Training Recap Week of June 29, 2015

Training recap for hill module week 1 – I’m combining that with a bit of catch-up on the base workout speed sessions and a bit of 10k/marathon training. The last bit of June and first bit of July, how time is flying!

RUN miles for the week: 43.7 Directionally correct (up)

Monday 6/29

Core w/o. Walked 15 min in NB 860v5 to try them out. Felt ok (so light and cushy) but I ran 1 min in them and immediately the insides of my big toes were being thrown into the shoe. Nope.

Tuesday 6/30

11mi with 6.2mi at a good steady state pace. Threw in a half mile of 2% toward the end of the run.

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

I was thrilled to have my chiro tell me he could see/feel muscle development in my glutes! I used to have large hollows, now they’re filling in/out. It’s great to hear someone objective and experienced tell me that the effort is starting to yield results. I think i feel some benefit, but it’s great that there is an actual observable difference.

Thought about and suited up for a 2nd run after work, but walking felt like enough so I did 2.25 miles at my warmup pace, 1% first mile, 2% 2nd mile, 3% last 0.25.

Wednesday 7/1

No workouts as I was doing some medical testing that might get screwed up if I did.

Thursday 7/2

Took the day off work, yay!

7.25 miles with what McMillan calls “Lydiard hill circuits”. 3mi warmup, then 6 x the following: (60s at ez pace and 3%, recover at 1%, 20s Leg Speed at 20s faster than goal pace at 1%, recover at ez pace and 1%, 60s at ez pace 0% (“downhill”), recover at 1%, 20s Leg Speed at 20s faster than goal pace at 1%, recover at 1%) then coldown. I like this workout!

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

Friday 7/3

A holiday Friday, lovely!

Core workout then a run of 4.25 miles trying out the Kayano 21. Ez pace run, increased pace every 0.5 miles.

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

Saturday 7/4

14.2 miles. This was again a desired 20 mile day (or even 18 or 16) but I’m getting to the point where I want to maintain form and only inflict so much soreness on my body so I can recover for the next run, the week’s speedwork, etc. Increased pace each mile through mile 7 – my R rec femoris complained a bit in mile 6-7, suggesting my use of my glutes/hams was diminishing and I was overusing my quads. Backed off speed thru mi 8-11, then held to end, still a decent pace though not as fast as I’d have liked (if I am not going to go long, I’d like to get some speed in). I’ll try another “short long run” tomorrow and see how it feels. The rec fem stayed cranky for a mile or two as I backed off pace, then settled down to a tolerable grumble. Glad I put quad sleeves on after my warmup walk.

Took Vanilla Gu mi 4, Salted Caramel GU mi 8, SOS Rehydrate at mi 2,6,10 then each mi to end. Maybe 7oz of that, 6oz water. Not enough in terms of hydration OR carbs I think. After I stopped, I seriously smelled like ammonia.

At beginning, felt pretty good, trying to pull legs/hams up behind, use good form, rotate more. As I tired, got harder, form got off. Shins hurt toward end and after as well as glutes/hams. Calves tight after. In the last few mi, R tongue of shoe shifted, sharp ankle pain from time to time. I also had some odd pre-run dizziness/wooziness that hit me again in mi 8-9 and mi 12-13, where I felt like I was tilting, off balance somehow. (I listed to the side a scary amount at one point during yesterday’s run, not sure what’s up with this.)

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, which had a LOT on Salazar, Goucher, etc. but also had a really nice interview with Maine runner Michael Westphal, who just ran a BQ despite having Parkinson’s for the last 9 years. Inspiring, rec a listen. (support his efforts for Michael J. Fox Foundation research here) In this ep, we say farewell to Duncan, Boy on the Run. I’ll be interested to see who the MT hosts get to alternate with Tony’s Trials – I’m hoping for a woman, perhaps Laura Fountain, a runner and author who’s guest hosted before.

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop) within 10 minutes, trying to stay on top of this part of nutrition/hydration/recovery, though it took me 2 hours post-run to actually EAT something – my JSP & NB. I have this problem Tuesdays and Saturdays, and some Thursdays. Something to improve.

4 weeks to Beach to Beacon 10k!

Sunday 7/5

7 easy pace miles listening to Another Mother Runner ep about running in the summer. I enjoyed the “Sarah and Dimity chat” format – have missed it. They made me think about trying acupuncture again. We heard how Dimity’s DH Grant has a great attitude after missing BQ by only 11 seconds – ouch! (but he took 10 min off in 2 months between marathons – want to know how!) Sarah’s ankle is improving, yay. Dimity asks Sarah for advice about a race, and I love the discussion.

I ramped up the pace by 0.1 miles for the first 6 miles, and did half of each mile at 2% incline. Felt pretty good. Wore calf sleeves as well as quad sleeves as my calves have been very tight. Probably time for a fresh pair of shoes as the tongue of the R shoe keeps sliding and cutting into my ankle – started yesterday. No gel today, but some SOS Rehydrate to make sure I stayed topped up. Think I got dehydrated yesterday, and I want to make sure I stay hydrated to recover well and get ready my runs this week.

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

How’s your training going? When’s your next race?