Training Recap Wk of 4/27/15 or Recovery, Week 2

My last training post took you through last Tuesday. I’m doing this one in a bit different format as there’s not much to report.

So your big question is probably – did she make it all the way to Saturday before she ran again?

Yes, yes I did. I gritted my teeth and told myself “recovery is training” and got through it. I recalled Greg McMillan‘s comments in Boston that “we’re always training…when we’re eating, we’re training; when we’re resting, we’re training; when we’re training, we’re training.” Doing the non-running stuff, whether it’s resting, prefab, strength, or just getting to bed earlier, can be the hardest part of training sometimes!

RUN miles for the week: 10.2

Monday 4/27

25 min of bike in the AM, Whartons before dinner. Skipped core.

Tuesday 4/28

Walked 5.25 miles on treadmill at my warmup pace, some at 0% some at 1%. Did Myrtls after. Got gently encouraged to do less by a few folks on twitter who want to make sure I get a solid recovery. Whartons before dinner. Had good chiro appt where he worked on tight quads.

Wednesday 4/29

Core workout, first time in weeks. Ow. Walked 3.1 miles at warmup pace. Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 4/30

Walked 5.25 miles on treadmill at my warmup pace, some at 0% some at 1%. Skipped Whartons.

Friday 5/1

Core (again with the ow), then bike 25 min. Walked about a mile each way to lunch with a colleague, enjoyed that. Skipped Whartons.

Saturday 5/2 – RUN!

4 recovery pace miles. First run since last Saturday’s 2 miles I cut short due to quad crankiness. Today, just sluggish legs, regular soreness/stiffness one would expect (hello hammies!), nothing new or disturbing or unexplainable. Ran some at 1% which hams didn’t like, some at 0% which upper quads and hip flexors didn’t love. Outer quads feeling resumption of core work. A little tight quad/VMO on right. Definitely out of practice stretching and such, feel all sort of tightened up. Hitting that season where the a/c doesn’t work well enough due to similar outside temp and my runs are too warm: 66-68 degrees, 40+% humidity. Myrtls after.

Sunday 5/3 – RUN!

6 recovery pace miles. Noticed when I got up that I was less stiff and sore than yesterday, yay. Room even warmer, 70 degrees most of the run. Myrtls after.

Both Saturday and Sunday, listened to the most recent Marathon Talk, focused on the London Marathon. My runs were short and the ep was longer than usual, but only getting to listen to one podcast over the whole weekend pained me. I want my mileage back!

However, during my walks and Whartons this week, I listened to other podcasts, including the most recent Cloud259 on Boston (pre-London) which was fun.

I had some tweets with Coach Greg over the weekend where he gave me advice about having a really solid recovery then doing a slow base build (much longer than I’d planned) before going into hills, then a shorter speed module and shortened marathon plan. I’m thinking of trying it, with a few tweaks. He reminded me I’d put my body through a lot of stress with all the training and racing I did last year (and life stress on top of it) and I needed to respect that in the recovery and return to training. I want to hit it really hard, but right now I’m trying to follow the “no rush, no reason to push, when in doubt go easier instead of harder” approach.

When’s your next race, and when do you start training?

I’m glad to be in what I consider the first week of Baystate (and Boston) training, even if it is just some easy and long runs at lower mileage. I really prefer being on a plan, no matter how draft and pencilled in it may be. (I even planned recovery!)