on, I’m hungry ALL the time. I mean REALLY hungry. Usually I need to eat every 2 hours at least, but I seem to be even hungrier at those points, and am hungry after an hour quite often. I’m balancing protein, carbs and fat in my snacking and meals, so I don’t think it’s a blood sugar thing – hoping I’m just burning tons of calories with added activity and from stress.

We watched the finale of Grimm (wow, that was a shocker) and an episode of Castle.

Saturday – The painters started at 8am at the new place. The living room, office alcove and stairwell had been shades of dark green, gray, and lavender, the backsplash in the kitchen dark red, and the treadmill room, well, let’s call it mushroom brown.I wanted the whole house to match the color of the rest of the house – a neutral, sunny-ish light yellow/cream color. (and the landlord was able to give me the paint info) The painters suggested updating the trim in the dining room from dark red/brown to white to match the rest of the house, I’m glad they did.

DH was a champ and supported my running as usual by going over to let them in at 8AM both days so I could run. After the run, I had breakfast then started taking stuff over to the new place, talking to the painters. Lots of back and forth car trips, and then doing whatever I could in the kitchen and bedroom at home to get ready for the move. Had a couple pieces of leftover pizza from Friday and half a Quest bar different times I was back at the house between loads.

Dinner of some chicken from the Chinese place with carrots and shrooms out of the fridge, made into “rolls” along with one of their “summer” rolls. We watched the finale of The Flash, and then I got started doing stuff for the move again and just kept going till it was time to snack and read. DH watched the finale of Castle while I worked on getting the running books/magazines I wanted handy safely bagged and sorting other running-related items. My extra chair in the sitting room is usually loaded with running stuff, and having it be bare is quite odd. The fact that I kept going so late on so little sleep Friday night shows I was a little wired, which probably didn’t help me sleep Saturday night….nor did the 1-2 ounces of caffeinated cold brew from Starbucks I took out of DH’s cup around noon…and the 2 gels I had had caffeine also, as do FRS chews – I guess I may actually be that sensitive to caffeine but it’s hard to tell with everything else going on ramping up my system.

Sunday – Post run, DH and I had breakfast on the porch for the last time….egg white puff and artichoke and some bacon out of the freezer. (Bacon freezes and reheats ok, but doesn’t crisp up well and loses some of it’s bacony oomph.)

For lunch, more leftover pizza, then later a snack of half a Quest bar and one of the summer rolls during the afternoon, along with SOS Rehydrate in berry (had some on Saturday as well, and have plans to use Mon & Tues). With the heat, added physical activity, an odd schedule and stress, I’m trying to stay on top of hydration. I don’t know that I’m doing well – I keep getting headaches and my digestion is off – but I’m probably doing better than if I weren’t trying.

Back and forth with carloads of stuff in the heat. The landlord called to let me know he was going to caulk one of the showers and changethe air conditioner filter. DH went over to meet him, and told me that the landlord offered to help me carry things if he was there when I got there, but unfortunately he was already gone. The new place has SO many stairs, inside and out. It’s up on a hill, so there are steep angles as well.

The painters finished in 2 days! They did a really nice job, did some extra caulking behind the baseboard heaters that needed to get done too. I’m having them estimate what it would cost to lighten up the inside color on the back screened porch. We’ll see, as the owner is fine with us painting, but he likes the outside color and would want it repainted with the same colors when we left, so it would be 2x the cost. I think we’ll likely live with it a while, maybe get it power-washed and touch up the white parts of the ceiling (the suggestion of the painter).

Here’s what the wall looks like now

the wall now - no cable, nicer color

the wall now – no cable, nicer color

Dinner of BBQ out of the freezer, the rest of the carrots and shrooms from the fridge and peanut sauce from the freezer made into homemade “rolls” while attempting to clean out the DVR and catch up on the TV season. In theory, the programs on the DVR should be there when we hook up at the new place, but just in case, we tried to get through at least the high priority ones. We watched the finale of Bones and Elementary. Interesting episodes, lots of open questions and not exactly cheerful. Elementary was enough of a downer that we watched a few minutes of Tour replay just for pretty pictures and the soothing dulcet tones of Phil and Paul.

I read a bit – finally reading A Race Like No Other, which I picked up after reading and really enjoying this short e-book on Grete Waitz. I’d really like to read more about her. I’m also reading Hal Higdon’s The Marathoners and David Epstein‘s The Sports Gene (yes, only now, heard him on the House of Run podcast last week, listened to multiple episodes with him, and wanted to read the book). I have a bag of library books waiting at the new house, but I need people to keep writing running books, PLEASE, as it’s what I really want to read.

I had a hard time settling down. Set alarm for 4:15AM, but didn’t sleep much after 3. Welcome to Monday, aka packing day!

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Reminder – Some great words from Deena in this piece. “Our choices become our habits.”