Weekend Update May 15 & 16, 2015

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Saturday – 14 easy pace miles, no gel. The first 2+ hour run since Boston! Did Myrtls after, along with a few Ohnos. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & resuming leg strength work this week) to do more. Push just enough, not too much.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Jim Barahal, who is the RD of the Honolulu Marathon & founder of the Hapalua Half, which has sort of a “race within the race”, a handicap (like in golf?) “chase race”. In addition to the “open” half, there is the “Team Hawaii vs the World” chase:

In the Hapalua Chase, the best local runners from Hawaii get a head start on some of the best professionals runners in the world. The pros will chase down the local guys and girls to the finish line.

Also listened to Ray Zahab (I’m a fan) an ultrarunner & founder of Impossible2Possible (please check them out, especially if you’re a teacher or know someone age 16-21, they do great things in expeditions and education FOR FREE) on this ep of the DizRuns podcast. Yay for the return of multiple podcast runs!

Sunday – 5.5 recovery pace miles. I get a gold star for not making it 6. Left ham a little cranky and whatever’s up with my right knee (started bothering me yesterday) didn’t act up till the last mile. It seems to improve with a bit of rolling along the VMO as well as post-run compression, with or without ice. I suspect a tight VMO is pulling my knee a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it and mention it to my chiro. Other than that, less sore than I would have expected after yesterday’s long run, so perhaps there is something to this longer recovery and slower build back. Let’s hope!

Listened to Another Mother Runner‘s latest ep – glad to hear Sarah’s recovery is coming along well. Their guest was 82 year old Katherine Beiers, who was this year’s oldest Boston finisher. I learned that the people I saw on Commonwealth during the race with blue age-related bibs on their back were the prior year’s winners in those groups!


Saturday –

Got up around 6:15 or so, after losing several hours during the night to bad GI pain that also affected my hips and lower back. Seems to be a combo of GI/female hormone issues, and it stinks. I don’t know if my PB2/coconut aminos at dinner last night, or some older applesauce or something else (or nothing at all) triggered this “episode”. (FYI TMI, at one point I was “diagnosed” with IBS, before the hiatal hernia/GERD/ulcer diagnoses…and then there are the foods that I don’t tolerate well – so between my GI issues and female hormones, which affect digestion, it really could be almost anything. Including stress.)

This is the second week of increasingly bad/less sleep, and the 5th night in a row. I was really tired, groggy and a bit woozy/unbalanced (maybe from allergies) for my run, and it really took a lot to get me going. After my run, I ate a mixture of applesauce, Beet Elite (figured why not) and collagen, then gluten-free toast and the dregs of a jar of peanut-free nuttzo. (Just realized I could try their peanut/chocolate flavors now.) Sorry, needed to eat quickly so no pictures of my applesauce concoction.

DH and I sat on the porch and chatted for a while, then he went off to be productive and I continued to laze on the porch, writing this post and reading. I watched a little bit of the live stream of the Night of 10,000 PBs. My stomach started hurting again during the afternoon. Ugh.

For dinner – a change! Thai food. SO good. Panang curry, first time in sooooo long, along w pad thai, chicken satay, spring rolls (yum peanut sauce). The restaurant is only a couple miles from us and is good at takeout, delivery and customizing orders. Major win. Also, enough food for at least 2 dinners for both of us.

Sunday –

Post-run, DH made a lovely egg white puff for breakfast. I expect to see pix like these from you soon, Tara!

egg white puff 1

egg white puff 1

egg white puff 2

egg white puff 2

I followed that with some coco bread toast with coconut manna, jam and honey, and many of these incredible strawberries DH got at WF.



While I was doing some stuff online, DH planted these 2 rosebushes next to the porch to replace one that didn’t make it through the winter.

new rosebushes

new rosebushes

Several bushes of different types just didn’t survive, and a few more are pretty unhappy looking, including the ones that line the front walk and my potted rosebushes in the backyard. Not sure how the potted blueberry bushes are doing – that said, we’ve had them for two years and I’ve gotten pretty much no berries (birds, despite caging). But I do enjoy looking at them if nothing else.

blueberry bush

blueberry bush

My Boston flowers are still going strong! They have to be watered daily – kind of like running, daily maintenance is required. You can see the unhappy bushes lining the walk.

