Training Recap Week of 5/11/2015

Here’s the training recap for recovery week 4 or base phase week 2. Still recovery/easy pace runs on the plan.

RUN miles for the week: 40.5 miles, woot and yay!

Just a reminder (or for anyone new to the blog): my runs are on my treadmill unless otherwise specified, and are done in the morning before work. Before I run, I do a 15 min walk as a warmup, then Coach Jay’s Lunge Matrix, then drills including (all forward and backward) skips, high knees, butt kicks, hamstring kick outs (Monty Python walk, I’ve heard it called), straight leg skips, carioca (both directions), calf stretches, lateral/forward/back leg swings. Then, I run.

Monday 5/11

AM: core workout (mine plus some of Meb’s, now including his exercises in my routines), tricep dips, down dog pushups. Yanked L neck & shoulder trying a new exercise. Running late due to email re house.

At work: Tricep and bicep machine-assisted pull-ups, 30 min bike (aggravated R knee), 5x30s intervals on rowing machine

Whartons before dinner

Tuesday 5/12

9 miles, easy pace zone. R knee still cranky.

Post-run: Drills, Ohnos & leapfrogs,  LC#1 w all squats on board, some Meb lower body exercises (modified some, did less reps some), Myrtls. Forgot pushups/dips, skipped.

Whartons before dinner.

Wednesday 5/13

After a bad night of sleep (awake every 2h, really awake 5a) did core workout then

4 miles, easy pace

Post-run: Drills & calf stretches after, 10 pushups, dips.

Myrtls and Whartons before dinner.

Thursday 5/8

8 miles easy pace zone. Harder than it should have been.

Post-run: Legs too heavy for post-run drills, did some but clumsy. Knees sore on jumps. Did Ohnos, leapfrogs. Squats on board. LC #1. Some modified Meb lower body, Myrtls. Hams. R VMO v tight.

Whartons before dinner.

Friday 5/8

Core then 40 min bike.

Saturday 5/9

14 easy pace miles, no gel. The first 2+ hour run since Boston! Did Myrtls after, along with a few Ohnos. My legs were too sore and tired (from run & resuming leg strength work this week) to do more. Push just enough, not too much.

Listened to the latest ep of Marathon Talk, with Jim Barahal, who is the RD of the Honolulu Marathon & founder of the Hapalua Half, which has sort of a “race within the race”, a handicap (like in golf?) “chase race”. In addition to the “open” half, there is the “Team Hawaii vs the World” chase:

In the Hapalua Chase, the best local runners from Hawaii get a head start on some of the best professionals runners in the world. The pros will chase down the local guys and girls to the finish line.

Also listened to Ray Zahab (I’m a fan) an ultrarunner & founder of Impossible2Possible (please check them out, especially if you’re a teacher or know someone age 16-21, they do great things in expeditions and education FOR FREE) on this ep of the DizRuns podcast. Yay for the return of multiple podcast runs!

Sunday 5/10

5.5 recovery pace miles. I get a gold star for not making it 6. Left ham a little cranky and whatever’s up with my right knee (started bothering me yesterday) didn’t act up till the last mile. It seems to improve with a bit of rolling along the VMO as well as post-run compression, with or without ice. I suspect a tight VMO is pulling my knee a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it and mention it to my chiro. Other than that, less sore than I would have expected after yesterday’s long run, so perhaps there is something to this longer recovery and slower build back. Let’s hope!

Listened to Another Mother Runner‘s latest ep – glad to hear Sarah’s recovery is coming along well. Their guest was 82 year old Katherine Beiers, who was this year’s oldest Boston finisher. I learned that the people I saw on Commonwealth during the race with blue age-related bibs on their back were the prior year’s winners in those groups!

How’s your training going?

How and when do you choose add new things to your routine?