Training Recap Week of 6/15/2015

Training recap for workout base phase week 3. Made some adjustments due to the ups and downs of last week.

RUN miles for the week: 43, and I will take it! Saturday and Sunday went pretty well, certainly better than I’d expected.

Monday 6/15

Core. Ran out of time before work, so biked 30 min after.

Tuesday 6/16

10.5 miles – 6 of them at “steady state” pace faster than my current PR pace, but slower than my goal pace. I was able to do the planned workout!! 2 gels during this hot run – I splashed a lot of water on myself.

Pre-run: Added 10 side wall pre-run along with quick feet. Can see how side wall if nothing else could help pre-run by activating glutes a bit – may need to do more.

After: Ohnos, UVas,  Myrtl stretches. Also, waited too long to eat, have to work on that.

Chiro says R quad very restricted, but has been for while, doesn’t think it’s new exercises. Quad dominant, working too hard. He suggested I add pistol squats. Maybe I need even more of the UVa exercises. Saturday and Sunday, I’ll do a few of the wall ones (my faves) before my runs.

Wednesday 6/17

5 miles in the easy pace zone – R quad felt sore and achy, but only complained sharply once, around 4.5 – but it was sharp enough to make me jump and grab for the handle, as I wasn’t sure what would happen next.

After: quad stretch, calf stretch, Ohnos – very good and springy! no idea why, UVas, Myrtls.

Thursday 6/18

4 miles – pulled the plug due to sharp quad pain starting at mile 3. So much for short speed repeats this week. Did my Ohnos (gently) and my UVas after.

Got a 2nd chiro appt for my cranky quad. In addition to e-stim, chiro “decompressed” my spine and hips. Weird experience. Don’t know if it helped my weekend runs or not. He says my quad had likely been carrying a lot of the workload for a while and is now getting loud about it. He assures me that what I’m going through is transitions with the exercises and gait and will pass. I’m going to hold on to that.

Friday 6/19

Core, then 35 min on the bike. Did a few “pistol squats” like chiro showed me. While waiting at urgent care, did some single leg balance drills (stood a lot, the chairs were horrid) and focused on my glutes. Definitely noticed it Friday night and Saturday.

Saturday 6/20

16 miles. Did a “ladder”. Started at recovery pace, and every mile for the first 10, increased pace 0.1mph – also ran 0.5 of each of the first 10 at 2% incline to help me use my glutes and hams more and my quad less. The last 6, I decreased pace 0.1 mph/mile and kept the incline at 1%. I took a Caramel Macchiato GU at mile 4, a Strawberry Kiwi Roctane at mile 8, and a Salted Caramel GU at mile 12, with water. I used Citrus SOS Rehydrate during the run in addition to my water, taking swigs at mile 2, 6, 10, 14, 15. I had some left, which I finished on the porch later. I am really starting to think the drink is helping me with electrolytes and recovery if not performance – this despite me drinking SmartWater which is supposed to have electrolytes, and taking 2 Endurolytes 2x/day every day. I should be fine on electrolytes but maybe I need more than I think based on other conditions and absorption quirks of my system.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, part 2 of an interview with Irish running “legend” Sonia O’Sullivan as well as (of course) more discussion of the recent doping allegations and the challenges our sport faces in cleaning itself up and trying to move forward. Some good perspective from Martin & Tom, along with a really good Boy on the Run which isn’t usually my favorite (I like Tony’s Trials). BoTR discussed that the doping stuff doesn’t really change running for most of us – WE run, we just may not watch running and may care less about the professionals and “their” competitions, focusing on our own goals and paths. One of the beautiful things about running is that we don’t have to think about what anyone else is doing if we don’t want to.

I also listened to the newest ep of Runners Connect with guest Dr. Stan Beecham, whose book Elite Minds I’ve been meaning to read ever since hearing him on Runner Academy in 2013. I remember it vividly as I was pool running due to an injury at the time I heard the ep. I think I even have a sample on my Kindle. (or maybe I did read it and it’s time to re-read, since I don’t remember!)

After, took 3 SportLegs and 1/2 a serving of Ultragen (1 scoop). I decided it was important to me to start refueling more quickly post run, before I got into my exercises, to help my recovery. Did my Ohnos and exercises from the gait lab after the run as well as calf stretches. Did Myrtl stretches. Stretching seems to annoy my quad, rolling and trigger point help it.

Sunday 6/21

7.5 miles, recovery pace. Better than I’d have expected given how much I was on my feet yesterday (10 hours from getting up until sitting down except for time in the car to/from stores) and that I got less than 5 hours of broken sleep last night thanks mostly to the wicked storms from Bill passing through (causing me to be online to check our risk) and stress re DH’s situation – not just the current, but what happens next (hospital?) as well as how far behind I/we are getting on the move stuff. I think that having the Ultragen and oatmeal yesterday helped, as did the Epsom salt bath.

Listened to one of the Western States 100 preview eps of UltraRunnerPodcast with two first-time Western States runners: Caroline Boller (marathon fastie, Master, <2 years in ultrarunning) and filmmaker/ultrarunner Billy Yang, of Western Time fame (great movie, go watch it, free). I look forward to following them and the rest of the folks I’m interested in (Pam SmithMeghan ArbogastSally McRaeMike WardianIan Sharman, and Magda Boulet, among others – look at the list, so many amazing runners, and so many who are also fast marathoners) at the “big dance” in ultrarunning via UltrasportsLive and IRunFar next weekend! USL is even covering the medical seminar on Thursday (ooh, dangerous as I’m teleworking) and the runner’s meeting on Friday – how cool! (remember all times shown are Pacific) USL also has a course preview video that I remember being pretty good. During the week, probably Thursday or maybe Saturday (depending on the length of Marathon Talk next week), I plan to listen to Trail Runner Nation‘s episode with Craig Thornley, the RD of Western States, and Andy Jones-Wilkins, a 10-time silver buckle (sub 24hr) finisher who’s now volunteering at the race.

After, did my Ohnos, calf stretches, UVas and Myrtl stretches. My massage therapist said my R glute is tighter than my L, which is the opposite of the “usual” in the past. This may mean some of the work is showing up “back there”, which I’d be pleased about.

I blew off Whartons this week. Probably need to get back on that.

How’s your training going?