Weekend Update July 11-12, 2015

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Saturday – 21 miles! So pleased with this, my first 20 miler since Boston. I’d been trying to get there in past weeks, building up, but having tough runs. This run was about perseverance – to start it, and to keep going when after 5 miles, the Adrenalines were cutting into my R ankle so badly I had to stop and put moleskin/molefoam on, and after another 2 miles, had to stop to change to Kayanos with my orthotics as the ankle was just too painful. I got 14 miles on the Kayanos! Long run pace zone, kept it on the easier side.HR 140 at end, good.

Fueling: 5 FRS chews and a Vespa before. GUs – mi 3 Vanilla Bean, mi 6 Salted Wmelon, mi 9 Strawberry Kiwi Roctane, mi 12 Salted Caramel, mi 16 tried Big Apple for the first time. SOS Rehydrate citrus every couple miles. Water with gel and as needed. Whether it was the pace or the added electrolytes from the SOS (or two stops), I didn’t get hot enough to have to pour water on myself.

Regarding the Big Apple GU – I think I’d describe it as “nasty”. I knew it didn’t have cinnamon in it (disappointing) but was hoping for something like apple cider or like a Jolly Rancher green apple. Instead, it was a strong taste, but a little on the bitter side. After the first taste, I thought about either tossing it and taking another gel or just not finishing it, but knew I needed the calories and figured even if I didn’t like the taste, it wouldn’t upset my stomach (true). However, I won’t be using the 2nd pack I got – DH can try it, or we’ll pitch it.

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen within 15 minutes of finishing the run.

A bit different dinner the night before – BBQ chicken GF pizza from Naked Pizza. I’ve been having so many GI issues lately that I was wondering if too much fiber the night before might be a problem. I read/heard somewhere recently that it can take 16 hours to fully digest a meal, suggesting that I needed to make dinners easier to digest (and that my plan of a pre-race big lunch and snacks is reasonable). Seemed to work well enough that I’ll try it again.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Mark Berry who ran the South West Coast Path in England, setting a new record.

Then listened to Joe Friel talk about being Fast After 50 (his book) on this ep of Trail Runner Nation.

Finished up with this ep of Runners Connect, with physio/chiro/researcher Greg Lehman.

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.

Sunday – 4 recovery miles, trying the Nimbus with my orthotics. WOW. SO light and cushy, springy! This was the first time I really understood – from feeling it – what a difference it makes to wear a lighter shoe. I have long legs (levers) but having heavy weights on the end makes my efforts harder, including pulling my leg up behind me, which felt so much easier in this shoe than it’s ever felt. I also noticed that my footstrike was much quieter.

My muscles felt much better than I would have expected after yesterday’s run, they could have gone farther (though my ankle was cranky from the Adrenalines yesterday) but overall I felt tired and low energy, so kept it short. No reason to push right now, lots going on in the life/stress pie, time to be smart about it!

Listened to another Runners Connect episode, with Sarah Russell, who went from being an athlete to not being able to eat solid food for 5 months, to living with an ileostomy (colostomy bag) and adapting to complete a 100 mile, multi-day event in the Himalayas! Here’s a piece Sarah wrote for the Telegraph. Sarah also blogs about her running and the group she started, as well as life with an ileostomy. Her last post on the latter is a good window into how challenging her life can be, and how determined she is. Rethink possible.

(Also, I found it interesting that Sarah uses SOS Rehydrate – gives credence to their claim of being a medically-based oral rehydration solution. I’m finding it helpful on my long runs and for recovery.)

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.


Saturday – Post run, we were already at lunchtime. A JSP/NB breakfast followed by some roasted kabocha, and doing miscellaneous things around the house, going through cabinets and moving like to be with like. Soon enough, it was time for an epsom salt bath before a (mildly disappointing) dinner of takeout Thai and catching up on Arrow, Person of Interest and Elementary. For reading, I’m now on Paula Radcliffe’s memoir, skimming the later parts. Fascinated by all the injury and GI challenges she had in training and racing.

Sunday – Post run, breakfast on the porch, then some time online and food prep. Bought the a/c unit for the treadmill room at the new place. After my massage, finished food prep, did some other things and headed to the porch. Not much got done this weekend for the move, just means more needs to get done during the week and next weekend – when the painters start at the new house. Another donation pickup Friday, so another opportunity to lighten the move. Tasker comes Tuesday (hopefully, supposed to storm) to paint the back deck. Working on final details of utilities transfers and such too.

Saw and loved this, via  Fit is a Feminist Issue :

101 Year Old Woman Breaks Abseiling Record (abseiling appears to be like rappelling)

For more inspiration, check out these photos and follow Alex Rotas. You could also buy her book. I want to listen to some of her interviews.

Dinner of BBQ out of the freezer, veggies and homemade “rolls” while we catch up on TV, then some snacking and reading and hello, it’s Monday again?!

This coming week is a full week of work (seems unusual by now!). Monday, Wednesday in the office. Wednesday I give a training presentation. Tuesday telework and chiro. Hoping the Tasker can paint the back deck on T as scheduled, but looks stormy. Wednesday in the office. Thursday and Friday I’ll telework.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Reminder – Some great words from Deena in this piece. “Our choices become our habits.”