Weekend Update May 30-31, 2015

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Really, it’s June already?


Saturday – 13.1 miles, easy pace. Wondering when does it actual start to feel easy again? Makes sense that it would feel tough though, as adding in the glute exercises from the gait lab and trying to adjust my form makes me sore in all sorts of ways and places. Wore my still-awesome quad sleeves since my hams complained during my warmup. Cardio-wise, my HR showed it to be reasonably easy.

Took Vespa before, and a Lemon Sublime GU at mile 7 to try it out – it’s one of the ones without caffeine. I’m using these less-critical runs to try flavors for the future. It was odd as I got some in my mouth and didn’t really taste anything for a minute – then it tasted just like lemon meringue pie filling (reminded me of my mom, one of her favorites). It wasn’t sticky sweet, but it wasn’t tart, and I was more looking for a lemonade kind of tart. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t seem to upset my stomach. DH is going to let me try his Lemonade Roctane to see what I think. I think I still have a TriBerry to taste. Then perhaps plain and apple. I’m liking the Salted Watermelon lately, more into the fruits than the Vanilla, Caramel, etc.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, part 2 with “North East running legend” Jim Alder. Next week, Martin & his wife Liz (a two-time Olympic marathon runner) will be co-hosting, as Tom and his wife Helen traveled to South Africa for Comrades (run on 5/31). Helen (Hels) beat Martin & Tom’s time from a couple of years ago. She ran 10h 11min to their 10h 48min. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Also listened to Ken Reiss on this ep of the Runner’s Connect podcast. I was interested to hear about his study of Spira shoes, which have mechanical springs in them. I ordered a pair. I’ll try pretty much anything at this point.

Did my Ohnos and glute exercises after the run. Yow.

Sunday – 5.3 recovery pace miles, better than I’d been expecting based on my new exercises and how sore I was last night! Wore my quad sleeves again, and this time I remembered to put them on BEFORE my shoes. (was a close call though) Followed up with Myrtls.

Listened to Sarah’s BRF (best running friend) Molly interview Sarah about her recent injury and recovery on Another Mother Runner. Picked up a phrase “pathologically optimistic” – love it! Goes well with the Marathon Talk boys’ “relentlessly positive” and some quotes from Deena Kastor.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I had a Japanese sweet potato (JSP) with some Fastachi walnut butter and some PF Nuttzo on it along with some asparagus. Then I took a bunch of paperwork out to the porch to deal with – sorted into “file, shred, recycle” piles and handled as designated. My way of starting to prep for the move.While doing this, I listened to an old Runner’s Connect ep with the enthusiastic Doug Kurtis, WR holder for most sub 2:20 marathons (75!) and RD of a bunch of races around Detroit. Was hoping to hear why he liked Spira shoes, but if he said, I missed it. He’s pretty entertaining to listen to anyway though.  I’m sure I did other things in the afternoon, but I really can’t think of what! All I know is, time flew. I do think perhaps I can catch up on some podcast episodes if I listen to them while I do de-cluttering and moving tasks – also, it’s a good way to get me to do them and keep me going. I already listen while running, commuting, stretching, doing strength work and prepping food/supplements!

These beauties have started to show themselves on the side of the house

day lilies on side of house

day lilies on side of house

And the honeysuckle we planted in the back is out in full force



We decided to “forage” for dinner, which for me meant using the leftover chicken from Friday’s Chinese (they put SO much chicken in the dish I always save some) and some fresh veggies for my spring rolls. I’m really enjoying the PB2/amino sauce, had it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did get more sunflower seed butter, but too lazy to open the box, the jar, stir it up.

We need to get through what’s recorded on the DVD before the move, so weekends are a bit heavier TV watching for now. Watched Arrow, Person of Interest and Castle.

Then some Arctic Zero (chocolate, with frozen cherries) and baked potato chips while reading an old Katherine Hall Page mystery, one in the Faith Fairchild series that I’d skipped. Last week I read the newest, set on an island in Maine, and really enjoyed the setting, so I picked another set in Maine. I don’t like it as well, but oh well.

Sunday – I woke up quite early and started doing laundry before 7. Seriously, this perimeopause stuff is eating my lunch. Poor sleep and other issues, not helping my running, recovery or stress/productivity levels!

After my run and Myrtls, shared some bacon and watermelon with DH on the porch, then a JSP and nut butter. It got sticky outside, so I went back inside for some coco bread toast. Watched the live tweets of Meb’s first half as a Master (2nd overall, not by much, led a lot of the way – first Master and possibly a new record). While doing food prep and more laundry. Then off to my massage.

I ate half a Quest bar in the car on the way back, changed the sheets on the bed, did some more food prep and tried on running shoes I’d ordered. The only real possibles are the Asics Nimbus – a neutral shoe, go figure – but they may not be wide enough, certainly not as wide as the Fortifys. Still trying to get in touch with Altra about the Provision 2.0 and whether I might use the walk version as a work shoe. Enjoyed some of the terrific strawberries DH got as a snack, then headed out to the (warm, humid, buggy) porch to write this. Unfortunately, looks like no time for porch running reading today, grr. Time somehow got away from me even though I woke before 6! (not my intention, I assure you)

Sunday night, more TV and takeout from Baja Fresh. I got sides of grilled fish, chicken and steak. I ate the grilled fish and a little bit of grilled chicken in spring rolls with veggies. Also had a couple of mushroom caps with avocado and some bites of the grilled steak. The rest of the chicken is for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch, and the grilled steak perhaps for Tuesday. More of the wonderful strawberries will our TV watching – Bones, Grimm and one more show that’s TBD. Then snacking and reading before bed. Already time another work week!

Monday, back to the office. Tuesday telework and chiro with a few errands. Wednesday, office. Thursday telework (hoping to get to Costco to finish up the glasses and to the post office) with the mover coming to estimate right after work. Hoping to telework Friday and either finish up errands at lunch or perhaps go for a swim or pool run. It’s looking hot and humid early this week, foliowed by some storms and cooler weather.

It’s the first week of “workout base” phase which has some leg speed and steady state workouts. I looked at the plan I wrote and the paces and mentally gulped. We’ll see how it goes, on top of my strengthening but sore legs. Gotta have faith that progress, not perfection, and being “smart stubborn” will get me where I want to go.

Hope you had a great weekend! How’s the weather where you are?