Thankful Thursday 7/9/2015

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

i was able to start this list just after waking LAST Thursday…..let’s do it!

I’m thankful and grateful……

  • That I was able to sleep later than normal after being up for several hours in the middle of the night for some test samples W/Th of last week
  • For these absolutely fantastic words and practices to live by from my inspiration and role model Deena Kastor. I want to live my life the same way, full of joy, purpose, gratitude and choice.  She’s set a very high bar, sp I’m encouraged to read that she wasn’t always like this, that it was a matter of effort and forming habits and practices and making choices that helped her become who she is because that means I can do it too!
  • For e-friends like Thumbholes, who shared the Brave Girls Club with me – loving their emails! Please check out Thumbholes’ Small Change initiative and consider donating with your next race. She’s also featuring some interesting runners on her blog and is involved with Girls on the Run where she lives, I’m sure she’d love to talk about either of those topics if you’re interested.
  • For DH and his constant and unwavering support of my running and my efforts to improve myself and my life and to live joyfully
  • Heard good news from a friend about her job hunt – phone call generated a face to face meeting. Hope it goes well!
  • A tip from a friend (in response to a frustrated text message) points me to – a service where you can have service providers bid on a job, like the painting we want done in the new place. Had 5 interested bidders within hours, went back and forth with them for several days (over the holiday), and finally chose one. We’ll really know how it worked out once the painting is done, which might take a bit longer than I wanted, but the estimate was half of the first painter’s estimate.
  • For – they magically made some big stuff vanish from our house, and a Tasker is coming to paint the back deck so DH doesn’t have to. If that goes well, thinking of hiring the same person to install the window a/c unit I’m going to buy to help keep the basement treadmill room cooler.
  • Someone thanked me for running advice and running book suggestions, and let me know how well they’ve done in recent racing. This meant so very much to me. I’m happy to have been of any help, grateful for the opportunity to have been of use and support. Congrats to the runner who put in the hard work and set a new PR!
  • My annual breast MRI results came back normal!
  • A friend, who I’ve known since she was a college intern working for me, just got promoted to manager (job I used to have) and her daughter is finishing first grade, her husband’s work is going well too – such good news for one of the sweetest people I know.
  • For ostrich, baked fries, BBQ sauce and mustard on a Wednesday night
  • Kabocha returns! (it’s still not quite the season for it but I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts)
  • For chocolate PB2….mixed into chocolate or vanilla AZ, and now I’m trying it with goat yogurt too
  • For charities that will pick up donations from your front porch and put them to good use

What’s on your gratitude list this week?