Training Recap Week of 6/1/2015

Training recap for workout base phase week 1, adds speedwork on Tues & Th.

RUN miles for the week: 40.6 Wanted 45, but I’ll take it, we’ll call them “smart miles”

Monday 6/1

Core, 20 min on bike, Whartons before dinner.

Tuesday 6/2

10 mi with 4 miles moving up through paces to warm up, then 4mi steady state pace (faster than current marathon PR pace, but not goal pace – messing a bit with steady state range as it’s still early) 2/3 of a Caramel Macchiato GU at mile 3, rest at mile 6. Legs still stiff/sore (exercises). Easier to run with good form at faster pace. Ohnos, UVas after. Myrtls after. Whartons before dinner.

My chiro said today my legs are the least tight they’ve been in weeks. Could be the exercises.

Wednesday 6/3

Skipped core.

3.25 mi recovery/easy pace. Quads tight. Cardio fine tho tired. Legs felt decent during walk tho stiff/sore. UVas after. Myrtls after. Whartons before dinner.

Either need to resign myself to core only 2/wk, doing it at lunch at work, or finding a day other than W to do it (already do on M/F)

Thursday 6/4

10 mi with 6 miles moving up through paces to warm up, then 10x100m/1min recovery, rep pace 15s faster than potential marathon goal pace. Took a TriBerry GU at mile 5. I don’t like the flavor much. Tolerable, didn’t upset stomach, but wouldn’t have it in my rotation. After: Ohnos. Calf stretches. Uva ex. 10 squats with heels raised,  LC #1, Myrtl stretches.

Somehow, in some way I can’t quite explain, I felt a little stronger on this run though still sore. Maybe the exercises are working.

Whartons before dinner and some hamstring “flossing”.

Friday 6/5

Again with the GI & female issues, maybe 6 hours of poor sleep with funky dreams. Not helping.

Core Incl pushups/dips on ball, a little Meb stuff in there. 30 min bike.

Saturday 6/6

Saturday – 11.15 miles, held 5 miles at a higher easy pace. That wasn’t the run I wanted or planned. Was hoping for 13.1 at least, if not up in the 15-16 range. My legs (especially glutes, hams and a bit of quads) were sore, heavy, and stiff, probably from the gait exercises (which are changing muscles, I have no doubt), continuing to try to adjust form on my runs AND adding speedwork back in this past week. It’s a bit frustrating though. Cardio-wise, I was ok. Perhaps I was a little tired, but mostly my legs just hurt and I wasn’t able to keep tweaking my form as much as I wanted. This run hurt from the start – didn’t get worse so I know it’s just the muscles adapting – and at some point, I decided there was no point doing more miles, wearing myself out trom the mental effort and not allowing my body to adapt to the physical stressors I’m putting on it.

I’m trying to trust the process and hoping that all these times I’m making the “smart” choices pay off with a massive PR at Baystate and by making me a faster, stronger, more durable runner in the long-term. Making these decisions and trying to have faith that this approach – slow build, improving gait, strengthening different parts – will get me the results I want is in some ways harder than just sort of bullying my way through and trashing myself.

Took Vespa before the run, and a Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6. I also took a FRS chew at mile 3 and mile 9 (had 3 before the run). By the way, I hear GU is introducing a Maple Bacon flavor 6/15. Suspect it’d work best for ultrarunning, but DH and I may each give a pack a try.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, the Comrades special! Martin & his wife Liz (a two-time Olympic marathon runner) co-hosted (some amusing banter). Tom and his wife Helen chime in from South Africa where they were for Comrades. Helen (Hels) beat Martin & Tom’s time from a couple of years ago. She ran 10h 11min to their 10h 48min on an “up” year that sounds like it was quite hot and humid.

Tom talked to some other runners, some who finished (including Brett Larner of Japan Running News), some who didn’t. Seems like almost everyone wants to do it again. I think you get an extra medal – perhaps the second year’s – for doing back to back.

