Weekend Update – May 9 & 10, 2015

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We’re entering a phase where there will be a lot of perturbations to my daily & weekly routines, many of them not of my choosing. You know how I love my routine. So one of my challenges will be trying to roll with it as I can, stay positive and relaxed, laugh about it and find ways to reduce stress.


Saturday – 10.25 recovery pace miles, no gel. The first double digit run since Boston! And the first to feel reasonably decent. Getting more sleep seems to be helping (foreshadowing here…) as does having had the a/c at least partially repaired. It only hit 64 in the room. Did Myrtls and – new – repeated some of my pre-run drills after, including skips, high knees, butt kicks. Why? Because I’d read about Meb doing post-run drills, Tish mentioned it in her periscope chat this past week, and I’d been tempted to try strides at the end of my run but made myself NOT do it. (no speed this first month) I actually liked the way it felt. It also reminded me a little of Coach Jay having some pushups in his GSM in the later weeks, to make some chemical changes after endurance work….so I added some counter pushups and stair tricep dips. I may continue this routine at least on the weekends. Looking to add more leg strength after most runs during the week.

Listened to the most recent Marathon Talk, part 2 with James Cracknell. Also, a great explanation of the Wings For Life World Run that makes it sound like a lot of fun to run in or watch! (video on their site) And the Night of 10,000 PBs – brilliant, just brilliant!

Sunday – 6 recovery pace miles in a room that topped out at 62 degrees and 42% humidity (yay). Tired in miles 1-2, better in 3-4, tired again in 5-6. I’d wanted to run the length of the podcast, and knew what my mileage total would be if I stopped at different points. I think I get a gold star for not running the extra 0.25 that would have brought my weekly mileage to a round number. Afterward, Myrtl stretches and drills again.

Listened to local Lyme Disease Warrior and ultrarunner Amy Pope Fitzgerald on the DizRuns podcast.


Saturday – slept till oh, 6:15 or so. After my run and eating some gluten-free toast (yum) and leftover chicken and veggies, went to the local Giant store for cheaper produce, to Mom’s for Arctic Zero and a couple other things only they had, then back to Giant to pick up a couple rosebushes to replace the one on the side of the house that appears to have died.

After dealing with all the stuff I’d brought into the house, I finally got out to the porch for a bit. I brought some issues of Like the Wind, Trail Runner and UltraRunning magazines with me (so behind) but spent most of the time reading just a bit of the May Runner’s World and then online.

We had a “throw together stuff in the house” dinner. I made spring rolls out of leftover bbq meat and veggies (very much like Friday night and perhaps like Sunday night). I made a dipping sauce out of coconut aminos and some PB2 (had gotten regular and chocolate to try).

Finished “From Last to First” by British Olympian Charlie Spedding, really enjoyed it. Going to hunt up his interview on Marathon Talk, and I hope they have him on again. Interesting mental aspect to his approach. I’m close to finishing one of my few non-running reads, A Murder of Magpies, and can say it’s at least worth checking out from your library if it appeals to you. Funny, set in London and the publishing world, with a 40 year old main character!

I’ve ordered  Paula Radcliffe‘s memoir as well as two books about British Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell‘s adventures – one on his Antarctic Pole trek, another on his cross-Atlantic row. He’s recently been on both Marathon Talk and Talk Ultra episodes, perhaps twice each. I wish he’d also write about his Olympic, Marathon des Sables and Yukon Arctic Ultra experiences – perhaps he’ll write about his upcoming Badwater! (and note his book on recovering from a vehicle hitting him as he cycled across America – and I want to watch what I found on youtube about his adventures)

I also ordered this book, about a PE teacher who becomes a yachtswoman who goes around the world, as Cracknell wrote the intro. I may also try this book – about kayaker Freda Hoffmeister, who – at 51 – recently completed a 857 day kayak trip around South America, the first time it’s been done. I’m not so much into rowing or sailing, as people who do unusual and challenging things. I can appreciate the concept of climbing Everest (another topic I binge-read on a while back) without ever intending to do it myself. Books are great that way!

