Training Recap Week of 5/4/2015

Here’s the training recap for recovery week 3 or base build week 1. All recovery/easy pace runs on the plan this week.

RUN miles for the week: 32.75 woot! That’s a definite plus for my mental state. I was starting to get nervous and twitchy about my mileage.

Monday 5/4

AM Bike 40 min, skipped core. No Whartons.

Tuesday 5/5

6 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves, some at 1% incline, some at 0%. Sore from Sunday massage. Too warm in room due to a/c issue. Can tell my legs aren’t quite back yet. No notes about Whartons, so I suspect it didn’t get done.

Wednesday 5/6

3.5 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves, some at 1% incline, some at 0%. Too warm in room due to a/c issue.  Skipped core. Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 5/7

7 recovery pace miles wearing quad sleeves at 1% incline. Too warm in room due to a/c issue, humidity above 50%. Did Myrtl stretches after. Apparently again skipped Whartons.

Friday 5/8

AM Core, bike 35 min. Whartons before dinner.

Saturday 5/9

10.25 recovery pace miles, no gel. The first double digit run since Boston! And the first to feel reasonably decent. Getting more sleep seems to be helping (foreshadowing here…) as does having had the a/c at least partially repaired. It only hit 64 in the room. Did Myrtls and – new – repeated some of my pre-run drills after, including skips, high knees, butt kicks. Why? Because I’d read about Meb doing post-run drills, Tish mentioned it in her periscope chat this past week, and I’d been tempted to try strides at the end of my run but made myself NOT do it. (no speed this first month) I actually liked the way it felt. It also reminded me a little of Coach Jay having some pushups in his GSM in the later weeks, to make some chemical changes after endurance work….so I added some counter pushups and stair tricep dips. I may continue this routine at least on the weekends. Looking to add more leg strength after most runs during the week.

Listened to the most recent Marathon Talk, part 2 with James Cracknell. Also, a great explanation of the Wings For Life World Run that makes it sound like a lot of fun to run in or watch! (video on their site) And the Night of 10,000 PBs – brilliant, just brilliant!

Sunday 5/10

6 recovery pace miles in a room that topped out at 62 degrees and 42% humidity (yay). Tired in miles 1-2, better in 3-4, tired again in 5-6. I’d wanted to run the length of the podcast, and knew what my mileage total would be if I stopped at different points. I think I get a gold star for not running the extra 0.25 that would have brought my weekly mileage to a round number. Afterward, Myrtl stretches and drills again.

Listened to local Lyme Disease Warrior and ultrarunner Amy Pope Fitzgerald on the DizRuns podcast.

How did your training go last week? Try anything new?