Training Recap Week of July 13, 2015

RUN miles for the week: 40.1

While I’d like it to be more, getting 40 will have to do with everything else going on, and is probably plenty for my body to handle right now anyway.

Monday 7/13

Got up early, but slow, tired and sore – only did my core workout.

Tuesday 7/14

11mi with 3x2mi at different goal paces. Did my walk in Kayanos no orthotics. Ran 3mi warmup (increasing pace each 0.5mi for first 2, then holding a bit faster the last mile.) Shoes felt slappy, feet felt sort of cold/numb. Stopped, took Caramel Macchiato GU, changed to Nimbus w/orthotic. Then 3x2mi at 3 goal paces, increased pace 7s each set. 0.5 recovery between sets 1/2, 2/3, after set 3 did 0.2 at 7s faster, then 0.5 recovery 7:43. Took a sip of Salted Watermelon GU after set 1, rest after set 2.

Pronating more on L (visibly) in Nimbus – may be ok, but both PTTs sharply cranky in calf after. (could also be from wearing Oofos clogs all day yesterday, maybe not enough support) Orthotics push on arches. Big toenails push on Nimbus. R 3rd or 4th toenail feels odd after (Sun too) Still think Nimbus so much lighter, easier to run in (tho made a little noise at start) – is it worth pronation risk? Wonder if even with the exercises, I’m strong enough.

I need to work on foot strength – not been doing toe yoga or Whartons. Need to start those and looking at this AFX “ankle foot maximizer” – anybody used it? It’s not like I need one more device, and one more thing else to take 15min of time at least 1/day – but if it got me into more neutral shoes and made me stronger, it’d be worth it. If you’ve used it, I’d really appreciate it if you got in touch via comments or tweets with your feedback.  

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills. However, I did note an interesting difference. I did my usual preruns in Kayanos without orthotics. I did the postrun in the Nimbus with orthotics. The exercises after felt easier, both the leaping ones and the floor ones (balance better, felt stronger) even after a fairly tough workout. I wonder if that means anything. If so, would seem to tilt toward the Nimbus, wouldn’t it?

Wednesday 7/15

2mi recovery pace in the Nimbus, then 20s at a fast pace at the end – one stride.

Got up 545 (late), R knee feels a bit off, woke to alarm out of dream. Put on Kayanos but feel like they’re cutting top of R ankle so switched to Nimbus.  Big blood blister front edge 2nd toe on R in Nimbus, start of one outer R 3rd. Oh boy, blood blisters!

Top of R foot annoyed w/ laces on & off, L PTT at arch a little (arch got better after warmup). R ham, esp upper. Trying to watch form, run quieter.

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills. (Part of why I only ran 2mi is that I still did my full walking warmup and pre-run work, and planned time for my post-run exercises.)

Thursday 7/16

10mi with Lydiard hill circuits, Kayanos with orthotics (and bandaids over the blood blisters). Ran 3 warmup miles increasing the pace every 0.5mi. Took part of Caramel Macchiato GU mi 2.5. Then – using a higher end ez zone pace as “base pace”: 

4x (1min 2%, 1min 3%, 1min 2%, 15sec 1%, 30sec 1m20s faster pace, 15sec 1% at base pace, 3min base pace at 0% to simulate downhill, 15sec 1%, 30sec at 1m20s faster pace, 15sec 1% at base pace) then 1mi a bit slower, 2mi a bit slower. Tried to go one more notch (0.1mph) slower but slower felt bad! 🙂 So sped back up. Cardio ok, muscles working HARD. Glutes, hams, hip flexors, feet. Calves after, lower back.

Such a gift when you “need” a run to go well and it does!

All the usual pre and postrun exercises and drills.

Friday 7/11

Skipped core, skipped XT. (My core is just going to heck in a handbasket lately, and every time I pick it up again, I can tell how much I need to do it. Trying to be patient with myself.) Walked to RiteAid and back, about 1.3 miles. I’m sure I got more walking in than that in the rest of the day, but no way to know.

Saturday 7/19

Saturday – 13.1 miles. I really didn’t know what to do for this run. My brain wanted 20+ miles again, but knowing what the next days would be like with the move, how much I had to get done Saturday (and how stressful Friday was), I didn’t know if that would be wise. Plus, I wanted to do more speedwork for Beach to Beacon, and to get a better sense of where I am to start marathon training (next week!). So I decided to try to repeat a workout I’d done earlier in the week – 3x2mi – at a slightly faster pace. Didn’t go quite as I wanted, and I probably knew it wouldn’t. Repeat the speedwork done Tuesday as part of Saturday’s long run, with also having done some hill and speed intervals on Thursday, being tired and stressed and not getting enough sleep? Predictable results, but sometimes you hope you might pull it off anyway, so you try.

I ran 3 warmup miles, increasing pace every 0.5mi. Caramel Macchiato GU mi 2.5. Then 2mi at my goal pace, 5 min recovery and a Blue-Pom Roctane. Then 1 mile at goal pace, felt hard on sore legs, took 5 min recovery after. Then decided I’d switch to 1k reps instead of 1 or 2 miles, but the legs just weren’t there. Did the rest of the run 75s slower per mile than goal pace, which felt harder to hold thatn I’d like. I did push the last 0.1, basically sprinted it. Trying not to be too irked, at least I got some speedwork in, right?

I AM frustrated with the Nimbus, which I love – except for the 2 blood blisters on my R foot and the pending blister on my L big toe that suggests lack of pronation control. I’m thinking that my old orthotics are not enough control in the neutral Nimbus, so I’ve ordered these insoles to try. I really don’t want to give up on the Nimbus – they’re light and springy and they make me feel fast. This run is my longest run in them. I think I’m going to wear them for my 10k, bring the Kayanos as a backup, and maybe start one of the “new/old” pairs of Adrenalines that I found and DH persuaded me to keep and try.

I’ve GOT to nail down a shoe shortly for marathon training. Right now, I’d love it to be the Nimbus, but I’m just not sure with these blisters. Once we’re in the new house, I’ll be ordering the new Adidas Sequence in wide (doubt it will be wide enough but I’ll try). I also need to decide if the Kayano 21s are “good enough” that I want more pairs, as the 22s come out in September. I could just wait for the new model, but that’s risky. I think the Kayanos are fine, they’re tolerable without orthotics for shorter runs (I hope to work toward longer runs that way) and with orthotics for longer runs, but I don’t love them. Of course, usually I don’t get to love a shoe, it’s just the only option that works tolerably, so perhaps I’m setting my sights too high.

Fueling: 5 FRS chews and a Vespa before. 2 GUs, mi 2.5 and 5.5. SOS Rehydrate citrus every couple miles. Water with gel and as needed. 

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with “guru” Greg Brock (who’s done IT for the site since the beginning), about his completion of the Bob Graham Round, a tough challenge of 42 peaks in 24 hours….I believe Greg beat Scott Jurek‘s time.

After, 3 SportLegs and 1 scoop of Ultragen within 15 minutes of finishing the run.

All the usual pre and post run drills and exercises.

2 weeks to Beach to Beacon 10k!

Sunday 7/20

4 recovery miles, Kayanos without orthotics. Did mi 3 at 2% as shoes were cutitng into ankle. Decided there was no point in pushing. Yesterday was physically stressful with the move, today will be too and very hot. Walked another mile after.

Listened to part of this ep of Endurance Planet with Phil Maffetone, listened to the rest during walk and drills/exercises.

All usual pre & post run drills and exercises but feel very wimpy. Legs sore, no energy.

13 weeks to Baystate!

Are you counting down to a race? Which one?