Boston flowers May 17

Boston flowers May 17

I decided it was time to get moving on food and supplement prep and doing some stuff in the house before porch time. I kept myself engaged by listening (or maybe re-listening) to an older Runner’s Connect podcast ep with one of my fave runners, Nate Jenkins. Nate’s got a good blog and shares a lot of training details. He’s one of the few runners using Renato Canova‘s training methods that I know of (other than maybe Lucho from Endurance Planet). He’s also a running geek, with a wide knowledge of training information, theories, statistics and history.

During Sunday afternoon food prep, I chewed a piece of try a piece of Trident gum “Splashing Mint” – it’s pretty tasty!

Decided to take a risk on the gum (gum costs so much now!). I don’t usually chew gum because:

  • it’s been hard to find good gluten-free gums (there are dedicated ones like Pur but I don’t like them that much) – then I found this list
  • I’m sensitive to sugar alcohols in sugar-free gum sometimes (and chewing can introduce air into your stomach, not good),
  • someone like me who grinds her teeth sometimes is not “supposed to” chew anything but food – not gum, ice, anything, and
  • because of the GERD, I have to be careful and very limited with mint

But I find it when I’m doing food prep or teleworking (or even in the office doing editing review) that I just want to keep eating – and actually do keep eating sometimes, even if it’s produce – when I’m no longer full. This “wanting to eat” is distracting if nothing else, and adds to the challenge of getting back down to race weight…and frankly, I’m not looking for any new challenges like that right now. I drink tons of water and decaf tea, but it’s not the same as eating. I’ve managed some with TicTacs, Lemonheads and little cinnamon candies I got online. But something about the chewing of the gum helps, as does the longer lasting taste especially the mint varieties. It can make me kind of feel like I brushed my teeth, which can help dissuade me from eating for a while (kind of like flossing after meals, another tactic I sometimes use).

So while I was getting the car inspected this past week, I bought a pack of Trident and a pack of Big Red (not sugarless but I used to love it). The selection at the service station wasn’t great but I wanted to have some around. I’ll probably take some to work and see what I can buy there or at the nearby CVS so I can have some at home and at work, and maybe in my purse. I don’t want to become someone with gum in her mouth all the time, so I have to be cognizant of that, but in a pinch, there are worse things. (I know, Tawnee, I’m going to try not to get hooked on it!)

As I was finishing up the limited amount of stuff I did in the house after food prep (willpower/energy fail), I did manage to put this sticker on a magnet and put it on my fridge.

wicked fast runnah

wicked fast runnah

After getting one suitcase emptied out and a bit of laundry done, I finally called it quits and headed to the porch. Soon it’ll be time for leftover Thai food and some TV before – yet another Monday? Really?

This week, Monday is my only office day. T/Th teleworking as usual (T chiro, Th a/c part 2 & plumber “after noon”). Teleworking Friday just because.

But Wednesday is the big day – DH & I will drive to Charlottesville for my gait analysis, 1 month post-Boston! I’m really hoping they can help me get faster and stronger while training (like they did for Tina Muir, she discusses the analysis process here).

I also hope they can give me some guidance in terms of shoes/orthotics as I’m on 2 years with this pair of orthotics (and feeling it) and on my second to last pair of Adrenaline 13s. I’ve mostly walked in the Asics Fortify that are the only potential replacement. I think I ran a few miles in them and they were okay – not sure if they’re better with orthotics or without – but I need to adjust lacing as they’re a men’s and the heel slips a little.

In terms of errands, I plan to renew my passport (no particular reason, just realized it was expired when I went to do the TSA PreCheck) and maybe get to Costco to order contacts even if I don’t choose glasses. But these are things to do on top of regular errands and work so we’ll see what gets done.

Other than that, dealing with the uncertainty about where we’ll be living after the next couple of months is taking a lot of bandwidth and sucking energy – emotional in terms of thinking, researching and discussing as well as physical (decluttering and stress). But, as I said before, doing what I can to stay positive and roll with it. This isn’t a problem, just something to be dealt with and questions of money, preference, logistics and time. I’m very very lucky.

How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this coming week?