Training Recap Week of 5/25/2015

Here’s the training recap for base phase week 4, a cutback week. Still recovery/easy pace runs on the plan.

RUN miles for the week: 33.5

Monday 5/25

I’m grateful to have had this day of remembrance off work.

I “treated” myself to a run on what is usually a XT day. I’m hoping to be able to add a day of running or run doubles to get more mileage, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work at least near term (with the exercises affecting my running some). Gotta be careful not to pile on too much.

Light core workout before run, Standing Hip Openers on the deck in the backyard after, Myrtls inside after that.

4 miles at recovery pace with 2% from x.5-x.8 each mile, then 5x10s strides with rest till the next whole minute. Those were kind of fun.

Tuesday 5/26

Not a great night of sleep, GI issues and awake at 515. Of course, that doesn’t mean I start running any earlier, being the procrastinating champ I can be sometimes. After the run, found out we have to move in the next 2 months.

7.5 miles – 1mi recovery pace, 3 mi increasing “easy pace” then 3.5mi at my fastest “easy” pace since the race. Same 2% at x.5-x.8 each mile. last 2 full miles then did 0.2 at 0%, did last 0.5 at 0%. HR higher, room warmer. Feeling the glutes and hams.

After:  Ohnos. UVa exercises. Side to side squats on board. LC #1 laterals. 10 ham curls on ball, 10 single leg glute bridges on floor – foot farther out, toes up, knee to chest. L arch feels pulled, L heel hurts. Myrtls. Wearing Asics around house. Ball of R foot under bunion hurts. Whartons b4 dinner. Chiro worked on calves and L foot.

Whartons before dinner.

Wednesday 5/27

3.1 miles recovery pace. Good HR. No core. No Whartons. Hams tight.

Thursday 5/28

Surprise – I didn’t run today. On what would normally be a regular longer run day (as it’s a telework day). I was tired, poor sleep again, hormone/female stuff going on and my legs felt sluggish and sore and tired/heavy. I got myself to the point of starting my walking warmup – and boy did it take a lot of coaxing, encouragement, promising myself things, pushing myself to even get that far. Started to walk and thought “nope, there’s no benefit here, you’ll push for a crap recovery run with poor form that does nothing but make you sorer”. So I stopped and decided not to run. (this, in case you can’t tell, is a pretty big deal) I stuffed the mileage and calorie monster back in their bag and went with “be a smart runner, think long-term, don’t make the same stupid mistakes you’ve made in the past and by the way it’s a cutback week”. Truly, I must be trying to be smarter – or I’m just tired and lack the will to even beat myself up.

So, I biked for 35min, did my UVa exercises and before dinner, did my Whartons. And I survived. Not that there weren’t mood moments or calorie-focused ones, but even when I talked to DH during the day, I was just too tired to get to worked up about it. (maybe the moving stress had kicked in)

Friday 5/29

Again with the GI & female issues, maybe 6 hours of poor sleep with funky dreams. Not helping.

Core Incl pushups/dips on ball, a little Meb stuff in there. Felt wimpy, tired. A little better at end momentarily. 30 min bike.

Saturday 5/30

13.1 miles, easy pace. Wondering when does it actual start to feel easy again? Makes sense that it would feel tough though, as adding in the glute exercises from the gait lab and trying to adjust my form makes me sore in all sorts of ways and places. Wore my still-awesome quad sleeves since my hams complained during my warmup. Cardio-wise, my HR showed it to be reasonably easy.

Took Vespa before, and a Lemon Sublime GU at mile 7 to try it out – it’s one of the ones without caffeine. I’m using these less-critical runs to try flavors for the future. It was odd as I got some in my mouth and didn’t really taste anything for a minute – then it tasted just like lemon meringue pie filling (reminded me of my mom, one of her favorites). It wasn’t sticky sweet, but it wasn’t tart, and I was more looking for a lemonade kind of tart. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t seem to upset my stomach. DH is going to let me try his Lemonade Roctane to see what I think. I think I still have a TriBerry to taste. Then perhaps plain and apple. I’m liking the Salted Watermelon lately, more into the fruits than the Vanilla, Caramel, etc.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, part 2 with “North East running legend” Jim Alder. Next week, Martin & his wife Liz (a two-time Olympic marathon runner) will be co-hosting, as Tom and his wife Helen traveled to South Africa for Comrades (run on 5/31). Helen (Hels) beat Martin & Tom’s time from a couple of years ago. She ran 10h 11min to their 10h 48min. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Also listened to Ken Reiss on this ep of the Runner’s Connect podcast. I was interested to hear about his study of Spira shoes, which have mechanical springs in them. I ordered a pair. I’ll try pretty much anything at this point.

Did my Ohnos and glute exercises after the run. Yow.

Sunday 5/31 – 20 weeks to Baystate

5.3 recovery pace miles, better than I’d been expecting based on my new exercises and how sore I was last night! Wore my quad sleeves again, and this time I remembered to put them on BEFORE my shoes. (was a close call though) Followed up with Myrtls.

Listened to Sarah’s BRF (best running friend) Molly interview Sarah about her recent injury and recovery on Another Mother Runner. Picked up a phrase “pathologically optimistic” – love it! Goes well with the Marathon Talk boys’ “relentlessly positive” and some quotes from Deena Kastor.

Are you training for a fall race yet?