Thankful Thursday 7/23/2015

First Thankful Thursday in the new place!

I’m writing this sitting on the porch of the old place Monday night while we still have internet and setting it up to post on Thursday just in case we don’t have internet at the new place by then (we should, but…).

I started this list LAST Thursday after completing my post, so we’re catching up a bit as well as covering this week so far…

  • That DH’s xray was clear, he can finish antibiotics and move back toward regular light activity, then work his way back to running!
  • That people think to do things like this inclusion race – wish they hadn’t needed to, but what an awesome event! I hope the idea takes off and we see many more of these.
  • That we have the resources we do….so much about our life and the move is made so much better and easier because of it. I don’t take our good fortune lightly, and am very grateful.
  • That the paint job at the new place came out so well, and got done in only 2 days. I’m amazed. So glad we decided to do it and that my friend suggested to find a painter. A good job, and over $1k less than the first estimate I got from someone well-reviewed by the Checkbook site.
  • The treadmill made it safely to its new home! As I anxiously watched the specialists moving it, it occurred to me that – of the things I’m letting someone else move – this was the most important one. Anything else could be replaced fairly easily, but…. I’m hoping my first run on it will be Thursday. I don’t rule out Wednesday but suspect I’ll need the rest.
  • The window a/c unit has been installed (a mere 2 hours after the treadmill made its trip) and is pointing at the treadmill….and I can tell it’s going to be needed. Granted, today was incredibly hot, but the room was too warm for a run. And, it looks like I may be able to set it to 60 instead of 64, which is almost cold enough (57-59 preferred). In the winter we’ll likely take it out and open the window if the room isn’t cold enough.
  • TaskRabbit – What a great service. I’ve had Taskers do 2 heavy lifting/donation jobs, mow/weed/trim bushes, paint the back deck and install a window a/c unit. They were all good, the a/c guy was awesome and the heavy lifter guy very impressive.
  • That we did generally okay – at the time of this writing anyway – planning what food to have in each house, what items we’d move ourselves before, during, and after the move, when utilities would change, when certain service providers would show up – all things we worked on to make ourselves as comfortable as possible at both locations during the move and reduce stress to the extent possible.
  • That our new landlord seems very nice and is doing things for us around the house – filling holes in the wall, changing filters, fixing a door panel.
  • That phase 1 of the move – the biggest part, involving other people – is OVER! Let the unpacking, attempts to organize and put things in good places, adjusting of habits and routines, and discoveries of things I thought we’d gotten rid of or forgotten we had, begin. And of course, the search for things to love and enjoy about the new place.
  • That everyone in my life, online and in the physical space, has been supportive and understanding of my venting and stressing over the move and everything related, even though it’s a serious first world, so very lucky, thing to be stressing over. Thank you.

What are you thankful for this week? Any big changes on the horizon in your life?