Thankful Thursday 6/25/2015

The last Thankful Thursday of June? Yikes! Where did THAT month go?

Enjoy this week’s list….I’ve been thankful for:

  • Modern medicine and my/our ability to see health care providers, go to the hospital, get meds, and get illnesses taken care of quickly – DH & I are so fortunate.
  • An understanding boss (mine) and flexible workplace
  • Being able to go to the store and get whatever might appeal to DH to get him through his nasty illness….so very lucky. I’ve lost count of the number of trips I made and I bought way too much extra stuff in hopes of enticing his appetite – again, lucky – he’ll eat or we’ll donate.
  • Support and a listening ear/shoulder from my sis, tweeps, chiro & office manager
  • Multifocal contact lenses – so fantastic that these exist and I get and can use them. Every day I appreciate my contact lenses (and glasses) as without them, I wouldn’t be able to function. So many people, overseas/in developing nations and even in the US, don’t have access to the services and tools to enable them to see and read is mind-boggling and sad. All the lost potential and lives that could be so much better.
  • Thai peanut sauce (when you get extra, you get to enjoy it all week! we’ll see how the containers I put in the freezer hold up)
  • Regular and chocolate PB2 – a new addiction
  • The rediscovery of gluten-free oatmeal
  • Finding new gluten-free treats at the grocery store – haven’t tried these yet, but I can’t get corn chips out of my mind (and they make good potato chips), so it will happen
Cape Cod gluten free dipping blue corn chips

Cape Cod gluten free dipping blue corn chips

  • Grocery store “sushi” (veggie rolls, salad rolls, avocado salad rolls) – I love them! And now that I am eating rice again, I get to eat the rice ones as well as the salad ones. There’s one grocery store chain that was doing salad rolls in tapioca paper, ok when I was on paleo, but I appreciate the rice too. Wasabi!! (and PB2 “sauce” for the salad rolls). I’ve been eating way too many of these lately, time to get back to making them again for cost reasons, but the convenience is terrific. I’ve had them for lunch for two days and dinner for one (split some up).
  • More and more library books – I keep telling myself it’s okay if I can’t get to them all now, I can just put them on hold again
  • Perspective checks in whatever form – tweets and tweeps, pieces in Like the Wind magazine, articles & blogs online – I need them lately
  • Looking forward to Western States coverage, enjoying listening to related podcasts and reading predictions (see my Weekend Update post for links if you’re interested)
  • Delivery – of GF BBQ chicken pizza, of the amazing selection of almost everything from Amazon, of running shoes….pretty nifty to have stuff just show up at your door, isn’t it?
  • That the forecast for the weekend is less hot – feel bad that States is supposed to be brutal, and my friends in the Pacific Northwest are about to get cooked – stay safe!
  • One way or another, in a month (by date), we and our stuff will be in the new house….and while it will be chaos, the yanking off of the bandage will be over, even if the sting lingers. 7/25 should be my first long run in the new house, but I’m not sure how long of a run I’ll have planned as it’s one week before my Beach to Beacon 10k!

What have you been thankful for in the last week?