I’m also reading and enjoying posts from runners I follow about their experiences, whether Liza Howard writing about running the race to pace her husband Eliot (the 11 hour bus sounds good!) or Scott Dunlap, who finished 3rd American male and has great photos along with his writeup. I wish American marathons would adopt those water “sachets” – you could grab a couple and carry, less spillage….USA RDs, whaddya think? Scott also did a post for Inov-8 on the race.

I know Comrades is a favorite of Bart Yasso, and Mike Wardian likes it too. Actually, I’ve not heard/read anything negative about the race from anyone who’s done it. Seems like if I had a bucket list, Comrades might have to be on it. I don’t have such a list, but I think I want to do it….and for me to even think about the travel involved, you know the Comrades bug must have bitten me – seriously, the plane travel alone, the food, a hot, humid race….all stressors and not what I prefer. So many reasons NOT to do it. And yet I keep thinking about it  Since (work with me) I think I may be a better downhill runner than uphill runner, I think I’d try it in a down year. I don’t think I could be ready for 2016, and a 56 mile race doesn’t fit in with my quest for faster marathons in general and faster Bostons, so I think the earliest I would try is 2018. Good thing I renewed my passport.

Comrades is such a big deal in South Africa that it’s televised live throughout the country – from pre-start to the 12 hour cutoff, the WHOLE thing. (by the way, it’s gun to gun cutoff for the participants, not chip time) You can watch/find the whole 12 hours online. I want to watch part of 2014 to watch Eliie Greenwood win, and maybe I’ll watch some of 2015 as well. Watch this video from 2014 of the start – Shosholoza is so moving. (I need to learn the words.) The whole start is pretty impressive. Here’s a post (also great photos) from Ellie on this year’s race – an accident affected her training, but she managed to pull off 6th woman! She has a marvelous attitude. Don’t bet against her next year. She’s coached by (and coaches along with) Ian Sharman.

Anyway…..Did my Ohnos and glute exercises from the UVa gait lab after the run, even increased some of the reps of glute exercises. Yow. Did Myrtl stretches.

Sunday 6/7

Sunday – Woke up at 5:45. Decided not to try to go back to sleep as I did yesterday. It takes me a while to get moving, do my kitchen puttering (making tea), online catchup, get my shoes on, etc. so I didn’t even head to the treadmill for my warmup until 7. During my warmup, I had some moments where I got a sharp almost electric shock pain on top of my L ankle, sharp enough I’d pull my foot up and grab the treadmill arms. I retied my shoes and messed with my socks. Almost talked myself out of my run, but decided to at least start it, and stop if I had problems. (my mind was spiraling to all sorts of dark and scary places and well into the future….you know what I mean)

6.2 miles at recovery pace, 0% incline. That helped my hams some and worked my quads a bit. Tried to work on form more. Ankle was fine, so no idea what the weirdness was, but will keep an eye on it. Did my Ohnos, UVas and Myrtl stretches after.

Listened to Jimmy Dean Freeman on Trail Runner Nation. Unfortunately he DNF’d at mile 39 of the San Diego 100 but seems okay with it.

Tried out this new bra from Asics, a Boston purchase (all the stuff I bought from them is now on sale, and of course I’m only just trying it….)

It’s reasonably comfortable and note the gel pocket in front. I only ran 6 miles, but didn’t note bouncing of the gel or any real issues with the bra. (will try 2 gels next time) Between that and some shorts I’ve tried and think I like, maybe I can get away without a belt at Baystate. May buy another of these bras (or two) as backups.

Asics bra front

Asics bra front

Asics bra back

Asics bra back

Asics bra pocket

Asics bra pocket

My massage therapist told me on Sunday my glutes weren’t as tight as they usually are – maybe more input that the exercises are working? Let’s hope. I’m going to keep the faith and keep plugging. Got the UVa exercises (and Myrtls) in 5x this week and my Ohnos 4x!

So how was your training last week? Trying any new gear, fuel, exercises?