Training Recap Week of 6/8/2015

Training recap for workout base phase week 2. A week of down, then up!

RUN miles for the week: 36.5 Wanted 45 (or at least 40), but I’ll take it – got past some stuff, and again, we’ll call them “smart miles”

Monday 6/8

Woke up with weird pull feeling in R quad. Didn’t do anything to it, no idea what’s up.

AM Core and pushups & dips on ball. 15min bike.

PM 20 min on bike, Whartons

Tuesday 6/9

R quad still feels weird, especially when squatting (sitting, getting up). Wearing quad sleeves.

R 2.1 miles. Original R quad pain tolerable at lower warmup speed (present on walk also), when upped speed after mile 2, pain in different R quad loc appeared. Now in middle upper, sharp. (when  pulling foot up too) Stopped run. Now just hurts, when walking, stretching. Tried a few Ohnos then stopped as they hurt too much. Did UVas except for lunge one, even upped reps.

Fortunately had my Tues chiro appt. He said quad & ham tight. He stretched me, e-stim’d Graston’d & massaged the area. He thought it was due to transition w gait exercises, using muscles differently. He said that because it was inline with the running motion, he wasn’t worried and such blips could be expected.

Felt better for a while after, and e-stim’d in the evening.

Wednesday 6/10

Skipped AM core. Decided to try an easy run.

Ran 2mi and pulled the plug again. Ran mostly at 2% and trying to lean to take strain off quad but it still hurt  Still did my UVas. After UVas, found one stretch that helped at least momentarily.

Whartons before dinner. Quad still painful, up and down. Walking, stepping.

Used orange foam roller in the evening, which helped (the first time, the second time it just hurt). Used the purple Yoga TuneUp (harder rubber) ball on trigger point spots in glutes, R upper thigh (OW), R VMO. That was painful. Did a little on the L too.

Thursday 6/11

Woke at 230am with stomach/GI pain which eventually subsided, and I got back to sleep.

Quad seems better. Feel a little pull getting in and out of bed. Top at hip tight (maybe from TP?).  Glutes sore from TP. Decision: take rest/XT day today to allow more improvement, run F/S/S. This was a tough decision, but I thought “if you try today and you hurt, you’re going to need to take off more days, but if you wait another day, you increase your chances of getting Friday, Saturday, Sunday runs” – so all benefit, no downside except the mental….which is pretty big….but I overrode myself and took the day off running. Long-term thinking. Trying to channel my inner Meb. 🙂

Did my UVas anyway AND threw in my usual Friday core workout so I could skip it on Friday.

Friday 6/12

A planned day off work, yay!

R quad better, still tender spot top of R hip when pushed. While putting on R quad sleeve (standing, don’t do that) yanksd something top of R foot/ankle join, feels a little off, some discomfort up into shin and toward knee on up/down movement.Must have tweaked nerve/tendon. Stinging. Ok on warmup. Mid-L ham cranky.

Ran 6.2 miles at easy pace. R quad got cranky after ~mi 3, pulling sleeve up higher helped but still hurt. Glutes v sore. Hams somewhat. Incline helped hip.

Added 10 quick light wall stances from UVa to pre-run, also lateral and f/b quick feet drills pre-run.

Saturday 6/13

13.1 miles – working up through my easy pace zone, for most of the miles did 0.3-0.5 mi at 2% to take some strain off my quad. Of course this just put it on my hams and glutes (which were quite talkative due to my gait exercises). R quad still a little cranky but tolerable. Helps to have my “quad sleeves of wonder” pulled up very high. Room started at 61 degrees, ended at 64, though I’m sure it was warmer where I was.

Took Vespa before the run, and a Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6ish. I’d wanted to go longer, but by the time I figured out I was going to cut it off, I’d already timed the gel to my original plan, so got through the rest without another.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, which included part 1 of an interview with Irish running “legend” Sonia O’Sullivan as well as (of course) much discussion of the recent doping allegations and the challenges our sport faces in cleaning itself up and trying to move forward. The guys seem to think there’s further to fall yet.

That podcast wasn’t quite long enough for my run, so to finish off, I re-listened to the most recent Meb interview on Babbittville Radio. It was recorded on his birthday (May 5) – apparently he and Bob Babbitt share the same birthday. I’d actually listened to it Friday during my run (saved it for a treat) but always enjoy hearing Meb.

After, took 5 MAP, 3 SportLegs and started drinking some electrolyte drink. Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. Stretching seems to annoy my quad, rolling and trigger point help it.

Sunday 6/14

13.1 miles – faster than yesterday! I was less sore and stiff than I was for yesterday’s run, go figure. I did my 0.3 mi per mile at 2% (while increasing speed each mile) for the first 6 miles, then stayed at 1% after I increased speed again. In the last 0.6 miles, I kept notching up the speed by 0.1, going at a reasonable pace at the end.

Listened to the newest ep of Cloud259 – mostly about the doping allegations, with a bit of track and field results in it, and the newest Another Mother Runner, an interview with ultrarunner/coach/fitness instructor Laura Swenson who’s run the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim multiple times. Also heard a little about Dimity’s tri. Finished off with part of an interview with triathlete Liz Lyles on Babbittville Radio.

Took Vespa before, Salted Watermelon GU mile 4, Lemonade Roctane at mile 8 (a bit tarter than the Lemon Sublime GU…another “I can take it if I need to”, but probably not a fave). Heard GU is bringing out a Vanilla Spice Roctane on 6/15 (same time they release Maple Bacon GU). I’m tending to prefer fruit flavors right now, but still have plenty of Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Caramel Macchiato around. Also occasionally craving a Root Beer gel, which is odd because I didn’t like it that much (true to taste, just seemed odd on the run).

Today, because I knew it would be warmer (room topped out at 66, warmest run this year), I used an electrolyte drink I’ve been trying out – had used it during a run once before and a few times after runs. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water. It’s pretty good – and no citric acid to bother my stomach. It comes in small stick packs, and the guy at the Boston expo (where I found it) said you could actually just take it in your mouth and swallow it with water at an aid station if you didn’t want to carry bottles (I don’t). I’m going to have to try that.

After, took 5 MAP, 3 SportLegs and started drinking some Berry SOS Hydrate. Did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches.

How was your training last week?