Weekend Update June 27-28, 2015

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Saturday – 15.5 miles. Wanted 18. 2mi recovery pace, then ramped up each of the next 2 mile segments, then 8 miles at a pace about a minute slower than goal pace, then the horrible stitches in my right side were too much to bear, so I cut the speed down for a mile. It only helped a little so I cut it back for another half mile, but it was still very painful, so I called it. Stitches stopped as soon as I walked. I took a Salted Caramel GU at mile 4, a Salted Watermelon at mile 8, and a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane at mile 12, with water. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water, taking swigs at mile 2, 6, 10, 14. No idea what was up with my GI tract, it’s been really twitchy lately. Could be GERD, could be the hiatal hernia. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Now.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, more about the Salazar scandal (which I alternately follow and ignore) and a fun talk with a runner training for her first 10k, which I really enjoyed.

I also listened to part of the episode of Endurance Planet with one of my faves Mike Wardian. (who finished 22nd at Western States, woot!)

After, took 3 SportLegs and a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop). Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. I’ve added some KineticRev stretches into my pre and post run routines. I’ve also added Ohnos and pistol squats and one of the gait lab exercises to my pre-run routine (it wasn’t long enough! kidding) to try to activate my glutes pre-run and remind them they’re supposed to show up – seems to help!

Sunday – 4.5 recovery pace miles with some incline, as I learned yesterday that Beach to Beacon’s last 2 miles is mostly uphill!

Listened to the rest of the Mike Wardian podcast. Despite getting a bit more sleep, or so I thought, I was tired. Decided to cut the run short. I could have gone longer and wasn’t that sore, just decided not to push. I’d like to get some good speed and hill work in this week.

After, did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.


Saturday – After my run and my exercises, I fell down the internet rabbit hole AGAIN and waited a long time to eat. I fnially had a small Japanese sweet potato (JSP) with some nut butter 2 hours after my run. Of course, my GI tract wasn’t playing nice. I wanted something else but didn’t know what, so an hour later, had some gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast.

Watched some of Western States online, read some blogs. Truly, I don’t recall much of what I did, so it wasn’t either productive or relaxing.

In the evening we had leftovers and watched a couple TV shows from the DVR. We’re way behind, and we were both too tired to really enjoy it much.

Sunday – After my run and exercises, DH made an egg white puff and we split it for breakfast, eaten on the porch. Then I made some JSPs with nut butter, caught up on running news and did some food prep.

Then, off to my massage. Afterward, DH & I sat on the porch and talked through some of our to-do lists for the house, looked at photos I’d taken last week when I was at the new place and made initial plans for where to put furniture. That took a fair amount of time, thus it was already time to order Thai takeout. I got pretty frustrated when the Thai place called to say they had no garden or summer rolls because they were out of mango and avocado (both of which are readily purchased at any local grocery store). My quick temper is an indicator of stress, as is my flaring stomach acid. Not fun.

Probably good I cut my run short. Need to remember to treat myself more gently than I normally might when the stress ramps up, as it has in the last two weeks and will for the next month. (when in doubt, do less) As McMillan says, it’s all part of the stress/life “pie” and your body doesn’t know the difference between hard training and fight or flight from stress, and the lack of quality sleep affects it all. I want to get to Beach to Beacon and the official start of Baystate training healthy and strong.

This week, M & W in the office (been ages since I’ve been in the office), Tues telework and chiro. T/W they will be doing sewer line replacement in front of our house 6a-6p. I’m taking Th off. May need to run by the doc’s office for some bloodwork.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

My weekly reminder to myself: Think  “relentlessly positive” (Marathon Talk) and be “pathologically optimistic” (Sarah). Take positive actions – do good, seek and spread joy. To quote Deena: “The practice of optimism has been the greatest source of energy to compliment my hard training. Optimism is more than believing in your training program, it is about choosing positive words and perspectives in every aspect of your life.” and “If you stay in your comfort zone, you’re not going to do anything special.”