Training Recap Week of 5/18/2015

Here’s the training recap for base phase week 3. Still recovery/easy pace runs on the plan.

RUN miles for the week: 45!

Monday 5/18

30min core workout plus a bit of arm work, then 35min bike.

At work: assisted bicep/tricep/lat pull-ups (2×10, 1×10, 5), 40 min bike

Whartons before dinner.

Tuesday 5/19

10 miles, in easy pace range, but slower than I’d wanted.

After: light Ohnos, leapfrogs, LC #1, squats on board (less reps, feel soreness in knee, quads), NO drills (legs felt heavy), Meb exercises but less Myrtls. Chiro says knee is VMO, e-stim’d & Graston’d it.

Whartons before dinner.

Wednesday 5/20

6 recovery pace miles. Core before, some pushups/tridips on my balance ball. Drills & Myrtls after.

Not sure how much I ran at the gait lab – less than a mile, probably. I must say the 2.5 hour car ride each way was incredibly painful on my cranky L hamstring, even though we stopped once in the middle each way. I expect my hips to lock up on “long” car rides, but I hadn’t expected to have to dig into my hamstring just to keep the pain tolerable. Fortunately, the guy at the lab showed me a “nerve flossing” exercise that helped it a lot, which I was able to do when I got home.

Thursday 5/21

7 recovery pace miles, no quad sleeves (first time since race). Lateral leg swings showed me exactly where the gait guy’s glute exercises had hit. He suggested a change in shoe tying to lock in my heel more tightly, which helped, though the top of my foot was somewhat annoyed with the additional pressure. I felt good enough that I considered going longer, but stuck with the minimal amount on the plan for today, figuring that was best given the strain of Wednesday.

No strength or drills after – legs just too sore and heavy from yesterday, and R knee cranky. Did Myrtls.

Whartons before dinner.

Friday 5/22

Woke up way too early, and tired. Decided not to run – Friday is usually XT anyway, but I’d wanted to run for some reason.

30min core workout, along with some upper body work on the balance ball. 30 min on bike. Think I made the right choice to take it easy.

E’stim’d the heck out of my R VMO while watching TV – 45 minutes. It helped.

Saturday 5/9

15 easy pace miles. Did 1/4-1/3 mile at 2% each mile, the rest at 1%. Salted Watermelon GU at mile 6, Strawberry Banana at mile 11.4 – first try. It’s okay, at least it doesn’t have caffeine, but probably not a fave  Did Myrtls after. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & my trip to the gait clinic) to do more. Wore my 110% knee compression sleeve in the evening as my R knee was a bit cranky. It helped a lot.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with “North East running legend” Jim Alder, who I’d never heard of. Quite an accomplished runner, fun to listen to.

Also listened to Susan Loken on this ep of the Runner’s Connect podcast.

Sunday 5/10

7 recovery pace miles, better than I’d been expecting after W/Th and yesterday’s 15 miler. Followed that up with a starter version of the exercises I got from the gait analysis folks and my Myrtls.

Listened to Runner Academy‘s ep with Dr. Nicholas Romanov. He’d been on a number of podcasts last year since he released a new book, but I hadn’t listened to any of them. After listening, decided to get his book – I’ll give almost anything a try if it makes sense to me. And we know I need another running technique/training or running-related book, right? I might listen to Romanov on Trail Runner Nation but usually one podcast is all I need to get a sense of whether I’m interested. I’ll only multi-listen if I think I’ll get different perspectives or info or hear things a different way. (may do that with Travis Macy – he’s been on Trail Runner NationRunner’s Connect, and UltrarunnerPodcast – I know I’ve listened to him on Runner Academy already….I did that with Margaret Webb, who was on a number of podcasts)

How’s your training going?