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Thankful Thursday 7/2/2015

The first thankful Thursday of July….I’m looking for July to be the month to send 2015 in the right direction, so let’s go!

  • Unexpected beauty and kindness – Coming home from work Monday to find that my uncle, my Dad’s youngest brother, sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers as a belated birthday gift. (and they’re sort of Boston colors) He usually sends a card but we haven’t done gifts before – perhaps it’s because this was my first birthday (and Father’s Day) since Dad died. I know my uncle misses him quite a bit. He’s the only one left of his birth family now.
flowers from my uncle

flowers from my uncle

  • DH is slowly recovering from his scary bout with pneumonia. I’m grateful for modern medicine, our ability to get access to it, jobs that allow for time off (and have health insurance), and everyone’s support.
  • A return to some routines after a couple weeks of chaos – momentarily will be supplanted by pre-move, move and post-move chaos, but all that’s only temporary
  • Having found a book series I like. I’m into the 3rd of 3 now, trying to make it last. (the author is Ingrid Thoft, the main character is a PI from a very dysfunctonal family of attorneys, I really like the character AND it’s set in Boston)
  • Ostrich, fries and BBQ sauce
  • Peanut sauce – because it goes so well on so many things, chicken, veggies, noodles, garden rolls
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries on sale
  • Fake noodles and rice with pretty much no calories, topped with whatever
  • Arctic Zero and PB2
  • Days off work
  • Inspiring women everywhere – last weekend’s track and field, World Cup soccer and of course Gunhild Swanson and Western States! Waiting to see which of my podcasts Gunhild is on first.
  • Finding out when I can register for Boston! (11 weeks from yesterday) Less than 42 weeks to Boston, less than 16 to Baystate and 4 weeks to Beach to Beacon! I’m really looking forward to my first trip to Maine and researching places I can eat, finding more than I have time or tummy for!

What are you thankful for this week? 

Training Recap Week of June 22, 2015

Training recap for workout base phase week 4. Not a perfect training week for a few reasons but did what I could and what I thought I should, given my fatigue and stress level. Trying to stay on the right side of that bright line.

RUN miles for the week: 40.1 Lower than I’d like overall, but I made smart decisions along the way this week, so…..

Monday 6/22

Nothing. Took DH to hospital.

Tuesday 6/23

3.1 miles – not the run it was supposed to be or that I wanted. Stopped after a few warmup miles as my R quad was still cranky. HR 148 – too high, overtired from stress of last few days. Room was warm (64) because I got started late. Eye twitching after. Dehydrated? Did Ohnos & UVas after, but kind of a wimpy version.

Wednesday 6/24

7 recovery pace miles – mi 1,3,5,7 at 2% (last 0.2mi at 3%) other miles at 1%. Quad still painful, slightly less so on incline but no speed possible.

Think I need to add Ohnos to pre-run drills to activate lateral glutes. Still doing KR calf raises, hip flexors pre-run. Prerun getting long.

After:  Ohnos, calf stretches, KinRev hip flexor stretch,  UVas. Put magnesium oil spray on R quad (& a little L outer ham) after exercises. Think it helped. R toe/bunion twist cranky. Definitely did not hydrate enough today. Acid flare up late in day. 

Thursday 6/25

Stomach ache from 3am on. Woke 1115, 130, 3, hard to get back to sleep, got up at 545 with light. Tired.

10 miles – 3 warmup miles, the first at 2% to ease quad, then Caramel Macchiato GU & 2mi at about 10-15s slower than goal pace. Quad/hip flexor holding up, feel in glutes/hams, effort – think legs could have held more though complaining loudly (both, muscular effort) but tired, wanted to preserve LR Sat, so pulled back – then ez pace till. HR 144 room 63, hot, poured water on self from bottle multiple times. Quad/hip flexor improving! Glutes much more activated, hurt but working. Lead with the hips, push from the glutes, pull with the hamstrings, head tall and look ahead. Calves tight/tired, esp R – probably compensating for all R side stuff. Need new shoes. Felt ball of bunion toe. Twisting more?

Pre run: added in 2×2 sets Ohnos, more focused high knees, James’ chair stretch, KR calf raises, quick feet, all others.

Postrun: calf stretches, Ohnos (6 as usual, then 4 more!) then drank Ultragen 20 min after run, UVas, really working on them. Need to do the toe yoga, haven’t been. Myrtl stretches, KR hip flexor on chair. Figure 4 stretch.

Friday 6/26

Core, so slowly I had no time for bike before MRI. Was kind of a tough day, I was tired and overstressed. Blew off doing bike or anything else. Probably wise.

Saturday 6/27

15.5 miles. Wanted 18. 2mi recovery pace, then ramped up each of the next 2 mile segments, then 8 miles at a pace about a minute slower than goal pace, then the horrible stitches in my right side were too much to bear, so I cut the speed down for a mile. It only helped a little so I cut it back for another half mile, but it was still very painful, so I called it. Stitches stopped as soon as I walked. I took a Salted Caramel GU at mile 4, a Salted Watermelon at mile 8, and a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane at mile 12, with water. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water, taking swigs at mile 2, 6, 10, 14. No idea what was up with my GI tract, it’s been really twitchy lately. Could be GERD, could be the hiatal hernia. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Now.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, more about the Salazar scandal (which I alternately follow and ignore) and a fun talk with a runner training for her first 10k, which I really enjoyed.

I also listened to part of the episode of Endurance Planet with one of my faves Mike Wardian. (who finished 22nd at Western States, woot!)

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop). Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. I’ve added some KineticRev stretches into my pre and post run routines. I’ve also added Ohnos and pistol squats and one of the gait lab exercises to my pre-run routine (it wasn’t long enough! kidding) to try to activate my glutes pre-run and remind them they’re supposed to show up – seems to help!

Sunday 6/28

4.5 recovery pace miles with some incline, as I learned yesterday that Beach to Beacon’s last 2 miles is mostly uphill!

Listened to the rest of the Mike Wardian podcast. Despite getting a bit more sleep, or so I thought, I was tired. Decided to cut the run short. I could have gone longer and wasn’t that sore, just decided not to push. I’d like to get some good speed and hill work in this coming week.

After, did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.

How’s your training going?