Thankful Thursday 6/18/2015

Almost at summer solstice, it’s already time for a late June Thankful Thursday!

Here are a few of the things I’ve been thankful for lately….

  • My dear friend’s DH came through his (scary) spinal surgery very well and is recuperating at home – thanks to all for good wishes & vibes you sent his way!
  • A chance to chat with my sister in an extended phone conversation
  • Thai peanut sauce! The satay that came with it was great too, and the summer rolls good, but the sauce! I order extra containers. And that it was delivered is one more thing I was thankful for, after a long run and lazy day on Saturday
  • Very cold cold brew, with stevia, on days in the office – I know it’s decaf, but just the luxurious taste is a pick-me-up….I sip it strategically and save some for the afternoon
  • Finding yet more books to read (if I have the time and energy) and most the library has, so I can just keep getting, returning and getting them again until I’m done – now if they’d only get all the forthcoming pubs I’m eyeing
  • Making a teensy bit of progress in the bedroom, getting a donation box started and thinking of the people who will receive the donations
  • Flowers in bloom – here’s an update from the side of the house (I take no credit, they were already here)
day lilies on the side

day lilies on the side

day lilies around front tree - wave hi to my Subaru

day lilies around front tree – wave hi to my Subaru

  • I love this red day lily in the middle of all the orange – bloom where you’re planted and don’t be afraid to be unique and stand out!
be yourself, day lily!

be yourself, day lily!

  • Some quiet time to myself while DH was off at a race (he did well, especially given the heat/humidity) and then the race debrief on his return
  • A follow-up visit shows no nerve issue in my ears/hearing – just mild “upper range” hearing loss, apparently common as one gets older and outside the range needed to hear speech. Whew.

Get any good news this last week? Any worries not come to pass? Share what you’re thankful for, big and small!