Until those books arrive, I may continue reading When Running Was Young and So Were We, or I may start Toby Tanser’s More Fire about Kenyan running. Yes, I’m on a binge. Expect it to continue.

Sunday – Worst night’s sleep in a couple of weeks. Wondering if it’s because I missed taking a “greens” supplement I’ve been taking yesterday. Whatever the reason, I was AWAKE well past midnight, dozed a while, finally got some solid sleep after my 3AM pills,then went back to sleep when I woke up at 5:30, so I didn’t get up till almost 7:30. Hoping my PB2 concoction didn’t add to my poor sleep/weird stomach as I’d like to use it again. It’s not quite as yummy as the same combo with a full-up sunflower seed or almond butter, but it’s also less calories and fat. Indulge occasionally, be smart most of the time – or as I try to remind myself, “it’s not a treat if you have it all the time!”

My brain was ping-ponging about our potential need to find a new rental home (one of the stressors I mentioned). We viewed one home before dinner on Saturday. It was something we could make work, but a bit cramped, not great a/c, and more than we’re paying now (as anything is likely to be). Even my standbys of thinking about my next race and training or doing breath meditation didn’t work, and neither did any of the sleep aids I took. I was convinced I must have a high HR and BP as my face was hot and I was so edgy/anxious, but my handy monitor told me it was my usual resting of 47 HR and BP <100/60. All mental/psychological. You see now why I’m trying to think about ways to be flexible and reduce stress.

After my run, had some coco bread toast and a Japanese sweet potato with some nut butter. Started a little food prep, but with a massage at 12, ran out of time. After my massage, ran a couple errands, then home for a couple hours of food and supplement prep. Followed that up with porch time to write this and try to figure out some strength exercise plan for the coming week while juggling laundry and trying to think about dinner, which will likely be whatever we have in the house instead of some takeout treat. (Breathe…..)

I’m sure many of you live very hectic lives (way more than I do), especially those of you with kids, taking care of family members/friends or both. I have mad respect for the amazing ways you get done what needs to get done, satisfy the needs of those in your life, fulfill your obligations and commitments, while having going after your dreams, sharing your love and having some fun (if little sleep). Some of you may prefer to stay really busy even if you don’t “have to” and love having every moment filled. Kudos to you. You all impress me so much!

There was a time when I had full-time school, full-time job, attended social activities, belonged to and supported groups, hung out with friends and managed to juggle it all and even draw energy from it. Right now, that’s not where I am in my life, my energy and what I can do or what I want.

I like routines, schedules, and blocks of time to use as I choose. Knowing we may have to do a massive declutter/clean, move (hate moving!) as well as deal with all the appointments that got put off, DH’s job stress and whatever else life may toss at is is making me breathe more shallowly just typing it out. Going full throttle from wakeup to bedtime doesn’t work well for me these days, at least not over any kind of long term, even weeks (and messes with my sleep) and I’ve been very lucky to be able to architect my life in a way that works for what I need. This too shall pass.

I’m incredibly lucky as the things I’m stressing about are really “first world problems” so while I will vent, I will try not to whine or complain (too much), and do the best I can. I need to “run the mile I’m in” and do what I can do to prepare but then put the future stuff aside and not worry about it so much I’m not in the present, which is all we have to enjoy and do good in!

This week, M/W in office, possibly teleworking Friday. The a/c repair, to be really complete, needed a part they had to order, so that’s still to be scheduled. I need to get my car inspected and get blood drawn, preferably this week. I may also sign up for TSA PreCheck which requires an in-person appointment, fortunately close by. T/Th is regular telework and chiro on Tuesday. It’s looking like a warm start to the week, then some storms to break the heat and make it more tolerable. So grateful for the a/c!

How was your weekend? Hope you have a great week!