Thankful Thursday 6/11/2015

The second (oops) Thankful Thursday of June….apparently last week’s didn’t post, so this is a double issue. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s the June 4 list:

  • Good news from 2 cancer survivors I know who were having their 6 month checks
  • Cold brew – this recipe, via moruyle, has enabled me to enjoy decaf cold brew on office days and weekends, such a treat
  • BBQ sauce
  • Goat cheese and goat yogurt waiting for me in the fridge for whenever I want them
  • Strawberries (yes, still and again…why not?)
  • Library books, especially ones that make me laugh (like Jen Lancaster’s newest), good non-fiction, and mysteries
  • Seeing books on lists of “forthcoming” that I want to read, giving me more to look forward to – hope the library gets them!
  • Getting the newest issue of Like the Wind (not that I’ll get to it immediately, I’m at least one issue behind in that pub alone…but it’s waiting for me)
  • My chiro saying my legs are less tight than they have been in several weeks, despite my feeling that they’re stiff, sore and heavy from the gait exercises….as well as he and the office manager considering me part of the “family” and supporting me when I do smart things like choosing not to run last Thursday
  • Good customer service
  • A “hey it’s been a while” email from a dear friend sent only 3 hours after I thought of her while reading a book and thought “I should email her”
  • Getting something done at work to finish a slightly trying day (computer issues and brain issues)
  • Kabocha – got some decent ones at Mom’s this week, and of course made too much – but it’d been at least a month!
  • Tweeps who help and support me
  • Seeing people strike out on new adventures in life, career, location – I love cheering you all on and helping however I can!
  • A break in the hot weather
  • Funny or cute or beautiful pictures shared via Twitter, Instagram, whatever
  • The Runner’s World gang’s “periscope” videos, fun seeing them head out for lunch intervals or chatting in their workplace
  • Hearing from a first-time marathoner on her experience, sharing that excitement – so happy for her!
  • Inspiring people who are older than me, like Harriette Thompson – oldest marathoner at 92, cancer survivor and cancer patient, running to raise money to help others with cancer – and Dick Hoyt, who turned 75 this week. They (along with the others who inspire me, whatever age) remind me there is much to look forward to, much I can do for others, and much yet to come in this lucky life of mine!

And now, the June 11th list! 

  • A day where I got good customer service from every company I dealt with, whether on the phone or in person
  • Finally starting to get ideas about a writing session I’m supposed to lead at work in July – still much to do, but a start is helpful
  • Finishing some work tasks that seemed never-ending
  • Giving to others whether money, time, info or objects – it makes me feel so good (selfishly)
  • Evenings that aren’t  too hot for porch time 
  • More and more library book holds coming in for me – no idea when I’ll read them all, but I get excited when each book shows up
  • My chiro
  • Tiny signs of improvement from my exercises, even as new niggles, maybe related, maybe not, pop up
  • The potential and hope I feel when I find new “possible” shoes….I get excited even though I know the likelihood of any one of them working out is small

And last but not least.. 

One more year of life and health, love, friends & family, a safe home I love, a job where I can contribute and where I’m well treated and appreciated, enough or more than enough of everything (except time & friends), happiness, opportunity….and running! 2014 brought me 3 BQs and 2 PRs. Amazing. 

What are you thankful for this week?